It is a happy marriage with the unloved;

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08 April 2016

It is a happy marriage with the unloved many women do not marry for love without passion?The question, of course, interesting, but not worth paying attention to the number of, and the reasons for such a desperate step.The main reason why women marry a man she did not love - it is the fear of not getting married at all.If you are over 30, then head start spinning thought - "and if I stay alone?".Of course, such "cockroaches in my head," any girl will inferiority complex.

content of the article:

  • Reasons for not marry for love
  • Fears
  • Uncertainty in financial distress
  • Children

It is a happy marriage with the unloved Thus, the role of the husband or the fallwho is in love with a woman and seeking by all means, or someone who thinks a woman the perfect companion of life, which can be a family.

It so happens that the girl's parents pressured her teachings, trying to marry her off as soon as possible.And there does not matter for whom.

Who marries without love?Is there a happy marriage with the unloved?

such reason may be weight.Here and unfavorable financial condit

ion, and the lack of housing (usually a marriage of convenience), common children, the fear of loneliness, desire for change in your life and a reason to get away from everything that surrounds it.

  • Marry unloved because of fear
    It is a happy marriage with the unloved Often this feeling makes marry unloved.Such girls are afraid to love, so allow yourself to love.The reasons for this fear may be different reasons: parental dislike monotonous relationships, lack of affection and love in the family, etc.Growing up, she is on the path of dislike, simply ignoring their feelings.Suppressing love, you will never understand the charm of this beautiful feeling.Do not be afraid to love and to love - it's wonderful when you love and get love in return.Get rid of this feeling, not to be unhappy woman who married just because society so requires, and not her real feelings.
  • Because of insecurity - to marry unloved
    It is a happy marriage with the unloved This is also the feeling that prevents a normal life.Uncertainty can be configured for several reasons :
    • lack of care, affection and warmth.
    • Ignoring a child.
    • Constant carping and criticism.
    • humiliation.
    • unrequited love.
    • disappointment.

    uncertainty need to learn how to suppress, otherwise you risk to get married out of despair.Such girls are convinced that they love marriage "does not shine", which means - you need to quickly marry someone who will call.
    Girls, which "lucky" to experience an unhappy love feel uncertain about their future life partner, so afraid to be alone.

  • Marry unloved for money - is happiness?
    It is a happy marriage with the unloved Women often decide to marry not for love because of his poverty.Chasing a beautiful life, they do not care whom to marry - the main thing that has been secured, and love - it is empty.Perhaps these women will not suffer in marriage, because who can be against - ride on a luxury car, live in a luxurious mansion and every year to ride the Maldives.Probably no one!But think - unless you are happy living with the unloved man?
  • Marriage is not love for the sake of the child, children
    It is a happy marriage with the unloved Some women marry not for love of children.For example, you meet a young man who did not love, but you were with him well.One day you become pregnant, and he is a decent man, just have to marry you.And now you're standing in a wedding dress at the altar, and you live in the unborn child.But, the child would not be happy about the fact that his parents were married just because he has to be born.
    father will walk on the side, and my mother crying into my pillow at night from an unhappy life.Your child from this life and all will feel guilty about everything that happened.Surely, my mother, who would always worry about failure and an unhappy marriage can be given to the child due attention, love and affection.

It is a happy marriage with the unloved Results marriages without love can be different - someone puts up and falls in love, and someone running away from such a life.Divorce brings a lot of nervous experiences and losses to both sides, and to survive the divorce imminent partition of friends, property, children, in any case, very hard.It all depends on the person and that it will prevail: need for love or fear and insecurity .If you do decide to marry not for love, think - it you want?Maybe better to be alone than to live with the thought of a man unloved and torture back home.Do not forget that you can be born children, who are also all will feel.Remember this.Do not be afraid to be alone, to be afraid of what you can for life "to put yourself in a cage" from which it will be difficult to get out.