10 ways to discourage the obsessive boyfriend

By Admin | Relations
16 April 2016

How to ward off obsessive boyfriend Indeed, signs of attention from the opposite sex are considered pleasant for every woman.We love it when men give us gifts, compliments.But there are situations where such attention becomes highly intrusive.How to get rid of the annoying boyfriend?How to treat gifts, courtship, tokens fan first so that like?

1. deny him around.
How to ward off obsessive boyfriend Do not try to hide behind kindness when you gnawing sense of fear to deny.From childhood, girls vaccinated kindness, often used by men shamelessly and brazenly.Men can not adequately assess the behavior of women.Sometimes they think that hiding behind the usual courtesy call to sexual entertainment.Men need to immediately show that you he did nothing .Refuse must be very correctly , without serious actions.Because it is difficult, and so if he feels sincere true feelings to you.So try as much as possible to smooth phrases painful for him.

2. Friendship in exchange for love.
is often an effective method is offer friendship in return for a declaration of lov

e.For men it is immediately clear that he have as a sexual partner is not interested in, and then he will be able to turn its attention to the other girl.

3. acquaint him with his girlfriend.
Another option is considered suitable acquaintance your annoying boyfriend with her girlfriend .Do not tell her about his personal opinion about it, let them get to know themselves, make a personal opinion about each other.If a guy is really good, no need to throw the left and right so good.Look around, most likely among your friends (classmates, classmates, neighbors), there cute but abandoned girls, who only do what they are dreaming of a prince on a white horse.Arrange their acquaintance will not be difficult.Let a friend "coincidence" would be in the same restaurant as you.Or, for example, riding a bicycle in the park, where you with the boyfriend provoditli time.

4. We make a joint shopping.
How to ward off obsessive boyfriend is the most effective way to get rid of the annoying fan that is in your behavior.Firstly, his shabby supermarkets and boutiques.Such joint shopping can permanently tighten to the procedure of Shopping with you was for the guy as much as possible painful.

5. show their emotions.
10 ways to discourage the obsessive boyfriend You need to be very emotional girl .Expresses its disappointment or anger at the slightest trifles, people passing by emotionally discussed.If you break a nail, then all you can throw a tantrum with sobs.Unsuccessful haircut or terrible weather - as an excuse to play on the nerves of the annoying admirer.Men are afraid of women superemotsionalnyh.

6. Be chatty!
necessary to develop the chattiness that annoying everyone, especially the males.Tell your boyfriend with all the details about what happened to you in the past few years.At the same time let's not say a word to him.As a result, your account may be many hours priobretsi intrusive form.Bored boyfriend is very well alienate.

7. Be a lady capricious.
How to ward off obsessive boyfriend pose as a capricious lady .Every time guessing any desire that can certainly be fulfilled.As soon as what you would get, tell the guy that it is not for you need, and make new whims.Men in these situations are starting to feel the litter, which you wiped your feet.

8. Go ahead change the image!
If your boyfriend said that it irritates some color in clothes, be sure to buy a thing that color .If your a fan can not tolerate bright beaded blondes, lighten the color of hair or buy a wig, as do bright makeup - men do not like it.Here the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the people who are around may think that something is not right.

9. P riglasi to visit my mother.
10 ways to discourage the obsessive boyfriend can also call boyfriend to visit her mother .Its role can play a family friend or colleague solid.The main is the presence of acting.It should show your fan communicating with all the charm of the future mother-in.A wife can live with it.Therefore, it is likely to run away!

10. Get plenty of criticism.
10 ways to discourage the obsessive boyfriend You need to constantly criticize - this could hurt the male ego.Whatever he did, you say that you do not like and do not go to marry without love.Constantly impose guy his opinion and criticize each word boyfriend significant and insignificant issue.In general, show all kind that you his opinion does not matter.

Using the above tips, you can quickly check their incredible efficiency - your annoying fan quickly run away, and for a long time to be wary of ever again in my life to meet you.