As revenge men - their cunning tricks men

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12 April 2016

Both men are taking revenge for women Any man has a certain "hot spots", accidentally or specifically affecting the woman who runs the risk of provoking an attack not just aggression and vendetta with all its consequences.Read: What is absolutely impossible to say to the man?Man, confident cynical betrayal, revenge may brutality and sophistication.Women's and men's views on this issue differ.If a woman takes revenge on impulse, in the heat of passion, a man approaches the subject with a head cold or not revenge at all, because laziness.How can men take revenge?And why?

content of the article:

  • Causes Male
  • As men take revenge?Fashion Place
  • Features male vindictiveness

Causes Male

Male external factors to include the "red button", there are many.The root of vengeance grows even from a young age.When the boy grew up in a happy family, if it does not have facilities, if parents taught him to express their complaints adequately, then as an adult, he never takes the path of reprisal. main factors , provoking men in the field, are:

  • reaction to feelings that have remained unanswered.
  • Ignoring woman favors.
  • Doubts woman in a man's solvency , expressed aloud.
  • Parting on the initiative of women.
  • Treason.Read pros and cons: whether to admit to treason?
  • ridicule male power , noble impulses, actions and so forth.
  • woman too busy child .

Also, it should be noted, and such reasons as:

  • Why do men take revenge on women Strolling lectures negligent pupils.
  • humiliation and abuse from female boss.
  • Jealousy and envy of another's success.
  • Vengeance, as a response to aggression , giving offense, property damage, etc..

As men take revenge?Fashion Place

  • physical violence.
    Both men are taking revenge for women most sophisticated and, unfortunately, a common way -vypleskivanie acid offender.The result - a woman loses her beauty and health, and for the treatment of multiple transactions, and takes years.It is also practiced by automobile accidents and other savage methods.
  • laid out in a network camera or video "nude".
    scenes of intimate life offender become the property of the public in response to certain actions on the female side.Of course, such a man can punish the real term and according to the law, but the reputation has to be irretrievably damaged.
  • property damage.
    There are many options.Offended man shred expensive clothes offender, breaking ornaments, harness their apartments and cars spoil.In general, the revenge, as far as the imagination.
  • today often resentful ex-husbands revenge offender rob children .This is probably the worst thing than can revenge the former passion.
  • Putting network information discrediting offender (including false).Are there any features of a personal nature, life and so on.
  • «Denying all," put out into the street «what has come."This method of revenge is also very popular.Especially the rich men who their girls "from rags to riches pulled out."

There are less "destructive" methods Male:

  • Both men are taking revenge for women categorical disregard and ostentatious indifference.
  • SMS messages , sent offender "as if by chance."For example, "Svetulik, fish, will you have an hour."Children's foolish, but it happens quite often.
  • Periodic walks offender from under the nose of the new woman in the company.
  • minor mischief, is not averse and loving husbands.For example, in retaliation for the fact that the wife had been staying up nights with a friend, a man can go fishing for a few days .Or revenge for her vacation in the emerging alone he can wash her underwear with her black socks .Or even with someone to get drunk and end up going in the morning in a deranged state.

Features male vindictiveness

Both men are taking revenge for women Of course, there are exceptions, but generally, a man who threatens you, the site is not capable.Let off steam at the stage of threats, he said simply too lazy to exercise.Really able to revenge a man is not talking - it will do.Small dirty tricks and actions "out of spite" - this is normal for any man who is not indifferent to the woman and her somewhat offended.It is very common to see men specifically spoil the mood, frighten women underestimate self-esteem, take away cherished credit card and other.

To protect themselves from common life and the future of the avenger of the consequences of the revenge, pay attention to the "alarm bells» :

  • Both men are taking revenge for women Being in the company, he did not hesitate, tells about your shortcomings and weaknesses .
  • During an argument he reminds you all your sins and mistakes .
  • He ridicules your complexes and at the same time, the shortcomings of your appearance.
  • He often does something to you, or to spite from harm - making louder the sound the TV ignores your requests, in response to the refusal of intimacy robs you of the pleasure of shopping and so forth.
  • He loves to "tighten the screws" , forbidding you to wear short skirts in the street, joking with his friends, long chat with my friends and so on.
  • In response to your smile friend you met on the street, he may whole evening flirting at the forumits inhabitant.

Both men are taking revenge for women Revenge as such - is the need to gather strength and to strike, which is closer to the desired goal - to satisfy their grievances.But nine out of ten men to engage in such foolishness will not be for a simple reason - it is laziness.Therefore traditionally Male is impulsive, light and almost childish act , that a woman is only a smile.