Eye color and character - a reminder for women and men

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01 April 2016

Eye color and character To you ever had the thought that your eyes - more informative source of information than your story about yourself?It is believed that our "mirror of the soul" reflects not only our mood, but also the character, the inner energy and even forecast the future of the second half.What do they say our eyes?

content of the article:

  • Eye color and character of women
  • gray, blue and blue eyes woman
  • black or brown eyes women - character
  • woman with green eyes - the nature and destiny of
  • Gray-karie eyes of women and traits
  • gray-green eyes of women and nature
  • hazel eyes female character
  • nature of eye color in men
  • Black and brown eyes men.Traits
  • gray eyes of men and the basic character traits
  • green eye men.Similarities
  • Blue eyes of men and the basic character traits
  • gray-green and light brown eyes of men - the nature

Eye color and character of women

The nature of the color of the eyes eye color can determine not only the nature of their owner,but also to learn about the habits and read the basic designs of the fa

te of this woman.Comparing the facts of life and the information presented in this article can be seen in the laws that exist in reality and is closely associated with the color of the eyes of women of her character and destiny.

gray, blue and blue eyes of a woman - that mean?

The nature of the color of the eyes cold eye color indicates that nature is not assigned to you the easiest way, and the release of energy will be permanent.Energy breakthrough and transformation of the world.
General portrait:

  • attractiveness, sensuality, temperament.
  • wit, sociability, communication skills.
  • amorous - sudden flashes and equally sudden cooling.
  • short temper, no rancor, moodiness.

What do the stars

  • not expect gifts from fate.Every smile you require a serious effort.
  • No one will help you move forward in life, raffle tickets will not be happy, many, many will be against you.But you are allowed everything you wish for.The world around you - this is the material for your ideas.Be creative and do not be afraid.
  • For people with a warm eye color you - the absolute truth.Do you believe, you will be like a gift from heaven, whatever your project will be adopted without debate.
  • People with brown eyes for you - the sources of peace and tranquility.Especially the opposite sex.

second half of a woman with gray, blue, blue eyes
ideal companion in life - the owner of brown eyes.In such a relationship is balanced your energy - you give it accepts.

black or brown eyes at women and their character

The nature of the color of the eyes you - not less active reformers in the world than the gray-eyed representatives.The only difference is that all the ideas you make someone else's hands.
General portrait:

  • dedication of love, a strong will and determination.
  • jealous, though carefully concealed.
  • responsibility, independence, individualism.
  • ability to achieve success in all.
  • intolerance to the pressure from the outside.

What do the stars

  • Having set a goal, make a bet on your ability to charm people - do not prepare themselves in advance for the grueling work.
  • Do not rush into battle without closing the visor - your wisdom should be enough to secure.
  • you will always feel that the resources are exhausted forces.Remember your trump card - the patience and attractiveness.Learn how to use them.
  • Do not neglect anything - neither in action nor in appearance.
  • work on the image.Do not use slang and swear words.Carefully chosen phrases.

second half holders brown (black) eyes
a solid foundation for the construction of the family castle - winner gray eyes.It is he who will fill the energy gap and the sea will go wading.

woman with green eyes - the nature and destiny of

The nature of the color of the eyes how to mix colors in the eyes (yellow and blue), so you tend to be energetic "cocktail" - vampire-donor.Color uniformity eliminates extremes to which you are able to fall and provides in your life a middle harmony.
General portrait

  • tenderness, sincerity and ardor of love.
  • Kindness and reliability.
  • hardness, integrity.
  • ability to listen and speak.
  • stability, fantasy success.

What do the stars

  • Your main goal - to achieve an internal consensus.
  • Although their actions and thoughts are proud of them.

second half of a woman with green eyes
best choice - the owner of the green eyes.In extreme cases, the eye with a green tint.

gray-brown eyes of women and traits

The nature of the color of the eyes your eyes - brown, streaked with gray?Or gray, with brown blotches?Many people will be on your way before you bend your knees.But serious will develop a stable relationship with some of them.The reason for your controversial and mixed power.You - the donor and the vampire at the same time.Moreover, he and the others require attention.
General portrait

  • Initiative, vitality.
  • passion and loving.
  • restless and nervous.
  • Decisiveness in achieving the goal.Which, in addition to the joy of victory and the bitterness brings hasty decisions.

What do the stars
you is difficult to coexist with the donor and the vampire inside.I want to take and be tough, that - to feel someone's power over him.But remember, that surrounding you even harder than you - with itself.Look for a middle ground.Your peace of mind - the key to success.
second half for women with gray-brown eyes
most strong family and a perfect energy transfer - with the owner of the same eye.

gray-green eyes of women and nature

Eye color and character presence of green color in the eyes - is the presence a deterrent hidden in the soul of nature.
General portrait

  • arrogance and aggressiveness.
  • despotism, inability to absolute fulfillment.
  • impressionable, sharp mind.
  • shy, daydreaming, pragmatism and diligence.

What do the stars
your main problem - the daring designs that often and there are only ideas.Although your raging energy would be enough for the implementation of all of them.The reasons lie in your excessive leniency towards the close people.You do not know how to say "no" to those you love.
your significant other
Partner you can always choose your own, without waiting for the fateful meeting or initiative on the part.But not finding the answer, love goes out as fast as flashes.Only mutual feeling can be the basis of your boundless devotion.Over all your love needs the owner of green-brown eyes.That he is able to give you happiness and stability of family life.

hazel eyes women - that mean?

Eye color and character predominant shade of green eyes and keep vampirism, and the donation of their owner.You're just as brown-eyed charmer, you will take everything from life, but more tactfully.
General portrait

  • Talent diplomat, philosophical mind.
  • strong will - on the shoulder every vertex.
  • difficile.Which, incidentally, often helps to achieve this goal.
  • Shrew anger, bouts of depression, causeless - is rare, but is stable.

What do the stars

  • you are able to convince people that your desires and actions are beneficial, first of all, they are.
  • If your request is ignored or applied insult you, you did not insert the right cheek, turn your back and do not store the man in the black list - you want the man regretted his actions.What is often significantly spoil your life.
  • for revenge, you are able to cross even in their well-being.Your ruthlessness rarely justified.These tails are preventing you to achieve balance in the world and the soul.
  • due to excessive touchiness you lack the wisdom to establish their peaceful and rainbow, and, most importantly, a stable state.

second half for women with green-brown eyes
man with gray-green eyes can ustakanilos and soothe your explosive substance.Only with it you will be able to devote their energies to creation.

nature of eye color in men

Knowing the color of the eyes of every man, it is easy to identify the main features of his character and inclinations, habits, the main line of fate.

Black and brown eyes men - common traits

  • Eye color and character Reputation workaholic workplace full of ribbons - home.
  • Usually, was promoted to chief fails.Career - at the level of the slave.
  • selfish, moody.
  • easy amorous.But cool down quickly.
  • does not forgive infidelity.His infidelity is considered quite a natural phenomenon.
  • to the mother attentive and caring.That, however, is often a cause of scandal with his wife.

gray eyes of men and the basic character traits

  • Eye color and character selective in choosing a partner.The eternal search for weaknesses in women.
  • If you are darling, satisfying all the requirements - given the whole heart, without a trace.
  • inspire victories and feats, thanks to the weaker sex.
  • success depends on the level of influence of the partner.With a determined young lady - conquer the whole world, with a coward will languish until his retirement in secondary roles.

Green eyes of men - what character?

  • Eye color and character excellent memory, a sharp mind.
  • fast adaptation to any work place, people.
  • excessive modesty that prevents career.
  • Integrity and responsibility.
  • prefer shade and tranquility of life of the leader.
  • forgiving, quick-tempered, emotional.
  • Fall in love once - for life.
  • family - the main treasure.

nature of blue-eyed men

  • Eye color and character They - the children, even into adulthood.
  • excellent experts and senior officials.
  • very long way to the recognition that brings a lot of difficulties their loved ones.
  • frequent mood swings.
  • stubbornness.
  • non-contentious.At the same time, insults are never forgiven.
  • Monogamous.Although there are exceptions.

gray-green and hazel eyes male traits

  • Eye color and character decisiveness, willpower, courage.
  • non-contentious and complaisance.
  • stubbornness.Step forward, the search for compromise - a rare phenomenon.
  • 's dream - to break out of his subordinates in the heads.What often fails.
  • loyalty, but loyalty is not different.What, however, their wives will never know.

course, presented by the "scheme" of the characters are easy hue.The reality is much more complicated and multifaceted.But "these eyes on the contrary," if the right information allows a glimpse into the future and make the right choice.