Top 10 ways to cause jealousy in looking for a husband

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13 April 2016

often happens that a nice candy buketny period ends and the man begins to pay less attention to his companion.Presented them flowers are in your hands less and less, or even you already can not remember when the last time your man gave you flowers.See: How to keep a bouquet of fresh flowers for a long time? you do not so often go somewhere together, even in the movies.And yet - like this continue, it's not even really in going to the movies, a restaurant or gift giving.The point of all the attention that is accompanied by these presents, that the pleasure they bring us.Because thanks to them we feel loved and cherished.

And trying to regain the lost interest and attention to itself, we resort to different methods.One of these ways is jealousy.

Jealousy - a very effective means .It allows a man to awaken his sense of ownership and risk of loss to actualize the object of possession.But to cause jealousy among the men to be careful, it's easy to overdo it, or you can, on the contrary, insufficient sal

ting and does not affect the feelings of your partner.Everywhere, it is important to use a sense of proportion and jealousy be adjusted to the nature of man.The true causes of male jealousy.


  • Method 1: Pay attention to yourself.
  • Method 2: Unexpected new wardrobe.
  • Method 3 to communicate more with friends.
  • Method 4 will be for him constantly busy.
  • Method 5. To access the light without consequences in the jealousy jealous?
  • Method 6 colors.
  • Method 7. Internet and online communication.
  • Method 8 telephone communication and sms.
  • Method 9 stories and references to other men.
  • Method 10 Flirt.

Method 1: Pay attention to yourself.

Yes, yes, to cause jealousy to begin with in order to change something in yourself.And to start is with your appearance.Change your hair style, a way of a simple, but very effective.Think of how many positive emotions brings new hairstyle.You feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Start differently painted.Or if you no longer painted or never did start to make up enough of a simple, even a bit of mascara and blush have already changed your way.And your man also noticed a change, at least he will ask a question about something you do not like before, and why exactly this happens.And if he will ask you why you started to paint, either run a little bit of smoke in the face, enigmatic phrases, to say nothing concrete.

Method 2: Unexpected new wardrobe.

Change yourself and you can still changing or slightly update your wardrobe is not customary for your style of things.When you dress modestly, add a little eccentricity and boldness to your wardrobe.Change the usual sneakers to high heels, buy an attractive dress.What's that, and these two things more than anything else will emphasize your femininity.

If you, for example, has long enlisted that never, under any circumstances, wear a pink top, and generally pink in your wardrobe will never and never again - buy a pink top.Let not the bright pink, and even if only with a pink pattern, but this is a kind of revolution.And such revolutionary sentiments your guy have to say, and if not, you can always politely point it at his fickleness, pointing to unknown causes, while smiling mysteriously.

Method 3 to communicate more with friends.

He is always busy and you will not go out together, Well, it's not a reason to stay home.Walk with friends to the movies or just have a coffee together.Not necessarily, and, and, even desirable, not only girls but also boys.Tell me then how well you communicate, how much you talked with Sasha and Petya, how much he told an interesting and generally what he is clever.At least it will be interesting to Sasha and to why you spoke with him all night, and of course to awaken the desire to show that I'm better than some of Sasha.

Method 4 will be for him constantly busy.

If he wants to call you somewhere - refuse, inventing a vague and not very logical reason.This will allow him to ask a bunch of questions "why?".

possible, stay at work, school.Setting aside an hour or transferring to a half-hour meeting with him.And to come to the meeting with a mysterious pretty face.Also very blurry answering questions why you were late.Well if you are in the men's team.This will help your fantasy companion work in the right direction.

Method 5: How to cause slight jealousy without consequences in jealous?

happens that your man to unimaginable jealous.The zeal of his cause in this case is quite easy, but it can all lead to undesirable consequences.In this case, you can just do what you casts the image of mystery.

Try to look dreamy, wistful, be a bit scattered, but with all of this is extremely cheerful and contented.You can accidentally start a conversation about the fateful meeting of anticipation and ambulances significant changes in their lives.

Method 6 colors.

Flowers - a harmless little trick.You can buy flowers on the way home, if you live together, then came home with flowers woman obviously will be of interest.Especially if you use this trick several times, while demonstrating imagination in the number and variety of colors.You can buy your favorite flower is, it is also very important, especially if your partner knows that you really, really love freesia and roses can not stand.

Method 7. A good helper in the case of Internet and online communication.

Start the conversation with a friend, and it is possible to correspond quite simple topics important consistency.You can keep on referring to the open window with the correspondence, so that your partner can see her, or asked to wait until you respond to a message Sasha in response to a request to do something, or distraction.

Method 8 You can even get a phone conversation with a friend.

Going to talk on the phone, where supposedly will talk softly, but actually heard quite well.Chatted and giggled.

Method 9 stories and references to other men.

more often mention your friend, tell me what it rasprekrasny something, and it is able, and a campaign on kayaks invites you, and you never in such campaigns did not go, but very much wanted you.But these references to try to be unobtrusive, so they do not result in undesirable consequences.

Method 10 Flirt.

flirting in the presence of your beloved with other men.This is a fast and efficient way to cause jealousy, but it also needs to be careful.Flirting does not have to be vulgar, on the contrary it should be barely perceptible, if you just want to leave a good impression about himself and interest in other men.

In any case, the main focus remains and respect for itself and its own beauty.Be self-sufficient and save some interest.

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