Why do men lie to women?

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14 April 2016

Why do men lie to women Highlights and for those who have yet to occur, and for those who have long been married.He says that everything will be fine, because what is worse than it is now no longer be.He says that we buy, we'll go, we construct, give birth to three or five, but, unfortunately, does not even required.

content of the article:

  • reasons, forcing the men to lie
  • What do woman who wants to know the truth
  • How to determine that the man was lying?

reasons, forcing the men to lie

Why do men lie to women Why men lie? Why do not they speak honestly, "I do not love you," do not tell where they are and with whom, trying to maximize embellish and invent, turning their lives into some kind of dishonest, lied, tinsel wrong?And often it turns out that we can not even ask a question directly to his beloved and get a specific answer from him.He unscrewed like a snake in a skillet, and very rarely responds accurately and thoroughly.
Men say in one voice that we women do make them compose anything on three main points:

  1. men are well aware that women want to hear, so they just do not say - "I love youI do not like "or" I do not want to go. " They begin to tell stories that we did not offend .Well, for example: a tired man came home from work, sat down in his favorite chair.And he is well, he is the point of comfort, to the right or left is not desirable, thought ustakanilos pain let go, feelings are gone.And at this moment he calls the beloved and begins to accuse him that he does not call, do not come, do not write, and a lot of things.Well, not right now a man to gain strength and say to her: "My favorite, I just now do not want to go anywhere, I'm too lazy to assemble, and to leave the house, I do not want to stand in traffic jams, I just want to lie on the couch and relax alone without you".And even if a woman will come and meet him, seeing the state he was, what - to kill him now?Men say that women are simply not ready to accept the gray palette of life, and therefore has to compose.
  2. Sometimes men are lying in order, woman to not feel slighted and unhappy the time.Therefore, if a man is going to break off the relationship and leave it for a while lying both at once - and former love and current.And these poor women live in their illusions, knowing that they do not like the truth.And each of them continues to cling to these lies because the truth they do not want to take.Here men and say that as long as something connects me with a woman, I will not lie.
  3. Some men lie of self-preservation .They say, they say, I will not drink because I have gastritis, I'm driving or something else.Because people just do not want to drink and he needs to come up with a realistic argument.Many men say: "I do not like the boring and gray reality, so I invent this other parallel bright life to forget."

Why do men lie to women Very often it happens that we, women, breaking into a man's life, deprived of their own comfort zone.It was also his own life before we arrived.There were friends, and sports, he went to a hockey game, in a bath or go fishing.And here's you!Your magical appearance can be described as: "Beloved, now, then you will have it's different!We will be together always and everywhere. "Here's a man and you have to get out, and when it all the time blamed unsaid, it really starts to fib .Like, not lying, but at the same time, the truth you still do not get it.

What do woman who wants to know the truth and only the truth

  • Why do men lie to women Drink valerian before you ask all your questions.
  • not imagine that today you'll get exactly the portion of the truth , which you can take.Usually what you can not "digest in one sitting," a man and gives portions.Only now it turns out somehow sadistic, as if you cut off the tail of pity not once, but piecemeal.
  • If you want a specific answer to a direct question - remember: likely it is you do not like !This is because we always want to hear what we want to hear, but the truth, unfortunately, most often bitter.

How to determine that the man was lying?

Why do men lie to women Women's intuition is rarely brings us.In addition, only we women tend to notice mikromimiku face .Anyway, the man suspected of lying, are unlikely to be able to get away.Especially if you're armed with tips on what to look first, if you think that the favorite lies:

speech. When a person is lying, it is accompanied by:

  • heavy breathing;
  • blinking;
  • nervous cough;
  • yawn, stuttering;
  • appearance of droplets of sweat.


  • fussiness (swipe nonexistent specks, rubbing his nose, hand);
  • concern (nerve knocking his feet on the floor, snapping his fingers);
  • avoid eye contact ;
  • limitations and uncertainties in the movements.


  • defensive position during a conversation;
  • attempt to escape from the direct view , which is the liar brings discomfort.A man leans on the table, his chair, actually hides behind it;
  • liar unknowingly will build between him and the barrier you of foreign objects: cups, fruit, books, etc.

Why do men lie to women It only hints at least of a series of « how do you know that a man is lying ».However, even if you catch him in a lie, you probably easier.Most people put the desire to know the truth even in the fifth and sixth place in terms of importance.We do not particularly want to know what really is going on among those in power, there will be a nth wave of the crisis, and we have no desire to go into all the oil and gas squabbles.Just as it happens with a woman who wants to stay to the last with a beloved man!She will be waiting for the lie, as a gift, anticipating that the search for truth can put an end to everything.But once a woman begins to seek evidence of betrayal and lies, scours tables, car and personal belongings, delves into the phone and Internet correspondence, collects women's hair with seating and a jacket - it looking for arguments, for which you can catch on to divorce oronce again say to the man what he is bad .
What other causes of male lying there?Let's get back to our reality and remember promising politicians.For what they promise?True, in order for us to choose them.Thus in our case.Crystal Castles and lies appear when a man really wants to achieve its goal .
Goals what?

  1. on your property, movable and immovable property .A man will promise you a lot just to have what you have.
  2. It may just want commissar body - and it is clear to everyone.Many men are broadcasting such beautiful stories before and disappear forever immediately thereafter.
  3. He hangs deceive you because I believe in it .For some reason, very often we perceive other people's dreams like the promises made to us.Most interesting, perhaps, his dream come true would get another woman, not you.It was just his dream.

Why do men lie to women When a man a lot of promises and builds crystal castles, the more often it right now can not provide you everything that you need .And the search for what you need, and there is its main task.If you are a housewife, it will dream of petunia flowers that you plant in the house that you have built, and seven of your children.If you are a traveler, you will look together on the Internet, which are different religions and what wonderful palaces built at the other ends of the earth.But you go there or not ... question.
Where are all these promises disappear in six months ?!Among this huge flow of words and the dream you suddenly realize that what you promise, promises for the future.
For someone who works hard, is well aware of how hard it gets all necessary.Whoever works the cautious and not talking into the void left and right , then to not be a cause for reproach.Those who want to fulfill their dreams, their realization will give as a surprise.Anyone who works insure that no jinx, that will surprise and will submit it as an achievement.It turns out that the more a man promises, the greater the need to be afraid of him.The more he gives undeserved in the beginning, the more it will take away from trauma and grievances.It should be well understood that Why do men lie to women for everything that is given just on credit, then have to pay an exorbitant price .If a man says to you: "I do everything myself, for this you do not need to do anything" - beware of him.Because when dreams are without at least some platform, often heard the word "we", "us", "together".
The conclusion is simple: our biggest fears is usually associated with any of our expectations.Therefore best - the man who promises nothing, but does .