How to survive a divorce from her husband - what psychologists advise?

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09 April 2016

How to survive a divorce from her husband Care husband - one of the most difficult situations in the life of a woman.Divorce - a loss of confidence in the closest person, the collapse of all plans, betrayal, a barrage of questions that have an answer, and the most serious challenge to his strength of will and self-confidence.

How to survive a divorce from her husband?How to survive the separation from her beloved husband?

How to survive a divorce from her husband-that psychologists advise?

How to survive a divorce from her husband not fall into a protracted depression black - this is probably the main task of a divorce.Especially when a divorce - it is not a peace agreement tired of each other people, "knife to the heart", small children and the lack of air because the next - only emptiness.Of course, the time - the best doctor, and stress-tested experience themselves after a while.

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But this process can, alas, not be delayed by one year , yes, and it takes too much effort.Therefore, to fight with the problem should be immed

iately, not accumulating resentment inside , which you then take down the avalanche.What advice give the psychology of women who find themselves in such situations?

  • Consult a professional psychologist , if cope not.The stresses produced in a divorce, can cause serious injury to the psyche.If no day is complete without sedatives, tears flow does not dry out, and nothing can distract you and interest - a psychologist will not be superfluous.
  • Set goals - to be happy, in spite of everything.Stick, do not succumb weaknesses, firmly follow their goal.
  • How to survive a divorce from her husband Discard all negative .Do not hoard a negative emotions, disposing of them as they become available (options abound - from whipping up dishes in tears vest girlfriend).
  • not turn in on themselves. not need to hide in a shell and hide from relatives and friends, devoting himself to his "sorrow".It is not the mountain - a new milestone of life.It was close people help to overcome a difficult period as painlessly as possible.Do not be ashamed of his tears, emotions and words that someone might be perceived as "nagging."
  • Occupy your time enjoyable. not leave free hours for soul-searching and self-pity.Think about hobbies, friends, etc. about cinema. Do not sit at home within four walls - makes life pleasant events.
  • Whatever you want to take revenge on the former spouse, to turn his life into hell, to make suffer (even unintentionally) - not stoop to gossip and revenge .The situation you do not correct this, but your reputation may suffer significantly.Not to mention that the very stressful condition only aggravated by such actions.Let go of resentment.
  • How to survive a divorce from her husband Do not attempt to replace the void in urgent search for new relationships .They will not help to forget her husband.It is still too fresh in the minds of your relationship with her ex-husband and a new partner, condemned the fact that you will constantly compare it with the spouse.Yes, and a relationship built on the basis of "in spite of the former," will never be long-lasting.And even a short affair will not bring you peace.Just give yourself time to cool down, and state of mind - to stabilize.Dive headlong into a new relationship is possible only when the past is no longer turns the soul inside you, and you shall be free indeed for a new love.
  • time, of course, treats.But, given the laws of our minds from time to time you will still come back to the divorce and moments of living together with their spouse.The past may remind suddenly met a mutual friend, the melody and the card in a box in the attic.The pain that you can not let go at once, can then pursue a lifetime.Therefore your main task - to forgive .And not just for the divorce, but for all that you were dissatisfied.Remember only the good moments and mentally say thanks for what they have been.With these good thoughts and release their grievances and her ex-husband.
  • How to survive a divorce from her husband walk away with his head in work and children - not the best solution.It is clear that it is necessary to distract from thoughts, but this option entails your chronic fatigue, and neurotic disorders.And children need a healthy cheerful mother and not a pale ghost with trembling hands from processing.Therefore switch to something that you really like, but it was not available in family life. Make a list of what you want.And methodically to get things done.Realize that you can now afford it.
  • Do not reproach yourself, and do not look for the cause of the collapse of the family boat a .Firstly, it does not make sense.Because divorce has occurred, and we must move on.Secondly, always to blame in divorce two.Third, you are not an oracle, and they could not provide it.Try to take the parting as a fait accompli another biography, and nothing more.
  • Do not let the relatives, and even more so - to outsiders criticize you .They have no right to blame you in the severance of relations, that the children were left without a father, or that you were inattentive wife.Scandals, of course, is not necessary.As well as making excuses.Behave in such situations with dignity and serenity of an elephant after a bath - "Locked.Please vacate the premises, "" I do not know who you're talking about, "" I think that my relationship with my husband apply only to the two of us. "Also, ignore the enemies and who at any opportunity strive to bite you, reporting on the events of life have a stranger.
  • How to survive a divorce from her husband Do not put on a cross. Who said that a woman divorced, or a woman with children can not find happiness?According to statistics, it is in this matter and luck more than others.Strongly do not let yourself "fall" to the disheveled aunt a worn robe with circles under his eyes.Make-up and hairstyles, watch your appearance, buy new clothes, smile yourself!Pillow, of course, endure your tears, but life goes on - and bury myself yet.Stay for children and relatives example of a strong-willed self-sufficient woman who knows her worth.
  • Hide out of sight all that you can be reminded of the past. Souvenirs, gifts, photographs, etc. Throw it is not necessary, just remove.Or, on the mezzanine, or even taken away to the country and fold in the attic.Someday, when the pain subsides, and it will take plenty of time, you will want to review them.
  • learned that the ex-husband is going to get married again?I saw him on the street with a new passion? Smile and mentally wish him luck , as a friend would wish.Letting go of resentment, you are freed from the shackles of those who drag you to the bottom.To be able to forgive - the most complex science, but that it forms the creative energy that determines our future happy life.
  • How to survive a divorce from her husband You have children together? In no case do not set their crumbs against his father. should not be in front of them to criticize and blame her ex-husband.For children, divorce - even more difficult test than for you.Your task - to make them feel that, despite the divorce, my father and my mother they still love and nothing can stop it.

Is there life after divorce?Definitely - there!Just accept it such as it is, and move on . Look benefits and eliminates the disadvantages .Realize your true needs and, set a goal to move to it .Surviving divorce - it's hard. But your future and now depends only on you!