Who is the real man - that he should be able to do?

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13 April 2016

Who is the real man - that he should be able to do Everyone knows that a man in my life is to do three things: plant a tree, build a house and raise a son.However, modern women quite seriously extended the list of mandatory male skills, finding out that it is not the whole list of things that must be able to the stronger sex.It is time to find out who is next to you -This man or a mama's boy?

content of the article:

  • This man according to women
  • real man in the representation of children

perfect man no one has yet seen, and if it existed, it would be unfortunate to put the cage on public display.Glossy magazines abound with advice on "How to become a successful and attractive" and, by the way, in the women's and men's magazines ideal criteria are completely different.

what a real man should be able to, according to women?

  1. Who is the real man - that he should be able to do This man, first of all, - successful man .It's no secret that the fairer sex loves winners.At all times, the ladies admired the brave warriors, noble knights and tournament winners.Today, when chivalry has sunk
    into oblivion, and hunting has become a hobby for a very narrow circle of people, success and prowess of men describe their financial wins and recognition of society.Today, successful man who earns money, and are able to provide for themselves and their loved ones, whose merits are recognized by the public - be it a businessman, a scientist, a politician or representative of any other profession.
  2. real man respects himself and respects others .He - a good example for all who are near, and especially for their children.And for this it is not necessary to bring work home and show home, which he cool boss.A real man does not show the children their weaknesses and he sets the tone in dealing with them.
  3. This man will never be gossiping .He follows his words and not hang out in the void.He was not trying to show that there is more than there actually never support "babskie" discussions of other people, he would not talk about something, it's about not having any idea, especially for people with whom a stranger.
  4. If a real man will word or promise, he would keep it, by all means at any cost .He would prefer to face the difficulties of losing money or time than not fulfill his promise.He understands that his word - a commitment that he has to perform.So often he is laconic - why waste words?
  5. This man always be able to defend a woman and their families by conflict, attacks and threats.
  6. He able to nail a nail in the house , and the cost of these same nail for it is not a mystery.In general, everything connected with the repair, - on his conscience.
  7. This man able to defend their point of view .
  8. This man can support their favorite woman in a difficult situation .If she has any problems, it will definitely help her in solving them.
  9. Who is the real man - that he should be able to do He should be able to care for themselves and find time for it.
  10. It supports fit .Good shape says about self-discipline, and the style of life and willpower holder sports body.
  11. This man knows and does not hesitate to express emotions .Stiffness and restraint, not the ability to verbalize their feelings and actions - the quality of boring and difficult for men.
  12. The financial and critical situation the real man able to find an alternative source of income .He will not build yourself out of the unrecognized unemployed financial analyst will not whine and bang your head against the wall, and will unload the cars, while financial analysts will not be popular.By the way, it's called - to take responsibility, including for income.
  13. real man always can serve themselves at the minimum level (fry eggs, hand wash clothes, clean the apartment).To be able to prepare all is not required, but it would be good to have a single signature dish, he can surprise both women and men.
  14. This man knows how to drink in moderation and , or do not drink at all.
  15. He was well versed in any field (read - a hobby).A person who is not interested in anything except money zakolachivaniya is likely dull and monotonous.The only exceptions are those for whom this is a hobby favorite work.
  16. This man should be able well to navigate the terrain .
  17. Well, when he versed in the art. Computers, TVs, DVD - all you need to know how to configure and connect.
  18. This man meet the challenges as they come .He works with a positive result, but is not looking for 100,500 reasons why this or that he could not or can not do.
  19. He should be able well float , even better - two ways to own voyage, "froggy style" is not in the bill.
  20. This man knows how to independently tie a tie .If he is a business man, a couple of classical knots, he should know.By the way, that tie knots in the fashion is changing not less than handbags, we humbly keep silent.
  21. He should be able to handle the wound .In Hollywood movies it is, of course, engaged in long-legged beauty, but in reality, it may happen that there will be nobody to come help.
  22. With regard to relations with the fair sex, the real man always woman can prove her love male acts , instead of whining on the Internet and by phone.
  23. This man knows how to deal with stress .That it is necessary for work and life in general.To avoid stressful situations, he carefully plans his time and uses your personal "soothing" techniques.
  24. He able to engage in dialogue to reach a compromise.Bang his fist on the table and point - is, of course, sometimes bad.But in some situations, such a turn of solution can not be called.
  25. This man knows how to communicate with children .He gets along well with her and, with other people, which adds a huge plus to its reputation in the eyes of a beautiful lady.
  26. This man able to control his mind ;He uses it in a variety of everyday situations in harmony with the world around him, and not to the detriment of themselves and others.

But what a real man looks like in the eyes of children

Who is the real man - that he should be able to do Vanya, 5 years:
This man is generally no babaek not afraid.
Ilya, 4 years:
This man just calling for all and nothing more.
Sasha, 4 years:
This man makes a fire, eating and writing.He is strong.
Ivan 6 years:
real man to build and repair all kinds of mechanisms to swim, to defend themselves, to build houses.
Masha, 4 years:
This man - it's like Santa Claus.It all helps.
Rita 3 years:
This man knows how to twist the wheel and catch the bandits.
Sonya 5 years:
This man knows how to smoke.
Kate, 5 years:
This man cuts hair, building a house and rides in the car.
Nastya, 6 years:
This man knows how to repair helps his wife and fulfills the desires of his wife.
Vera, 5 years:
This man prepares himself, and my mother does not cook, and he loves his mother.
Daria, 6 years:
This man saves those who are drowning or fire in the woods looking for those who are lost.

As you can see, the views of children in many ways reflect the views of the fairer sex.
Women today often complain that these men left a bit.And who is to blame, that so few of them?We women are to blame.To think about, because no one is forcing you to shoulder all the everyday problems that were originally designed to haul together, the one.But we are unique in this respect!We will dig in its heels, trying to prove their worth to men.We will turn itself "in a horse and a bull and a woman and man."And the result will not take long - disappointment in life and belief that "all men - the goatsĀ» .
What is a real man But this man needs a real woman.Of course, it is difficult with such a frantic pace of life to stay on top.Beautiful dresses and high heels, delicate lingerie, makeup, perfume and walk to the gym requires a lot of time and effort.But a woman, first of all, should remain beautiful lady .Therefore, every woman of this - of this man!