Why men cheat

By Admin | Relations
15 April 2016

there are certain prerequisites that man has to change?You suspected and confirmed it, or the man himself admitted infidelity.Is it possible to restore the relationship after all this?

This is a very difficult issue for women.They want to know why their man changes.The motives of treason can be and look the other lady, and close ties to the work of the business, and easy friendly flirtation.So what is treason?What bilateral commitments she tied between the two partners?What kind of coordination exist between the parties?Without these conditions it will be difficult to consider treason as a whole.

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One type of relationship - a marriage where life together define the obligations of the two men.But

obligations may be considered, and regular meetings.Here and there is some confusion.The man believes that he has no obligation to the lady as long as this was not the question.The woman is a f

act of regular meetings can be perceived as a commitment a man in front of her.Having regular meetings with a man has the right to freedom of meetings with the other.And he will not consider it a betrayal.The woman is the behavior of the partner considers as treason.

man can not be emotionally attached to her friend, even if he had sex with her.Given that this is not an excuse, she considers this situation to another, Therefore from their positions.Quite often women find confirmation of treason partners.And what's next?

It is not only emotional pain, tears and anger.Further, stress, guilt and loss of respect.An attempt to restore the relationship, believing himself to blame for his infidelity, can lead to a complete breakdown in the relationship, the test of contempt or mental disorders.

male infidelity rarely leads to serious emotional consequences for him.If cheating is detected, he continues his adventures, knowing that sooner or later all will be revealed.He looks at it as a passion for sports.For many men, this behavior is viewed as operating time of their status.Most often it is a collector's character.

body and soul, man understands and knows what is wrong, but the physical passions and temptations in search of diversity prevail.Yes, it is difficult to say why the man is going to take this step.Probably, each case carries a certain situational motives.But if that happens, you decide - to restore the relationship or end them.