How to use the positive features of the conflict in favor of the relationship?

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07 April 2016

Everything that happens to us in life - a necessary part of our development.But not all are willing to accept the axiom, "All that is done - for the better."Only man, tuned to a positive, able to see a lot in a small, black, and a rainbow in the pros, even in problems and troubles.These issues include conflicts between two people tied the life together.

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how to benefit from these conflicts and wrap them for the benefit of the relationship?What are the pros conflicts?

How to use the positive features of the conflict in favor of the relationship?

  • Any conflict of a young couple - an opportunity closer "Looking» .On the good side to each other, you know, but about the "dark side of the moon" - almost nothing.All that was hidden behind the silence, carefully concealed "not to offend" and simply ignored, but kopilos finally swam out.And the problem is always there.There is no family where relations have been completely harmonious.Joint life (especially at the very beginning) - this "battle" of the two characters.And until
    the moment when the spouses do not study each other like communicating vessels, it will take time.Conflict lets get to the surface all the problems at once, "on the spot" to solve them.
  • accumulated inside the grand challenges resemble dustbin once covering both garbage avalanche. conflict allows to restore order in his head and heart .
  • release of emotions, tears, broken plates may not look very nice, but it will save from neurasthenia (faithful companion fans "keep everything in itself").And at the same time show your partner that you are not only white and furry creatures, but fury.And also you have the commanding voice, and know a couple of bad words.
  • you do not know what he thinks about the night left unwashed dishes, the laundry pile indelible and your greasy an old dressing gown? conflict will open your eyes to many things , including all those of your "flaws", which you did not even know.
  • course, conflicts - a phenomenon unpleasant and stressful.But how rich passes reconciliation after a loud argument!
  • Where there is a real sense of place (rather than cold calculation), there will always be emotions: the experience of each other, resentment of inattention, the desire to protect and defend, and so forth. So panic - "Our family is falling apart!Once again we had a falling out! "- No. We need to hear each other, to draw conclusions, to find a compromise and courage to recognize his mistakes.

conflicts - is the engine of social unit.They are periodically shaken overgrown swamp slime family and update "muddy" water misunderstandings.But, in addition, the conflict - it is also a sign that the time has come change, and it is time to seek a constructive solution to the problem.

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