Do not let the fire die out of love!

By Admin | Relations
15 April 2016

monotony of the marital relationship can ruin any, even a very strong love.The extinction of the passions, both partners are guilty, while, as a rule, no one does not think so.The man blames the woman in the coldness and aloofness, and a woman - in the absence of a thrill, not only during intercourse, but often after him.And my wife thought carefully hide under the guise of fatigue and stress experienced by the day.

Here lies the main error of the two, are not indifferent to each other people. After all, sex is born a powerful vital energy, helping people overcome adversity.Some try to find an outlet and satisfy their secret sexual desires on the side, but the problem becomes even more entangled, and finally the man in the relationship.

women who want to preserve the family and do not deprive children of paternal care, should guard the first signs of the impending exclusion. You can not suddenly change partner?Then we have to start with yourself. Partner with interest perceive any change in a wom

an and spark interest again to zip in his eyes.Learn the secrets of prostitutes who are able to take possession of the consciousness of men and become the center of his universe, never too late.

all need to learn, and sex - too.The way many of them have to choose the quickest and most effective.Of course, you can study for weeks special literature, collecting bits and pieces of useful information.But long it has been observed that better to see once and try personally than a thousand words ever read of any effective techniques.

It is on this principle based training developed by experts in the field of sexology Catherine Lyubimov, giving participants for a short time practical skills in various sexual techniques.Techniques that can make a man mad and passionate waiting for the next meeting will be a weapon of women, the use of which she always finds.