Floating, or a wonderful spa vacation in weightlessness

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05 April 2016

A large number of relaxing treatments that help rejuvenate and recuperate.Today we tell about this procedure as Floating - a novelty in the Russian spa salon.Just one session of floating helps you qualitatively relax and adjust overall health.
Floating - what is it?

content of the article:

  • essence of the procedure of floating video
  • benefits of spa treatments of floating
  • Contraindications to treatments of floating
  • session of floating Price

essence of the procedure of floating - video session of floating

Capsule of floating - a place where you are alone with their thoughts.Flotary is designed so that you are completely protected from the outside world - you do not hear extraneous sounds , which can distract you.

Floating - the essence of the procedure
is also worth noting the following features of this procedure:

  • capsule has a high resolution. It helps to cope with claustrophobia and allows you to freely float in the water without discomfort.
  • Dense walls and doors do not let the light and sound , that will totally relax and get
    away from the outside world.
  • The capsule for the procedure water level is 25 centimeters .
  • in water Epsom salt. with brine allows to "lie" in the water, because the salt concentration in the water exceeds the level of salt in the Dead Sea.
  • water temperature equal to the temperature of human skin - 34.8 degrees. This creates favorable conditions for the procedure.
  • At the beginning of the procedure include a slow and relaxing music , which helps "dissolve in space" and get rid of stress and anxiety.
  • Duration - 45-60 minutes , but those who have already visited the procedure Floating can say that it is time flies very quickly.
  • Those in the session for the first time, may leave the door ajar capsule , in order to avoid discomfort.

Video: The procedure of floating

Benefits of floating spa treatments - Floating interested?

Floating - an unusual procedure, which is still unusual, at first did not inspire much confidence.But people who have experienced the feeling of weightlessness in flotarii, will want to visit the SPA again.

Video: Uses of floating to the human body

Who does fit this procedure?

  • office workers. If you are exposed to constant stress, the process of floating you perfect.One session - and the lack of endorphins will not.See also: The most common disease of office - the cause and prevention.
  • suffer from depression, phobias and addictions. person can learn to control themselves and to feel your body.
  • Floating also helps normalize sleep. This procedure helps stimulate the brain and to cope with chronic fatigue.
  • Creative people also fit this procedure .Of floating space capsule enables you to quickly find a solution for any creative tasks.
  • If you exercise , the Floating helps you reduce the pressure, normalize the heartbeat, strengthen muscles.
  • This procedure is perfect for people who suffer from fractures, back pain, arthritis and migraine headaches.
  • If you suffer from hypertonic muscles, the Floating is an excellent option for their relaxation.This procedure will relieve the spine and joints.Pregnant women can spend a few sessions of floating to ease the pain and heaviness in the spine.
    Floating - contra

Contraindications to treatments of floating - Floating who does not fit?

Of course, at first glance it may seem that this procedure has no negative sides.However, as with all physical therapy, of floating at the same there are contraindications :

  • These sessions are not permitted entity in alcohol, drug intoxication.
  • people who suffer from hypertension, should not undergo the process of floating.
  • skin diseases, you should not go down in such salty water.Floating is also prohibited for people with open wounds on the body.
  • If the person has epilepsy, angina, or he had recently suffered a heart attack, then by floatingatakzhe session is abandoned.
  • Floating contraindicated in people who are carriers of infectious diseases.
  • If your medical card is a diagnosis of otitis media or rupture the eardrum, it is necessary to abandon the procedure.
  • not worth visiting for the capsule of floating in diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs.

Price session of floating in the spa salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg

cost of this procedure in spa salon can be different, but it available for a person with a purse of any size.

Floating - the price

What are the prices for Floating in St. Petersburg and Moscow?

  • price of a single session of floating in spa salon in St. Petersburg ranges from 1200 to 1800 rubles.
  • Moscow of floating capsule can be visited for an hour at least 1,500 rubles .The maximum cost of a session is 2800 rubles.

We welcome your feedback on the procedure of floating - Floating correspond to you personally?