Summer games and competitions in the nature of young company

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31 March 2016

The best games for the company awaited Summer time - vacation, holiday, picnic, sitting around the campfire and swimming.Fishing and flavor soup, hiking in the woods for mushrooms, felting on the beach.And if the city is chosen for the whole company, these days will be remembered for a long time.The main thing - to hold them fun and interesting.What are the contests and games in the nature of young people for leisure?

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  • transferred to another
  • Bay of balls!
  • apple
  • Mummy
  • Volleyball feet
  • writing on any subject
  • Check sobriety
  • entrainment gotovenkogo
  • 's fill the glasses!
  • Fanta an adult

refer a friend - fun competition for the two teams

  • Summer games and competitions in the nature of young company The company is divided into male and female teams.
  • Team placed two rows, facing each other (the distance between them - about three meters).
  • Participants from women's squad is clamped between the legs balloon carries him to the ranks of opponents and passes the first contestant without using their hands.That, in turn, in the same way back carries the b
    all and passed to the next participant women's team.
  • game lasts as long as it's not to take part.

«Bay of balls!" - A fun romp for companies

  • Bay of balls! One team give balloons in red, the other - blue.
  • Balls thread tied to the legs - one ball per participant.
  • The command must burst as many balloons of the enemy.But without the help of hands.
  • team is winning, keep at least one ball in one piece.

«apple" - a game without complexes

  • The Apple Game to the waist of each participant (there are two) is tied with a rope.
  • At the end of the rope is attached an apple so that it dangled at his knees.
  • on the ground put a glass.By
  • team participant should sit down and get an apple into the glass.
  • winner is the one who will succeed faster.

«Mummy" - a game for any company

  • Game Mummy Participants are divided into pairs.Preferably, the boy-girl.
  • Each pair receives two rolls of toilet paper thick quality.
  • On command, participants start to wrap their partners paper.
  • opening should be only the eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Wins the pair who managed it faster and, most importantly, better of all.

Volleyball feet - mobile game for young

  • Playing volleyball legs for the company Participants are divided into two teams.
  • midst of clearing the rope is stretched at a meter from the ground.
  • rules of the game - as in volleyball.The only difference is that the participants play sitting on the ground, and the ball is replaced with a balloon.

writing on any subject - a competition for creative companies

  • The writing on any subject Each participant is given a pen and paper.
  • starts the game leading the question "Who?".
  • members meet in their own way, to the best of his sense of humor.Then close your answers (by bending of the sheet), and passed to the next.Next
  • leading asks "Who?".Everything is repeated.
  • And so on.At the end of the game leading deploys all the sheets and reads aloud.The questions will be funnier, the merrier works of participants.

«Checking sobriety" - a comic contest for companies

  • Game Check for Sobriety On a sheet of paper draw a scale with degrees.Bottom - forty degrees, and more - in descending order.Indicators are marked with sobriety intervals of five to ten degrees.
  • the end of a fun evening timeline is attached to the tree (the wall and so on.).
  • Drunken participants must pass a test on sobriety - bent over and turned his back to a tree, to lend a hand between her legs with a felt pen and try to reach the highest point.

«gotovenkogo entrainment" - a game for fun party

  • Game entrainment gotovenkogo are arranged on the table with glasses of an alcoholic beverage, which is, of course, like all participants.Glasses - one less than the participants themselves.
  • team-leading participants go around the table.
  • The next leading signal (eg, claps) participants, ahead of rivals rush to the glass and drink the contents.To
  • glasses did not get - that is eliminated.Excess glass is removed immediately, and the rest are filled again.
  • This continues for as long as it remains the most successful participant.

«Fill the same glasses!" - A game for fun company

  • The best games for the company Participants are divided into pairs - the boy-girl.
  • The man pulled out a bottle with a drink (preferably so that is easy to wash off later).The girl - a glass.
  • man grasps the bottle down, partner in the same glass clamps.
  • He should fill the glass without using their hands, it is - as much as possible to help him.
  • wins steam fill the glass more quickly and accurately all.Moreover, without spilling a drop by.
  • Continuing contest beverage glasses drink on speed.

Fanta an adult - a contest with the wishes

  • The best games for the company Each participant gives master certain personal thing.
  • All written on pieces of their creative tasks.
  • Notes twisted, are poured into the bag and mixed.Things (forfeits) poured into a box.
  • leading randomly fished out of the box one of the things the participants.Member
  • owner pulls things out of the bag at random and note reading aloud task.
  • more interesting and funnier job will be, the more fun to play.For example, to catch a passerby and sell him a brick in honor of the builder.Or climb onto the hood of the car and roar into the sky aliens, so you take home.Or run on the beach and screaming "Help, robbed!".