Why a woman is important that the marriage was officially registered - legal and psychological reasons

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09 April 2016

Civil or official marriage Currently, less and less young couples enter into a formal marriage.In a fashion so-called "civil marriages" - marriages without a stamp in the passport, quite simply, "cohabitation".Why register a marriage today is not popular and how important women are officially married?

content of the article:

  • Negative civil marriage
  • Advantages formal marriage
  • Psychological advantages formal marriage

Why do women dream of a civil marriage replace the official

  • Civil or official marriage On the psychological side, a woman,living with a man without registering relations, feels his handpicked desired, he does not feel his wife .And to the question: "Who are you to this man?" And the answer is nothing.If the wife - then why not stamp in your passport?If the beloved - then why not register officially their relationship, or it just is not sure of his feelings and does not want to lose freedom of choice?
  • By the way, according to statistics, in the "Marriage without registrationĀ» pregnancy and childbirth a woman takes a lo
    t harder
    , that in the future will affect the health of children.Sometimes, in adolescence, such children become the butt of jokes about the inadequacy of the family.Couples strongly dependent on the opinions of others, so-called "cohabitation" generally contraindicated.Whispering behind his back and sidelong glances of neighbors can ruin your idyllic instantly."Civil wife" is often identified with the society "mistress" and "common-law husband" - for many "free and single."
  • When a woman agrees to a "civil marriageĀ» - formal marriage she can not wait .Marriage - a legal protection of your rights.
  • responsibility of men and women outside marriage is very low .Partners can modify to each other, and without feeling guilty.
  • Some of them may one day to collect their belongings and leave , and without explaining the reasons for leaving.
  • And suddenly relations in the so-called cohabitation did not exist, but there were children? In man there is no accountability, "not my child, you are - no one, and property and housing problem solve itself."

Advantages formal marriage

Civil or official marriage From the legal side of a woman in a "formal relations" has a lot of advantages :

  • Childbirth - guarantee recognition of paternity , it would be recorded in the certificate ofbirth;
  • property, which was acquired during marriage is joint property of husband and wife ;
  • In the case of divorce, the common property is divided in half , and children receive child support from the father.
  • married woman is much easier to take out a loan under the mortgage, or go abroad to adopt a child .

Psychological advantages formal marriage

  • Civil or official marriage woman has social status. After the official marriage she no longer "temporary friend," and his wife.
  • occasion a celebration of the soul and to be on it, "Queen of the BallĀ» .In our culture, an official marriage is associated with the wedding.As you know, a lot of girls dream of lush, memorable wedding ceremony.Combining ties Hymen - a great opportunity to realize his dream.Living as a man with "no strings attached", the wedding dream, do not.
  • There is a feeling the seriousness of the men , there is a sense of security, stability and reliability.

matter to call the union of two loving people - an official, civil or church marriage. important that relationship is based on trust, mutual understanding, respect and sincerity .True love can overcome many trials, and the registrar will help solve some of the economic, social and legal issues.
Civil or official marriage

Engage in a formal marriage or not - everyone chooses.Positive aspects of the union are obvious, and it is not necessary to forget about them.And if you can not decide whether to be married or not, look at the stats: 70% of men who live "without the stamp" to the question: "Are you married?", Replied: "I am free and independent!", And 90% of women consider themselves to be free and not married .