Favorite color of lipstick and your personality

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30 March 2016

Favorite color of lipstick and your personality In the women's purse lipstick takes pride of first place.This representative color cosmetics has the ability not only to give beauty and comfort to give the lips a woman, but as more is known, can also be a lot of talk about his mistress.

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  • role of color.Fashion on the color of lipstick
  • nature of women and lipstick
  • Yarkieteplye red, pink, coral shades
  • bright scarlet lipstick
  • warm caramel, pink shades
  • pale pink lipstick with a cold midtone
  • Peach warm shades
  • burgundy, dark-korichnevye, dark purple lipstick shades
  • warm brown brick shades
  • Very bright acidic colors and unnatural
  • Pastel shades, transparent lipstick
  • Pencil contour of the lips releasing

role of color.Fashion on the color of lipstick

Favorite color of lipstick and your personality In today's market there are many cosmetic brands makeup manufacturers, including - lipsticks.And it's a lot of brands repeatedly multiplied by the huge number of colors, shades, various samples of gloss and lip lacquers a wide color palette, from colorless

to blue, black, yellow ... Women's lipstick is able to play any decisive role makeup .It is colorless and imperceptible, it allocates the face eyes, causing them to shine and eye-catching.Bright, juicy - puts all the attention on the sensual lips, making a woman very sexy and beautiful.
Favorite color of lipstick and your personality

color lipstick is also subject to fashion trends.Thus, in the late 80's we enjoyed lips acid colors, in the 90 - purple and black shades, and in 2000 became fashionable pink pearlescent.Every woman has in its arsenal of beauty it is certainly more than two colors.But even if a woman has a lot of different shades of lipsticks, the most loved and used it still remain one or two shades, no more.It is for this, the most favorite shades every woman can learn small secrets about her character, habits and preferences in life.

What your lipstick can tell about you?

Learn the nature of a woman in her favorite color of lipstick

  • Bright warm red, intense pink, coral shades

    The nature of the color of lipstick These colors are considered classic, they are fashionable at all times.Women prefer red, bright lipstick, show the world their confidence, solidity and optimism.The fair sex with bright lips capricious, she has a strong character and can control even his family, even though the state.At heart a lover of warm bright lipsticks - romantic, happy travels to travel and loves all sorts of adventures.Women prefer red and bright pink shades, it is easy to conquer Olympus, it tends to take everything from life.In the process of conquering the peaks it can even sacrifice his principles, it is important for the result of the recognition of the people around them, merit and honor.Woman adoring red lips, artistically and musically.She certainly enjoys the attention of men and consider themselves very attractive and sexy, showing people around it.

  • bright scarlet lipstick

    The nature of the color of lipstick - scarlet This color on the lips are very fond of "wearing" women who want the world to openly declare about their sexuality, sensuality.If a woman paints her lips scarlet lipstick in the morning, day and night, its image can border on vulgarity.Often in her manner betrays artifice, affectedness: lipstick scarlet woman adored artistic, actions which often demonstrative, designed for the public.It is important to make the lips not to aggravate flamboyant clothing, overly bright eye make-up and extravagant behavior, because in everything necessary "golden mean", even in make-up.The scarlet hue on the lips is the place, if it is the only bright spot in the image of women, emphasizing its sensuality, and in this case - is not beyond the pale.

  • warm caramel, pink shades

    The nature of the color of lipstick - caramel color This is - the favorite color of the women who do not really like to open the inner world of the world, and are always careful and consistent in their actions.A woman prefers candy pink shades on the lips, optimistic and strong.This is - a wonderful hostess and a faithful wife, a caring mother of the family, which carry the weight on the shoulder family responsibilities, as well as a career.This woman will never be put on display their feelings and to expose other people to the soul, she always tries to keep his inner world in its original form, and often about what's going on in her soul, do not guess even the closest people.

  • pale pink lipstick with a cold midtone

    The nature of the color of lipstick - cold pink woman who seek to differentiate their cold lips pink or whitish tone makeup, does not recognize for themselves any laws and restrictions.It is - outrageous personality that is capable of extraordinary deeds and even unpredictable steps.This representative of the fairer sex has its own taste, she is not willing to comply with the new fashion trends and personal fashion dictate their conditions.Woman with pale pink shades of cold on the lips is always willing to receive the patronage of a man who will protect her, to give confidence and to ensure the rear.Typically, such women tend to find a wealthy man, and often enter into a relationship not for love, but for money.With extraordinary intelligence, a lot of talent, a strong character and a great capacity to carry out in life all the grandiose plans and dreams, it can be passed on to loved ones that should fulfill itself until, in the end, becomes a kept without reaching great heightsin life.Women prefer a very light, lightens lips lipstick cool colors, often gets in the way of the unjust.

  • Peach warm shades on the lips

    The nature of the color of lipstick - peach woman prefers to wear on his lips warm shades of peach, very calm, confident.It has a balanced, gentle nature that allows her to get along well in any team.A spokeswoman for the fair sex, adoring peach lipstick, knows his worth, but it will never be to go over the heads of other people in any career or personal life.She knows how to listen and hear, being a great conversationalist, and tolerant of other people's shortcomings, accepting others for who they really are.She - not careerists, although the work is very important for her.Most often, a woman chooses a profession that is related to the care of others - a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a veterinarian, a social worker.She knows how to work hard and well, and the result of the work for the woman who prefers a peach tone lips, is very important - but not as a career step in the future, but as a personal achievement, assessment of their own capabilities and development.

  • burgundy, dark brown, dark shades of purple lips

    The nature of the color of lipstick - a dark lipstick Such color cosmetics lips prefer women with a very strong will and true nerves of steel.This is a real "iron lady", who are able to quickly make a career and leave far behind the competition - both in work and in personal life.They are very fond of, and always strive to attract attention to his person.Often, the lips dark colors in their wardrobe is attached image, consisting of causing, outrageous things.But not always dark lipstick - a sign of the nature of the steel woman.Often these hidden colors are very romantic and shy by nature, having the fear to show the world as it is, and brutally ranitsya.Women sometimes wear on this aggressive and cause the paint to hide underneath all his weakness.As a rule, met in the life of a man who is much stronger, becoming a mainstay in life, a woman prefers dark colors lips ceases to put on this mask and change your preferences in everything, and changing the color of lipstick on a warm and bright shades.

  • Lipstick warm brown brick shades

    The nature of the color of lipstick - a warm brown Such shades on the lips of choosing conservative women who are very difficult to convince of anything.This is - a wonderful hostess, welcoming mother of the family, which literally keeps everything.Woman adoring brick, brown tones of makeup on your lips, making strides in his career, and best of all it is possible to management activities.

  • Very bright acidic colors and unnatural

    The nature of the color of lipstick - Neon Lipstick blue, green, yellow, purple, orange like a very creative women who are trying to express themselves, find their own style and not to be like other people.Unnatural and bright acid colors lips say about the world and the shocking originality of his mistress.It does not tolerate comments and criticism in all feels right, and attempts to encourage her to order is regarded as an attack on the integrity of her personal world.As a rule, these shades on the lips tend young person trying to find himself in this world.In their case, flashy lipstick is nothing but a demonstration of independence and desire of freedom and tries to get away from the conventional framework and laws.

  • Pastel shades, transparent lipstick

    The nature of the color of lipstick - Transparent This shade lips characteristic of the women is very romantic, sentimental and sensitive, prone to melancholy and reverie.All that they do is dictated by feelings and emotions - that's why these women make a lot of mistakes in my life.Women who prefer transparent lipstick and pastel, neutral shades on the lips, it is satisfied with their appearance, they want to focus on the people around his eyes.In the life of a woman lacks assertiveness and self-confidence, although, under certain circumstances, they are able to show and a strong will.

  • Pencil stands out lip contour

    The nature of the color of lipstick - Lip Liner Women who, in addition to lipstick stands out like lip pencil, cool and strong.They love and know how to make a career, and do not miss out of his hands every opportunity to take a higher position in life than they previously occupied.In deed woman summing rim lip contour pencil is guided by cold reason, it is very prudent.In the privacy of a woman often comes to grief, because not every man is able to live with this "iron lady", cold and does not want to compromise in anything.Such a woman - the commander in a skirt, she was born to win in career and command of the regiment.