The best age for marriage in Russia - according to psychologists and women

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11 April 2016

The best age for marriage in Russia traditional maiden's dream - a diamond ring, wedding dress and, of course, itself a long-awaited prince.And having received a marriage proposal, every girl wonders - how best to proceed?Postpone the wedding and wait for the feelings will be the test of time?Or immediately accept as Prince changed his mind?According to psychologists, it is equally wrong to just jump into the pool with bridal head and pull indefinitely.Official marriage has its pluses and minuses of any age.

content of the article:

  • marriage at 16
  • Marriage - 18 years
  • Bride in 23-27 years
  • marriage in 26-30 years
  • main reasons for getting married
  • The reasons that do not want to marry women
  • reviews on the best age for marriage

marriage at 16

Marriage at age 16 By law, the schoolgirl yesterday in our country can easily wear the veil.However, permission from the parents still have to ask.Barely received a passport, young "bride" could jump out to marry in such a circumstance such as pregnancy.But the main question remains - will bring y

ou a happy early marriage, or the passion dies out at the first domestic problems?

most common causes of marriage at 16 years

  • Unexpected pregnancy.
  • negative family environment.
  • excessive parental care and control.
  • irresistible craving for independence.

advantages of marriage in 16 years

  • new status and level of relations.
  • Soul "flexibility".The ability to adjust to the nature of her husband.
  • Young mother will retain its visual appeal even to the time the child graduates from school.

Disadvantages of marriage at 16 years

  • Marriage in 16 years - shortcomings lack of "master" talents and life experiences.
  • Gen. , which often destroys the young family.
  • yourself, which will have to learn without parental support.
  • attention, loved ones who have moved to a new family.
  • lack of time for girlfriends , discos and personal care.
  • quarrels, which are inevitable in the absence of money.
  • dissatisfaction because of missed opportunities.

Marriage - 18 years

Marriage at age 18 At this age, in contrast to the sixteen already do not need permission from the guardianship authorities and parents on their personal happiness.And it is quite possible to meet the man in whose life no ex-wife nor children from his first marriage, no maintenance obligations.But many pros and cons of marriage to 16 years and are at this age.

advantages of marriage in 18 years

  • Blooming youth, which (usually) eliminates the circulation of a strong half "left."
  • opportunity to stay "young" mom already at a very adult child.
  • decision about marriage can be taken alone.

Disadvantages of marriage at 18 years

  • love at this age is often confused with a riot of hormones, causing the odds to become ex-wife is a multiple increase.
  • maternal instinct present in every woman, but at this age they have not yet woken up late to the mother could send their children completely.
  • Such dramatic changes as the inability to "take a walk with my friends," waving a club or lounge, often causes nervous breakdowns.The marriage has to fully devote himself to his family, what comes, alas, not every girl at this age.

Bride in 23-27 years

Marriage in 23-27 years It is this age, according to psychologists, it is the perfect marriage.Already behind the study at the university with a diploma in his arms you can find a good job, the woman is able to have a lot, knows and understands what he wants from life.

advantages of marriage in 23-27 years

  • Female body is completely ready to nurturing the child and leave.
  • subside "the wind in the head", and she begins to think more clearly.
  • Acts are suspended and not only dictated by emotions, but by logic.

Disadvantages marriage in 23-27 years

  • risk of divergent interests (one of the pair had not yet outgrown the "nightlife" and the other concerned family budget and possible future).
  • Approaching the age when the pregnancy can be a problem.

marriage in 26-30 years

Marriage in 26-30 years According to statistics and to psychologists, marriage, who are in this age group, most of them, are not motivated by love, and a sober calculation.In such marriages all calibrated to the last detail, from the family budget to the removal of the bin.Rather, such marriage resembles a business contract , although we can not deny its strength - even in the absence of "the passions of youth" marriages at this age is very strong.It is because of balance of its decision.
In conclusion, you can repeat a well-known truth - "Love for all ages."Sincere mutual love knows no barriers, and the love boat, provided the trust, respect and mutual understanding, break of everyday life simply can not, no matter what age did not play Mendelssohn's march.

main reasons for getting married

Reasons for getting married all want to get married.Even those who argue the opposite.But it leaves some later someone earlier, depending on the expected life.All are available for marriage their motives and reasons :

  • All girlfriend had rushed to get married.
  • conscious desire to have a baby.
  • strong feelings for the cavalry.
  • desire to live separately from their parents.
  • acute shortage of men caring for the girl who grew up without a father.
  • Wealth men.
  • cherished status of "married women".
  • parents' insistence on marriage.

The reasons that do not want to marry

The reasons that do not want to get married Ironically, reasons for rejecting marriage have modern girls are also:

  • Reluctance to engage in farming (cook, wash, etc.)
  • independence and freedom, the loss of which it seems to be a disaster.
  • fear of pregnancy and the loss of harmony.
  • Uncertainty feelings.
  • desire to live only for themselves.
  • unwillingness to change the name.
  • Beliefs - "free Love."

Reviews women about the best age for marriage

- A well-known stereotype - 25 years had better be divorced than never married has not visited.I think it is better to marry thirty years, when you have a career, and everything is all right and walk up already, and the mother will be responsible.And then give birth to kids, then kids grow like grass.

- I gave birth at 17. Just married.And I did not have problems with "girlfriends and discos."Generally I cut all hobbies, family completely dissolved.My husband is older than me for ten years.Until now, we live in perfect harmony, the son of a school already ends.And we are perfectly combine leisure and family life (in the beginning and now) - just relax together.And domestic "graters" never happened.

- It is better to get married before 25 years.After the - already "illiquid."And you've already "worn" and give birth is dangerous - starorodyaschaya count.Definitely before!Better - between 22 and 24 years.

- I was 23. Until now, the wind in my head.Today, I like it, tomorrow - I doubt it.Constantly changing outlook on life, the soul does not want to settle down and to diapers and socks scattered, I just was not ready yet.I think everything has its time.

- ridiculous!You may think that marriage is currently planned out, and so it happened)))))).Like, I get married in 24!A 24 - bang, and the bridegroom came, and called marriage.All this does not depend on us.As the sky will, so be it.To what is written on the old ...

- I "called marriage" in 18 years.Great guy.Clever, well-earned already.In the hands of wear, always with flowers to me.What more should have been?But he does not walk up, apparently.He refused.Say - wait, is not ready yet.He waited for a year.Then he said goodbye.As a result, I'm 26, and I never again met the person who would love me as much.And now I want to get married, but not for anyone.

- If there is a sense, if there is parental support, if the "bride and groom" - reasonable people, why not?It is quite possible and 18. Not all at this age kids silly!Why be afraid?Studies can be combined in the family, if there is someone to help.Plus more!It is better to give birth early, so you do not break a career childbirth and maternity leave.She gave birth at 18, disaccustomed absentia.And yet!All the roads are open.And the husband is happy - child already big, and you're still beautiful, and you turn all men.))

- Early marriage is doomed to divorce.It is rare when a young man got married and lived in years.And what the wife of the kids?What can she do?Not really cook anything!And what of her mother?For her, the child at this age - the last doll.No, only after 25 years!Psychologists are right!