Coward Is your man really?

By Admin | Relations
14 April 2016

talk about men's fear and cowardice.Why be afraid of men?Are our men all right to be afraid and to show cowardice?How to distinguish the real cowardice of the wise and calm approach to life?The topic of this article - "Is my man a coward."

Often female forums are topics about men's fear and cowardice, "My boyfriend is a coward," "My lover coward!", "My father was a coward!" "My husband is a coward."In these women topics describe a situation in which, as they think their man behaved like a coward, spineless showed, overawed, he was afraid.And is this really the case?

In this paper we propose to discuss the various situations in which it may be any man.Let us examine them from different sides and try to understand where cowardice, where wisdom, and where just indifference.What we mistake for a man's cowardice, and that the courage?When the men's fears justified?


1. coward or a cool driver?Situations on the road, parking and if your favorite lady at the wheel.
2. Defender whether our man?

Situations that require the display of male power - to protect her from the others.
3. Love and cowardice.When men are afraid of these feelings?

shorts or a cool driver?Situations on the road, parking and if your favorite lady at the wheel.

• your man suddenly overtaken or severely clipped on the road.Should he catch up with the offender and to "punish"?

What we see cowardice? In this situation, can be considered an act of cowardice tantrum.Hysteria may appear in crazy driving style, unusual for an adequate state of the driver, loud obscene shouts and screams, tears.EXPRESS manifestations of fear and cowardice are - unrestrained urination, giving up driving completely.

How can you justify? However, this is a stop "for a smoke" is not considered cowardice if the traffic situation has been a real threat to the lives of passengers or the life of the driver.Fear of death is present in every human being.

Not to be confused with a lack of restraint and violence! Today we hear more and more often in the news, read the blog stories about how someone someone fired travmatiki on the road, beat the bats, broken glass, fired at the car, stabbed as punishment for a particular traffic situation.Girls, in any case never accept such men for brave heroes.They do not have defended their honor!They showed incontinence, unhealthy aggression.Such men tend to go over the heads of life, feeling impunity, many seek, but do so at the expense of others.Remember!Men who are willing to assert themselves at the expense of the lives and health of other people, in fact, it is not confident in their abilities and values ​​of their own lives and regularly try to prove it to themselves that they are not cowards, and worth something in this life.

• Should he release the "foreign" place in the parking lot.

By law, if a man really parked on another piece of land, it would have to show a paper which says that "the place rented or purchased by any company."If you come to visit and park your in a foreign court, and the man asked pereparkovat car, and the place is clearly public, here come the options.

What we see cowardice? man apologized and calmly pereparkovalsya.

How can you justify? Perhaps he is not scared, just very tired and does not want to get involved in uncomfortable conversations.Option another, his grandfather asked pereparkovatsya veteran or a woman with three babies and five blocks from Ikea)) Here is your man -molodets!)

Not to be confused with cowardice prudence. Perhaps he asked the man to give way to a strong, respected and your boyfriend, husband decided that this situation is safer (including for you) give way, and not to get involved in the conflict.Ideally, before you drive off, the husband should try to negotiate with the man.Explain that he was here for a couple of hours.If in front of you is not adequate, and the husband is objectively weaker physically and has no special relationship, it really would be a reasonable solution to drive off!

• You are involved in an accident, you have a problem parking.Reported favorite.

You tell her husband, lover, boyfriend about the problem and wait for his reaction.How did the real man?Let's start with the fact that if you call him, then had told him about the problem and need support.However, in the vanity cases, difficult to understand what kind of support you need - to reassure you by phone or urgently to come?Tell me about yourself!

What we see cowardice? you are involved in an accident or an unpleasant situation in the parking lot, asked to come, but he refuses, despite the absence of very important things.

How can you justify? Perhaps you are the type of ladies who have a broken fingernail - the same tragedy?Men also get tired of constantly satisfy our whims, even if in general they like this trait in our character.Another option - You create around themselves conflicts themselves asking for trouble and are accustomed to the fact that it solves these problems for you.Maybe this game is just like you, and he decided to teach a lesson and make you solve the problem yourself.

Not to be confused with indifference and employment. If a man comes in - it is a signal.It is worth thinking about how you are dear to him and hearse if at all.Also, reconsider its attitude to his deeds, that you may not seem important, it may be important to him.

Defender whether our man?Situations that require the display of male power - to protect her from the others.

• Standard situation on the street.To you harass other men -grabiteli or just hooligans.They are a few people, your husband alone.

What we see cowardice? cowardice can be considered if your man runs away, leaving you a deal, or grabs you by the hand and offers a quick escape together.

How can you justify? Perhaps he realizes that he does not really with them on the right and the aggressive bullies suck, then run along one of the options a reasonable solution.

Not to be confused with wisdom. when guys really are few and objectively man realizes that he can not beat them, also reasonable: a) try to explain verbally, that you better not mess b) ignore the harassment and move on.

My man hero !If the guy still got into a battle with the thugs, knowing that the outcome can be anything - it is either foolish or a hero).Here we must look at the situation.That's just sometimes us girls should think that the more important for us - to be a dead hero or a hero to be invalid or reasonable, but healthy coward !?

• You had a fight with a woman.Should a man stand up?

What we see cowardice? man opted out of your conflict.

How can you justify? Many men prefer not to get involved in women's disassembly in order not to withdraw guilty.In part this is cowardice and partly wisdom and experience.

Not to be confused with incontinence. He decided to punish the offender and have a good beat and cursed her mate.Now think about the fact that he broke the taboo of our beloved "do not hit a woman," perhaps it is to you ever use force?

My man a hero! Hero can consider her man, if he has helped to remove from your deranged individuals that pounces on you with his fists.Do not strike, namely to remove!Or lead you away from the place of conflict.So he just put out the conflict and thus preserved its cultural image, calm, self-confident person.

Love and cowardice.When men are afraid of these feelings?

• He does not say "I love you."Fears?

How can you justify? Perhaps these words to him are indeed very important.He does not throw words to the wind.And tell you the cherished three words before you make an offer that will be completely sure that you are two halves.

HE does not love you? second and the only way - his feelings for you can not be called love.Perhaps between you with his hand just sympathy, and perhaps he did not initially consider any serious relationship between you.

• He does not want to marry.It scares stamp in the passport.

How can you justify? may fear your men backed up by the fact that behind his failed marriage, Runaway Bride or bad example of parents.Recommended persuade favorite address to the psychotherapist for advice.

Not to be confused with cowardice! Some men (especially young) shy of marriage as such, especially if their young friends more full walk and change partners.For them marriage as cohabitation - restriction of freedom not only his, but also in the eyes of others.Such cowardice passes with time.

HE does not love you? This option too.Man subconsciously or even consciously been aware that he was finding it difficult to name the feelings between you both love.Perhaps he was bored, "burned", and perhaps just thinks that you live is difficult.If you are a lady of independent and demonstrate it in every possible way, the man is afraid to fight for it you have to spend all my life and master of his destiny and he will not be able to stay.Also, pay attention to how you live quietly and comfortably?Scandals Are you?Is it good to cook?Men love comfort and are afraid of losing him.

main girl, do not forget that men are the same people as we are with you.Sometimes their fears grow deeply from childhood, sometimes associated with the environment, sometimes born in the purchase of a life experience.Try to keep their men, to help them deal with fears.Their success is in your hands!