Relations with the age difference - according to psychologists: if the age is important in a relationship and marriage?

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05 April 2016

Relationship with a difference in aged According to statistics, the average age difference between partners is usually 3-5 years.But nowadays, few couples surprised with a solid difference in age.It is important not age, and understanding in the family.How does the age of the relations?Which opinion is shared by psychologists in this matter?

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  • When the age difference between partners is around 10-12 years, we are talking of two different generations .Adult male chooses a young girl for different reasons - the passion, the desire to "boast" in front of his comrades young girlfriend or even "educate" his wife.In fact the same with such an age gap between people almost nothing in common.Joint interests have little or not at all.Although there are exceptions.In any case, without mutual desire - "invest" in a relationship - it is impossible to build a strong family .
    Relationship with a difference in aged
  • problems faced by couples with a large age difference, no different
    from those in traditional families - children, welfare, housing problems and everyday situations.With regard to specific points in such unions, it may be noted completely different views on life , given the different relative time education.And, correspondingly, different these views that can lead to conflicts.On the other hand, a senior partner becomes a kind of teacher , who can pass on their experience and share their knowledge.
  • One of the downsides of couples with a large age difference - loss of attractiveness over time .The most acute problem is for couples where the woman is older.Often this fact is the cause of change and rupture of relations.Not to mention the difficulties with respect to childbearing.See also: What problems may arise in case of late pregnancy?In a situation where a young girl becomes a partner of a man very respectable age, this problem is also not an exception (it will subconsciously reach out to peers).Although because more experienced and grown man become a reliable pillar of the spouse, such marriages break down less often .
  • The woman who is much younger man ready to "investĀ» .That is, taking care of his partner will be more scrupulous, and the approach to the relationship - more serious. When choosing a woman over a man himself, as a rule, tends to take the opposite position . That is, looking for care, attention and affection towards themselves.Of course, do not pull all the stereotype - the situation may be different.And any barrier overcome if the partners value their relationships.
  • is believed that unequal marriage doomed to divorce.But the cases that prove otherwise, in the life of many.Anyway, one of the partners in the unequal status will be forced to give in and learn to understand , and the other - to pull up their level and take hobbies and interests of the younger partner.In the absence of a major base (sincerity of feeling, a desire to compromise, mutual understanding and trust) these relationships can be exhausting competition, which will ultimately lead to a break.
    Relationship with a difference in aged
  • By Chinese formula woman's age is calculated by dividing the age of men in half and adding to the result of 8 years.That is, if a man 44 years old, the best age of his partner - 44/2 * 8 = 30 years.This calculation is, of course, raises a smile, but one can hardly blame the ancient Chinese in the narrow-mindedness.Again, according to the statistics and practice, everything depends on the level of emotional maturity, and it is not related to biological age.Of course, the ideal age range of the formula does not exist.There are couples with 20-30-year age range who live happily.And plenty of examples where the pair with a minimum age difference parted after a couple years of marriage. most strong marriage is under the primacy of the spiritual sphere , on the basis of the physical - the relationship can not be built.And just unequal marriages are often deliberately, taking into account the harmony of two different generations and mentalities.

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is important to understand that any individual relationships, and there are no accidents - conditions for "unequal" relationship with a partner is still there in our subconscious.But, regardless of the prejudices unchanged terms strong alliance - trust, mutual understanding and spiritual closeness .