How to get rid of jealousy forever - actionable advice jealous wives

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06 April 2016

Perhaps among us, there is hardly one who would have at least once in my life experienced a pang of jealousy.After all, this feeling can see everyone, and there is nothing strange.But it so happens that the jealousy becomes a faithful companion relationship.It pursues both day and night, gnawing and tearing inside, making life unbearable.And then jealousy is a serious problem that can destroy the strongest love.

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So today we will talk about, killing a jealous, until she killed your marriage.
How to get rid of jealousy forever

content of the article:

  • zeal to his former lover
  • zeal to his friends-women
  • zeal to his work
  • zeal to his hobby

zeal to his formerlover - how get rid of it?

Jealousy of the past - it is one of the most common types of female jealousy.It often happens that a lot of women, as if on purpose, systematically find their own reasons for this jealousy, then to the soul to revel in this state .

We find social networking page

s of his ex-lovers, we can consider them for hours together photos, read comments, compare ourselves with them .

And God forbid - the husband accidentally dropped a phrase about some of their former relationship!The storm of emotion immediately overwhelms us and makes experiencing the strongest attacks of jealousy.
How to get rid of jealousy forever

How to get rid of?

How to get rid of jealousy to the past of her husband?First of all, think about that now this man loves only you , cares and is going to spend my whole life just next to you.The past is all.Surely you and before I knew her husband had affairs.But now the feelings for a former lover gone.

Similarly, your husband.If he chose you, it means that all previous relationship was over for him .Do not also loved to torment him with questions about women, or somehow try to humiliate them in his eyes.In the first case you do hurt, first of all, himself, and will throw wood on the fire of jealousy, and the second - can alienate husband .After all, it was a part of his life, which in some moments he was happy.But also you need to clearly understand that it this page for a long time turned .

Jealousy female friends - how to get rid of that feeling forever?

Many communicable and sociable men have friends female .It can be classmates, childhood friends or just colleagues.Friends call your husband, corresponded with him on the Internet, share with him some their problems that your husband also solves.And, of course, you have a balance of events can not remain indifferent .

The soul begin sneaking suspicion about the fact that - "What if they had something?Or will it?Or is there? "Each such call or smska become a serious test of your relationship. But in meetings with her husband so familiar you are just ready to grab him by the hair, and solve the problem with an imaginary opponent in place.
How to get rid of jealousy forever

How to get rid of?

way or another, but you can not put a loved one into custody and to keep him out of the house, where it will only communicate with you and only see you.Remember that relationships are built primarily on trust .It often happens that a man just has to communicate to work with female colleagues.Or many years ago it happened that his friend was a woman .This does not mean that it must, at breakneck speed, you suddenly to rush her to change.

If you feel that their communication seriously hinder your relationship, then openly talk about it with her husband .A loving person always understand the feelings of their second half and try to protect it from unpleasant experiences.But do it calmly and reasonably , so as not to alienate a man, but rather to strengthen your relationship.

zeal to work

zeal to work more often tormented by housewives or women who sit at home on maternity leave.My husband disappears for days at the office, then he tired, come home, and you had absolutely no time .His conversation and mostly boil down to work, and by your stories about the household chores, he condescendingly dismisses .

And you already begin to torment the various suspicions and resentment: you think you he does not appreciate the way it used , and even at work it is more interesting than you.All of this, in the end, could lead to family conflicts .
How to get rid of jealousy forever

How to get rid of?

Understand that work - is an integral part of the lives of men .It must provide for the family, self-actualization, to build a career.After all he does in the first place, for you .And he came home from work, a man would like to see a smile on your face and be sure that await him at home .

Think of his absence as an extra opportunity to take a quietly do all the household chores, chat with friends, work with your child or go, for example, in a beauty salon.

zeal to hobbies

It often happens that, coming from work, your husband to sit down at the computer and you lose it for the evening online .And on Friday night, you do not see it at all, so he went with friends to watch football.Or in the long-awaited weekend he suddenly goes on a fishing trip with friends.And, of course, there not without jealousy .

After all, you miss, build joint plans, you will want to spend time together, and your husband for some reason prefers completely different hobbies.Often this leads to resentment , which can develop into mutual claims and quarrels.
How to get rid of jealousy forever

How to get rid of?

Get rid of all this jealousy will help you in the first place, look at ourselves .After all, you usually do not ask for leave from her husband for what would have to meet with my friends over a cup of coffee.Or you, in turn, also spend time on the forums on the Internet or watching a favorite series.Every human being - even when it is legally married - should remain private space, their friends, hobbies and interests .

If your whole world would have been limited to one another, then, in the end, you have just got bored, and nothing would talk.Think of a favorite hobby as an integral part of himself .After all these hobbies or the desire to spend time with friends absolutely not prevent him to love you, and you - trust your man .
How to get rid of jealousy forever
Of course, each case is different, and it so happens that jealousy completely groundless and is under a good reason.In such cases, to kill a jealousy is extremely difficult, and not always worth it to do.

Remember that in the first place, need to talk with your partner , not to destroy suspicion inside.After all, your husband - is the closest person to you, and who, if not he will always understand you and dispel all your fears.