How to survive the separation from loved ones?

By Admin | Relations
08 April 2016

How to survive the separation from loved everyone at least once in his life had to endure the separation from loved ones.At such moments, resentment, despair and pain torn soul.Unfortunately, some people did not manage to survive the loss and devastating experiences remain with them forever, making it impossible to start a new happy life.So today we decided to give its readers a few tips on how to survive the pain of parting with minimal mental loss.

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How to survive the separation from a loved one - 10 Tips

How to survive the separation from loved severance of relations - is, of course, a strong psychological blow for both partners, but if desired, can easily survive and start a new happy life.If you cast your lover, ready to fight for themselves and not look back .According to psychologists, the most difficult period is the first month and a half.But this time can be significantly reduced if you firmly tell yourself that these relations are over once and for all, and to you it is time to move on

And to break in relations was not very painful, and that you are not plagued by mental doubt and guilt, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • How to survive the separation from loved While still our grandmothers said that "like cures like», should not rush to searchnew relationships .However, to withdraw into their own little world is not worth it.Think about what happened, but do not dwell.If possible, share your experiences with a greater number of people and you'll feel a lot better.This method is called in psychology « dispel grief ».
  • For people who do not like to talk about their experiences, wonderful way out is personal diary .On its pages you can pour out all their grievances and thoughts, thus removing the "stone with soul."All your feelings and experiences, trusted paper, will remain forever in the past.
  • How to survive the separation from loved Sit in front of a mirror and tell themselves about their grief .Most psychologists believe that this therapy is perfectly relieves stress.But after talking to cheer yourself up, crouched several gay grimassy.
  • immersed himself in the work of - this is the best way to forget all your troubles.It is an interesting and exciting project will help you to easily survive the separation.In addition, this psychological technique has a significant advantage: get paid for any work.
  • Do not forget about the close connection of the soul with the body.Sometimes, to forget about all the problems, necessary to bring the body to exhaustion .And it does not matter which way you will achieve this effect: arrange general cleaning, completely alone rearrange the furniture, violently will wash the floors with a toothbrush or just become the center of the room and scream with all his strength.Liberate your emotions, release them, or they will destroy you from the inside.
  • How to survive the separation from loved Another sure way of dealing with stress - sports .Visit the gym, to go for a walk in the woods or go to the park.Saturate your life with interesting events: Meet with my friends, attend parties.But even if you decide to spend the evening at home for a favorite book or watching movies - Dress nicely.So you'll always feel like an attractive woman.See a list of books that make a woman happy.
  • endless stream of tears will not help you get rid of depression. Heal my soul. someone in this matter helps meditation, someone goes to church, others are trying to open a chakra, doing yoga in the nature.Do not worry, very soon you happen reappraisal.
  • Take time for yourself, beloved.If staying in a relationship, you most of their time devoted to your loved one, then now is the time when need to take care of itself .Go to a spa-salon, a massage, make a trendy manicure, pedicure, facial cleansing, and, of course, a joint shopping with her friends.All this will help you not only look attractive, but forget about their unpleasant feelings and thoughts.
  • How to survive the separation from loved Standing on the threshold of a new life, say goodbye to the old .In his personal space, place the order.Remove all things that remind you of a former lover.During this process, you have to be very careful, because even a small statue, donated by him, cause you the sea of ​​memories and a lot of emotions.This does not mean that all of them should be discarded.Just as long as your state of mind is stabilized, remove them into a corner cupboard, out of sight.
  • Get a pet. For example, a cat or a dog.Social studies show that people who have a four-legged friend to live much longer and happier.And even the idea that the house you will not empty apartment filled with memories and loving being alive, will help you quickly go through the pain of loss.

How to survive the separation from loved now in front of you should set only one goal - again return to normal life .Think of all the things dreamed up a meeting with the former.Now you appeared a great chance to turn those dreams into reality .As bad as there was now life goes on, and soon everything will be just fine!

What helped you survive the separation from the beloved?