How can I lighten the mood of the moment: banishes the autumn blues

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31 March 2016

home, work, children, important things - daily "centrifuge" in which good mood is like the sun in the Northern capital - a rare phenomenon.The frenzied race for survival sucks all the power, and it seems a little more - and close to antidepressants.It makes no sense to save a frustration and torment blues when you can now give yourself installation on the positive.

So, how to quickly raise your mood and ward off negative emotions with the autumn blues?
How can I lighten the mood of the moment

  • Proper breathing.
    One of the important components of clear thinking - a complete saturation of the brain with oxygen.If you have not yet learned to "breathe stomach", get yourself a useful habit.Apply to the stomach and feel the palm as it rises and falls with each breath, your exhalation.Such minute break will give your body needs a break.
  • Aromatherapy.
    Some odors are known to irritate and even forced to escape from the room, while others - inspire, delight, improve mood and overall tone.Treatment flavors - not a fashion trend, but a very
    effective prevention of bad mood.So to cope with the blues and to help relieve the stress of essential oils such as orange, basil, antidepressant bergamot, clove and grapefruit, jasmine and spruce, cinnamon, ginger and ylang-ylang, lavender, myrrh, rose and vanilla.
    How can I cheer up a minute - aromatherapy
  • your positive attitude.
    Laugh yourself in the mirror and say with confidence - "today - my day!" Throw all negative thoughts on the mezzanine of consciousness (or even better - throw them out of your head) to tune in the victory in all things.Mindset - half the battle.
  • Drink more water.
    not coffee, not Coke, not broth, namely water - it does not need a brain smaller than oxygen.
  • Eat something delicious, beautiful to look at and fragrant.
    Just do not overdo it: if you use this method set the mood ever, it is necessary not only to get rid of the blues, but also on the extra centimeters.
    How can I lighten the mood of the moment
  • Call the person who always understand and support you.
    loved one, friend or parent.In general, surround yourself with positive people only, but from the whiners and Sinister stay away.
    Stroll, dispersing blood throughout the body , do exercises - in general, a change of scenery.Take a break from the usual hustle and bustle with health benefits.
  • Turn on your favorite music.
    If it is possible - at full volume.And, preferably, not the melancholy, from which you will sink into even greater dismay, and cheerful, from which the legs are starting to prescribe a pretzel under the desk, and I want to live.
  • Engage in planning their future output.
    Make a list of places you've always wanted to get into, but not thinking.Decide on the route and satellites.The anticipation of something pleasant always improves mood.
    How can I lighten the mood of the moment
  • including a fun comedy , transmission or video collection .
  • Go to the store and buy yourself the first thing that will attract eyes .
    retail therapy in conjunction with a change of impressions and a walk - a triple blow to your spleen.Of course, to run for a new washing machine is not necessary (although if enough money - why not?), Quite a pleasant little things that will disperse the clouds your spleen.
  • Look.
    It is possible that someone is now even worse than you.Help to those who need it, quickly dismissed by mindless gloom.
  • Keep a diary of their victories.
    recall and write down all their past achievements, make a plan for the future.
    How can I lighten the mood of the moment
  • Make a list of problems , from which spoils your mood, and a list of options to address these issues.
  • find room , where you will not see, do not look sideways and wagged his finger at his temple.Forget what you are - a solid adult higher education, and even twice a parent.Throw a negative manner to this room you come out, barely holding back a laugh, Cry, dancing, laughing, stand on your head - anything to shake hypochondria.Spit on everything and dive into childhood.
  • Take a shower (if you are at home) - the best contrast.Stand under the warm jets of water (do not be afraid to spoil the hair) and rinse off all negative, imagining how it leaked into the drain hole.
  • Get organized around them.
    work, cleaning, physical work, washing dishes, weekly analysis of the debris on the coffee / desktop - one of the best cures for a bad mood.See also: How to make cleaning a fun and not spend a lot of time on it?
    How can I lighten the mood of the moment
  • «to visit" old friend, who no longer can find the time.
    Send him an e-mail, call or knock on Skype ("ICQ").
  • Share your mood with a sheet of paper or in your personal blog.
    not "status" - "I hate everything and everyone" and short humorous sketches.This will help you and thoughts to sort through and throw out negative, that it does not poison you from within.
  • Record 50 elementary actions (ideas, things, visits, trips and so on.) That give you joy.For example, a delicious ice cream, a candlelight dinner, the cleanliness of the house, live music in the restaurant, a surprise for a loved one, etc.If you think - little things, uplifting, there are incredibly many.See also: How to find a hobby for the autumn leisure?
  • Huligante health.
    Tie to seedlings mother (grandmother) tiny cucumbers, place a cheerful note to loved ones in the sugar bowl or a refrigerator, sing from the heart, even if the vocals from your neighbors begin to look for a new home.
    How can I lighten the mood of the moment

Do anything to change the situation.Rocking on the waves of his negatives in the hope that the spleen will pass by itself - is meaningless.If you do not make an effort, it will only grow worse and will pass on to you in the end rollers. Start with your desire - to enjoy life.And "smile, gentlemen, smile» !