Female pickup - lessons, tips, rules for the girls pick up artist

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05 April 2016

Female pickup Every woman wants attention and compliments.Everyone dreams to a man rolled up neck, looking after her, and fell at his feet in piles.But one art "charm" is given from the cradle, the other has to learn this life, how to win a man's heart.Introduced today "science" seduction of the opposite sex - pickup - was the prerogative of men only.But this set of techniques and skills of seduction became interesting and modern women.The only difference is that the problem of women's pickup truck, as a rule - not a single pleasure, and the search for true love and the desire to become an attractive, self-confident and desirable.What are the basic rules of the female pick-up?

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  • Female pickup.Rules dating
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  • ideal woman - is the one that ...

Why girls are engaged in a pickup truck?Objectives

Objectives female pickup pikaperov men have goals simple and clear - like the girl and put her to bed as quickly as possible. Goals girls more selective:

  • How to find it.
  • How to meet.
  • How to charm.
  • How to keep.

And preferably - all at once.But, of course, does not happen.Only an accident can send you a prince on a white horse who saw you tremble with anticipation and immediately offered his hand and heart of a Swiss bank account.Therefore, you first need to understand how to meet and how to behave, to the gentleman did not run from you in five minutes after meeting with a man.It teaches women pick - how not to scare a man to impress and others.

Female pickup -rules dating

  • Objectives female pickup Monitor your behavior : look hungry wolf is prohibited.All prospective suitors flee from him like the devil from holy water.Behave as if it were just your holiday of a lifetime, and you, so be it, you allow them to take part in this celebration.
  • Do not look for happiness with his girlfriend together .Two hunters - it's even worse.Better - not burdened men longing for solitude (for example, you alone at the table, flipping through a book or watch the news on the Internet), or the company of men.
  • Do not overdo it with the enlistment look. man can appreciate it as your availability.And you do not look for a such fame?Women should look enticing and, at the same time, keep a safe distance.
  • Terms of female pickup There is nothing worse than an unsatisfied, and emboldened intoxicated woman. Know your middle ground in alcohol .Exclude vulgarity in words, attitudes and movements.How would you not want it to look hypersexuality - is not.
  • not Wisnu yoke on the neck a potential suitor.Communicate equally with all the same to him, pay a little more attention than others.Hunter should be he, not you.In any case, he should believe in it wholeheartedly.
  • Learn the art of touch .From your touches he should run crawl.Even a light body contact can cause a storm of emotions stronger than, for example, a strip on the bar.
  • Learn to love yourself - become an interesting, beautiful and unusually it for yourself.Confident woman always attracts men.
  • Terms of female pickup your first step towards a man should look like subtle signal .Let him think that he - the initiator of dating.
  • Decide, what you expect from dating .Do you want adventure, a whirlwind romance, just tickle or a quiet family life in the end.

basic rules of women's pickup

Terms of female pickup task pickup - provocation men on active measures .The result depends on the desire - a short-term appointment, a close acquaintance in the horizontal plane, or a serious relationship and a family."Science" pickup can be grasped independently, and special training.What are the basic rules female pickup ?

  • Most go out , expand their circle of acquaintances.
  • is aimed at the blue-eyed handsome athlete?Do not look for it in the library.On the oligarch?At the diner around the corner, you will not find it exactly.
  • to meet with his dream be prepared to constantly .A perfect appearance, good mood and charming smile - should be your constant companions.
  • Learn the basics of proper makeup , you should look stunning even when run out take out the trash - a moderate but effective makeup, heels (studs), neck, body-hugging dress, manicured hands.Get used even at home (where no one sees you) to follow this rule.See the rules of make-up in summer.
  • Study male psychology .With this knowledge it will be easier to predict the behavior of men and choose among them their own, unique.
  • Be nice, friendly and independent .Keep yourself calm and relaxed as possible.Confusion and excitement leave for other situations, here - just composure and confidence.
  • Your speech should be smooth and quiet .There is no "nerve" in the voice.
  • Terms of female pickup not to confuse the words .Listen carefully, if the story about fishing - the most amazing, that you do hear.Do not forget about the subtle, "accidental" touching.
  • not talk about their problems (home-work-family) and their desires.A man should have a clear feeling that you're lucky, happy and fully satisfied with life.And, of course, go away from questions about the number of your former marriage, or men.It is unlikely that a man will be delighted to learn that you are just looking for a candidate for the fourth marriage.
  • Do not forget to praise a man .Men - like children, they need to feel needed, loved and extraordinary.Just do not overdo it - should not praise the gentleman for a beautiful tie or clean shoes, praising need for action.
  • Be humble .You do not need to put his feet on the table, sweep minute dinner at a restaurant, dress and wear vulgar require a trip to the Seychelles.Modesty is always decorates.
  • When communicating with a man try to maximize repeat his gestures, movements and manner of speech .This method - one of the main pick-up truck.Just do not get carried away - it should not be evident.
  • If you are invited to dance, is not necessary to be too overt movements - that is hung on the gentleman and presses his body.Even if your head is spinning from his strong hands and close breathing, keep yourself in their hands and wait for the "client ripen."
  • manicure and make-up should be as natural and minimal .Red nail exclude at once - it is unnerving.Too long nails - is not an option.The only thing that will work magic on the man - shiny lips.
  • Terms of female pickup expands the range of hobbies and discover new talents.Learn to play pool, shoot, change the wheels, dance and cook.
  • never recognized the first in their sympathies .
  • After meeting do not be obtrusive. That he should look for you, ringing and appointments.And you - just take it graciously courtship.
  • Do not hang the ornaments kilogram. better to one or two ornaments, but spectacular and high-quality than to look like a Christmas tree.
  • Do not go too far in mimicry and "erotic" movement.It is enough to fix her hair, lick his lips and throw a leg to leg.Wag thighs and swallow bananas should not be.
  • Female pickup Do not tell yourself and do not let the man talk greasy jokes .
  • met that same man, is not necessary to continue to "pick up artist gameĀ» .A man should love you and not your technique of seduction.Hold it close to a pick-up for life does not turn out.

pikaper ideal woman - is the one that ...

  • loves and respects you.
  • not aggressive, but the initiative.Yourself.
  • uninhibited and free sex.
  • not carry a suitcase complexes.
  • man understands and accepts it for what it is.
  • knows how to give pleasure.

Female pickup Any woman - she was by nature pikaper.In fact, she did not need to learn the science of seduction, because nature has given her the tools to do so.It remains only to use them intelligently and wisely.And most importantly - understand what exactly are you waiting for ?Imagine that all men pay attention to you, drooling and dreaming at least hold you for palm.Are you sure you need it?Or do you dream about meeting with the future, the one and only man?
Addressing Training and dive into the science of seduction, necessarily be aware that the level of male enhancement to your attention will grow .And decide for yourself - whether you like it or not.