My husband went to his mistress - what to do?

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10 April 2016

My husband went to his mistress - what to do family breaks up, the whole life went downhill.Demolished habitual way of life that has been woven from the cute little things to heart.My husband quit!And not just quit and left her for another woman.What is wrong with me?What now?These issues of concern to women in a similar situation.

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Today we will try to help them by giving some useful recommendations.

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husband went to his mistress: Causes

Spousal relationship - this is a very complex topic.In the world there is no such council, which would help in any situation.For reasons that the husband can destroy a family, there are so many.We will list the most common:
Why husbands go to his mistress

  • resentment and discontent, that have accumulated over the years.Just before you do not pay attention.For example, we all know that in any famil
    y dispute a woman tries to leave the last word, regardless of the reasons.That's the way the beautiful half of society, and this is nothing you can do.However, a wise woman will always try to find a compromise and sometimes concedes that the arguments husband justified and very powerful.
    If you always try to take over, the conversation turns to the rising tone, and really silent.But he does so not because he agreed with you, but because they are tired of your "sound effects."Do you also think that he admitted he was wrong, and the last word is yours.This situation is repeated over and over again.And one day, after returning home from work, you realize that you threw her husband and went to his mistress.
  • My husband went to his mistress - Reasons wife no longer a trace. vzhivshis role in the wife, often a woman ceases to perceive her husband as a man who needs to please.She did not consider it necessary to comb your hair and make-up for her husband.He walks around the house in a bathrobe unpresentable.And on the
    your favorite Surrounded by a completely different women: Fit and slim, coiffed and made-up, nice-smelling.Regardless of the presence of a stamp in the passport, it is primarily a man, so it is always responsive to such signals.
  • My husband went to his mistress - his wife what to do desire to make a career. modern women aspire to financial independence.Sometimes we are so committed to the recognition and business success, which completely forget about her husband.All married life is reduced to the fresh-frozen convenience foods, shirts from the laundry, and a rare joint campaign against corporate parties where you also do not pay much attention to her lover.A
    about sex and children generally meaningless to talk.You are so tired at work that night you did not married to caresses.Begins to sound standard excuses: I am very tired, have a headache, an important meeting tomorrow, etc.The result of this behavior - her husband left her for another woman, a caring and supple, it always has spare time, she is fully committed to him.

This - the most common cause, but there are a large number of others.The main thing - to understand that such a decision, as the care of the family is not taken at lightning speed, it ripens for many months .Attentive wife, if the time to change his mind, has all chances to save his family fortune.But, if it has already happened, it is necessary to know what to do and not make mistakes.Read more why men have mistresses.

What deceived his wife, if the husband went to his mistress?

My husband went to his mistress - what to do no psychologist, a friend or a magazine article will not give you the right answer to this question.You have to decide what you want the husband returned, or start a new life without him.What would understand this, you need to be honest yourself the following questions:

  1. Fully Am I happy with married life?What exactly did not like?
  2. Do I want to go on living with her husband?Does he have any weaknesses?
  3. And if I love your husband?Will I be able to forgive him for treason?
  4. And if I can live without a husband?

If you are honest in front of ourselves, you can easily figure out whether to fight for their marital happiness, or you may simply need to let go of a loved one.

Effective ways to return to her husband, who went to his mistress

How to return her husband, who went to his mistress If you conclude that your life has no meaning without her beloved husband, you are ready to forgive him for treason, so - do not worry and feel free to start fighting for their marital happiness.And we will try to help with this:

  • If you do not love yourself, then you will not fall in love.Despite the difficulties and emotional experiences, daily you should look stunning .Make your home clean and cozy nest where will always want to return.
  • Each woman must be mystery .In addition to its main purpose, to return her husband, give yourself a few more to be achieved.Do those things that were previously alien to you.
  • At a meeting with her husband be fun, friendly and affectionate .You do not need a lot to talk about her new life.As you must have a sweet mystery.About your life achievements albeit favorite finds from friends and acquaintances in common, be sure to take care of this.
  • Make friends with your mother-in .Come to visit her, bring something for tea.During a friendly chat tell us about how much you love her son.
  • My husband went to his mistress - how to return if the favorite does not give in, become his girlfriend .Feel free to tell him about his new life, ask for a new passion, to give advice.So you will always next to him, a beautiful and energetic, but it is absolutely unattainable.
  • sometimes allow yourself to be with him a weak woman, so that he could feel themselves strong and courageous defender.

statistics - it's pretty grim science that says that 75% of men still returned back to the family.

husband went to his mistress?Start a new life

Well, if you decide you no turning back, and we need to start a new exciting life, go with us:
My husband went to his mistress - how to start a new life

  • What would a new life to be happy, you need to leave behind all the insults .Forgive your ex-spouse for all the insults, and wished him luck.
  • No need to plunge headlong into a new relationship.So you will not find true love, but only a slight pick up "compensation" of her husband - and that you absolutely do not need.Some time enjoy their freedom and attention of men.
  • not focus at work and children. Try to do something that in marriage you would never have dared.Believe me, from now on all of you can afford.
  • My husband went to his mistress - what to do care of her husband to another - is not crash your whole life .Just come a time when you were on the verge of a new and exciting life. Enjoy it!

We talked to the women who were in a similar situation.They gave us some very useful tips:

your husband went to his mistress - what would you do?Reviews women forums

Light, 30 years old:
In this situation, the main thing - do not give up and do not get depressed.Remember, you are young, and all will be able to overcome.Set a specific life goals and gradually achieve them.

Natalya Petrovna, 45 years old:
husband left me after 20 years of marriage.Of course, I first fell into a severe depression.But then she pulled herself together and sat down to build a new life.After all, I have children who need me.You will not believe, but even in this advanced age, I met a new love, and again felt like a 18-year-old girl.

Irina, 25 years:
From my husband left when our daughter was six months.The first few years of my life I have devoted solely baby.Thank you parents and friends helped.And then I went to college on a part-time, went to work and began to arrange his personal life.Girls believe in this life nothing is unattainable, the main priorities right not to give up and go forward.

Mila, 35 years old:
Maybe for my act, I and many convicted.But when my husband threw a five-year son in her arms, I gave him a child, saying, "You gave her personal life, now I need to take care of her."The mistress left him in a month, did not want to fuss with a stranger child.And he returned to the family.Now we are living happily and faithful left no walks.