Choosing a life partner, or any of the men are married?

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02 April 2016

The dream of every woman - a successful marriage.But we want not just marry the first comer, and to find a life partner for many years and be happy with him.

Let us now talk about, how to choose a husband and for a better man to marry .
For some men marry

For some men marry - advice to the girls in choosing a life partner

Most often women choose a husband men who have following personal qualities :

  • Kindness
    concept of kindnessvery concerning and every means something different.Obviously, to be good and kind to all, hardly anyone will.But the basic features that can characterize a man as good-natured and positive person needed to become exactly who the woman is ready to choose his mate.
  • sense of humor
    Who among us does not like to laugh at a good joke?In family life must always remain the place a sense of humor.Who better than the main humorist company always manages to fall in love with all the representatives of the opposite sex?In this connection, and in marriage often come just for the o
    wners of excellent sense of humor.
  • Intelligence
    In choosing a life a top priority always becomes the mind and the education of men.It may not be much rich at the time of marriage, but if he has developed intelligence, such a man automatically becomes a very promising as a career, and in all aspects of life.With such a man there is always something to talk about, and be sure that the solution of some important issues will not fall down on your fragile shoulders.
  • Romantic
    What if not romantic at the initial stage of relations can win a woman's heart?Flowers, gifts, lovely surprises, admiring the starry sky and a romantic walk will not resist any of the fair sex.The man who is capable of some romantic gesture, first of all, is not afraid to open their senses and perceived as sincere, loving and generous man.And these qualities are very important in order that the woman would start to consider it as a future husband, with whom she wants to spend his life.
  • Love for children
    Marrying, almost every woman thinks that it is from the man she was ready to give birth.It is therefore very important that the man had a warm feeling for children and wanted to have joint children with you.It is also very important in cases where the woman already has a child from a previous marriage.The man who will go down in your family, have to treat your child with kindness and, if not replace him father, a good older friend, protector and helper.
  • Hospitality
    When you come to visit or come girlfriend's parents, it is very nice when your man can keep the conversation going, to sit at the table and make a good impression at all.Every woman wants her man to be proud of and to feel that he is pleasant to all.Therefore, in choosing a life partner is often not the last role played by his sociability, friendliness, sociability and hospitality.
  • Decency
    This concept may include a number of items, each of which can play an important role in the process of choosing a life partner.But, in general, decency - it is man's ability to take responsibility, to answer for their actions and be a support to you in all things.Men who have this quality is perhaps the most worthy and reliable candidate for a husband.
  • Generosity
    Greedy men count every penny and every time norovyaschie reproached for excessive spending are unlikely to attract the ladies.Every woman wants beautiful and fashionable dress, use of quality cosmetics and go to rest at sea.And it's nice to receive flowers and gifts!Of course, any woman can resist the generous fan.It is for these men want to get married, probably more than half of women.
  • financial independence and security
    This point is closely linked to the previous one.After all, without financial freedom, hardly a man can indulge all your little whims.And whatever anyone says that money is not important, but every woman is thinking not only about the future, but the future of their children.A man should be able to make money and if he starts a family, he must also think about how he will provide it.
  • Looks
    We all know that a man does not have to be handsome.And we do not fall in love in the model appearance.But how often do we fall in love with a smile or eye color, or a dimple in his chin.And there is that the dimple becomes an obsession and we understand that without this man is such, with its unique appearance, we can no longer live a minute.Therefore, it often happens that the husband himself a woman can choose on the basis of some features of his appearance, which can produce a lasting impression on her.

criteria by which we choose a life partner, very much.And each of us, of course, its own requirements.But we must remember that this is - one of the most important elections , which affects the whole of our future life.And so it must be done responsibly, carefully weighing the pros and cons .