The most common female complexes

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06 April 2016

The most common female complexes theme complexes women is relevant at all times.It is almost impossible to find a woman, confident in their perfection for a hundred percent.In each there is a flaw that it pursues and does not sleep at night, appear on the beach or bare ankles in public.Moreover, in comparison with men, women are not willing to put up with their systems, even if they are far-fetched, even if they stand in the way of happiness.What systems are the most common?

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  • Women complexes
  • Do I need to get rid of complexes?

most famous female complexes

  • inferiority complex
    Inferiority complex These include very large breasts and, conversely, very small, no waist and legs that begin directly from the neck and along the curvature of the legs, large ears, abnormal noses, "flattened" foot and so on. As soon as appearing in the mirror in the morning, a woman is already looking for these shortcomings, surviving by jumping on the scales, pripiraya husband to the wall traditional issues - "I'm not too fat?", "Do not y
    ou think,I have a nose - potatoes? "," I really, really beautiful legs? ".Low self-esteem becomes a cause for depression, to reject pleasures for expensive and pointless operations for new systems.Typically, for these complexes fault lies on the woman herself.It was she who invents for himself the difficulties that then heroically overcome them.Although it often happens that the perpetrators of the complexes are too "honest" or just inconsiderate partners.
  • «I am fat!»
    Complex completeness This phrase, through sobs and crunch cake, which seize the mountain, you can hear from a woman of any age.Today, even the fifteen-year girl was horrified to find a couple of extra centimeters on the hips, rush to the monitor to find the best diet for quick weight loss.What to say about older young ladies, whose cover of fashion magazines - the most powerful source of stress.Depression caused by being overweight, in turn, removed the traditional method - sweets and other goodies.The result - a vicious circle.But before you sit on a rigid diet (eg, diet Queen Margaret) and panic, it makes sense to see a doctor (for example, an endocrinologist).It is possible that extra weight - a consequence of any irregularities in the body.
  • Postpartum complex
    Postpartum complex This is a real "storehouse" complexes sagging stomach, stretch marks on the breasts, abdomen and thighs, overweight, tiredness on her face, and, among other things, and even loss of libido, which, though a temporary, butagainst the general stress seems irreversible.Through it passes every mother, and the only advice here - wait this period, be patient and do not run your body.Find at least fifteen minutes a day to maintain his body in normal physical condition - not a problem.Read how to get rid of stretch marks at home.It all depends on desire.With regular exercises, proper nutrition and self-belief can restore breast shape and tighten the abdomen.Libido is not going anywhere - will return.As for the stretch - over time they will become less noticeable.
  • «I'm old!»
    Комплекс "Я старая" This set "covers" of women in different periods of life, depending on the circumstances.One - after 20 years, the other - after 30-40.What is it?If we express in three words - "My train left!".Like, nothing in this life does not shine and the best behind.Dance at a party - not status, dress fashionably - not by age, from the heart to laugh, have fun and do reckless stupidity - too late, and even ridiculous.In fact, the age - it is only a state of mind.Live not yesterday - today.Dream, laugh, throw away the trick, be yourself and do not be afraid to seem ridiculous.Life - one, the other one will not.
  • Cellulite
    Complex cellulite matter how nice we were not singing males that are more important than intellect and the inner world of women, we persistently convince ourselves that cellulite negates our dignity.In fact, clear explanations about the reason for the appearance of orange peel has not yet given any scientist.Although a lot of versions - from an excess of estrogen to the abuse of coffee with milk.Whatever it was, cellulite remains one of the main female complexes and one of the bottomless sources of profit for each salon.
  • guilt complex
    Guilt complex This complex can manifest itself in very different forms: a sense of guilt in front of children, to relatives, to others, and so forth. In the mind of every woman has an ideal to which she aspires.Any deviation from the ideal of creating a guilt complex - "I am a bad mother," "I'm inconsiderate wife" and so forth. It comes sometimes to the point that when nothing innocent woman accused of any wrongdoing, it begins to hide his eyes and making excuses, feeling guiltyfor what he did not commit.What to do?First, understand that you can not please everyone.Second, learn to love yourself.This is not to be selfish.So stop jumping above your head and take more than you can carry.
  • Complex "I have a disgusting character!With me one can not get along! »
    Комплекс «У меня отвратительный характер" This complex stretches us from childhood."All his father!" "Well, harakterets!", "How are you with such a character will get married!" And so forth. As a result, we are suffering unbearably from his emotion, stubbornness, temper or over-compliance.We're trying to change themselves and the futility of these attempts fall into depression.What to do with this complex?And is it necessary to do something about it?If this complex significantly spoil your life, suffer from surrounding you, and you - by its nature, it makes sense to work on real shortcomings, eliminate imaginary and undergo psychological training.And if the complex is present only in your head and your "bad character" annoying couple of colleagues and grumpy relative, you do not need to change the situation, and your attitude towards it.
  • Complex "I do not need anyone."From the same series - "I was not like", "I throw all" and so forth.
    Complex "I do not need anyone" roots of the complex - again, from my childhood.It is based on a complex of inferiority, and is complemented by guilt.Leading to the phenomenon nedolyublennosti in childhood, the lack of attention and participation from parents.In the process of growing a keen desire for attention acquires a far-fetched conclusion - "with me that something is wrong," "probably, I am not worthy of attention."As a result, the adult attractive in every sense of the woman took place can not arrange a personal life.Because it was originally considered himself unworthy of love and unconsciously from her hiding.Men feeling of uncertainty and "strangeness", or, on the contrary, a clear desire to "find at least someone" scatter in different directions.If the problem is so serious that spoils your life, it makes sense to turn to a psychologist.And send its forces to gaining confidence.Even on the Internet on this subject today, there are many useful literature.

What is complex, and whether to get rid of them?

How to deal with complexes Any complex - a kind of internal limiter. barriers that prevent our victories and successes .The lack of faith in himself.But before you start to deal with complexes, you need to clearly understand - it's really complex, and not anything else.We must not forget that we are all different.If she keeps her virginity before marriage - is not complex, and its vital principle.And if your friends name is a nudist beach, but you do not want - this is not complex, and your position to which you are entitled.In some cases we are talking about the complex? By what signs to recognize it?

  • Regular experiences (up to the stress and depression) due to the nature of their appearance or behavior.
  • part (permanent) charges themselves (or others) in injustice .
  • Constant tightness in the evaluation of your work (action) by unauthorized people.
  • Anxiety and fear before important meetings, negotiations.
  • constant accusations of all sins and failures anything in his character or appearance.
  • patterns in the severance of relations (in love, in friendship, at work).Relationships always deteriorate suddenly.
  • your confidence in the wrong upbringing you by your parents.
  • Subconscious (direct) the pursuit of the ideal , which you will never achieve.
  • The most common female complexes confidence that you are not for that love .Or is that no matter what you can not.

Should we fight complexes? If they interfere with you, unequivocally - yes .If any impact on your life, they do not have, then leave them to yourself - let them become your "highlight".