Why is a man jealous of a woman?

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04 April 2016

Why is a man jealous of a woman male jealousy issue is relevant to all women.The only difference is that some husbands are categorically unwilling to anybody jealous, and jealous of others, even to the beardless seller that "in a strange way," he smiled.The first women believe that if they are not jealous, it means that love is not as deep as they should.And even actively seeking advice on how to make a man jealous.The latter did not know where to go from this jealousy, envy and openly first.What is the cause of male jealousy?

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husband - a pathological jealous - jealous wives revelation

Why is a man jealous of a woman How happy are those women who are not familiar male jealousy!Jealousy - not even proof of love, as many mistakenly believe.Only konfetno- buketny period that feeling looks "cute and funny".When a man becomes jealous, "the legitimate right holder," his lady "green monster" from the cute creature turns into a nightmare for both partners.In most "severe,

clinical" cases, it looks like this:

  • all friends, meeting with which is considered a natural part of your life, that bitch , that "I fancy man with linens, resins like firemen and pray forbank account.Could there be something in common between you and these missing women?No meetings! ".
  • all men who walk past you on the street, do not look, do not smile , and that one over there, the parasite even wink.Blame, of course, you."Not only do you have a" former male "half of the city, so more and once again put on the skirt.Urgently put on his pants and a sweater with a hollow collar!And flat shoes. "Stockings and stilettos - only at home, for him only.
  • Why is a man jealous of a woman «In turn, saying there was? For my favorite cookies?A phone out there, of course, did not catch!And from the store to the house you came forty minutes because a neighbor to swing!The eyes look! ".Explain and justify useless.Jealousy veiled eyes and clouds the mind.
  • « Align pictures of yourself in a swimsuit on public display in a social network? to strangers staring at you guys?And then comments, a personal and dating?Immediately remove! ".
  • « Who is layknul you here? And who are you to friends add? ".
  • If you do not have to reach for 20-40 minutes - it's a disaster. Prove that you are dealing with a mother or girlfriend would be virtually impossible.Oh, and discharge all your phone can not.And you carry it with you even have the bathroom and toilet.
  • These joint projects with their male colleagues do not even go.
  • «Corporate party?And think not you dare. "
  • Why is a man jealous of a woman And just try to say that here is the actor in the film you really like - the scandal can not be avoided.

Why is this happening?Why a man makes joint life hell, leaving his girlfriend for a minute and did not even disdaining hidden cameras and tape recorders?

causes of male jealousy - find out why her husband is jealous!

Causes of male jealousy According to experts, given the "green monster" is a complex psychological complex by having a plurality of sources.The reasons are many.From aggressive temperament to genetic factors.So, what causes male jealousy?

  • mental disorders.
  • fear of loneliness.
  • peculiar background for sexual gratification.
  • Trauma , received in childhood.
  • banal sense of ownership - «my all!".
  • low self-esteem - insecurities, suitcase complexes.
  • Fear of losing your woman.
  • Having too much free time.
  • Hobbies (surveillance, playing "detective").
  • too rich imagination and sick fantasy.
  • Causes of male jealousy woman really gives cause for jealousy. way, quite a common cause.In pursuit of the attention from the stronger sex (and a woman always wants attention, even if she is married) many forget how frustrating it can be to her husband.Read: What really should not talk to the man.
  • proof of love .It also happens that love.At that erased the line between jealousy and adoration.

How to deal with jealousy man, his bouts of ill-founded jealousy

  • How to deal with jealousy Just have a heart .Explain that his jealousy can lead to rupture of relations.But to talk correctly - both the beloved and not to those you "gave the best years of his life."
  • Ignore any manifestation of jealousy. if possible.
  • endure. Wait until your partner has been ill with jealousy, realize that you're not going anywhere, and the rest.It is possible that he will calm down only when the grandchildren, but if it still does not put hidden cameras in your bedroom, it's worth a try.
  • How to deal with jealousy not to give .Dress modestly, do not flirt with men, not painted before going to work as if you now go to the podium.
  • bouncers fight fire .Shoot from the same "weapons" - torment his zeal so that he screamed and was able to look at myself from the outside.
  • Write a letter.If conversation does not work, take a sheet of paper and all that boiling in your soul, splash on the sheet.And put it in his pocket.Let him read and think.If he ignores your soul throwing, grin, and continue in the same spirit, it is probably time to think about the meaning of such relations.
  • View from the - but is it really this his jealousy stopping you?Maybe he's really afraid to lose you?

How to deal with jealousy course, jealous (and women) can not be envied.This feeling brings bad luck to both partners, forced to live in constant anxiety.The atmosphere of misunderstanding, suspicion and distrust is not good for family relations.As a rule, such relationships are doomed to separation .