How to choose a hobby like and interesting to organize their autumn leisure?

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01 April 2016

Autumn flies in the blink of an eye, so you should take advantage of the last weeks of warmth and beauty of nature and to choose a hobby for everyone.It is not necessary to think long, a lesson for the soul is right for you - you can try and discover a new talent, trying to do something new, to what you previously did not reach his hands, and at the same time - get rid of autumn blues that often takes hold inthis time of year.
How to find a hobby like

content of the article:

  • enjoy the fresh air in the fall
  • Nostalgia in the autumn leisure
  • enjoy the autumn kitchen
  • enjoy Halloween in Autumn
  • simple exercises for the soul

the freshair can be:

  • Collect colorful apple harvest
  • a ride in a balloon
  • play football
  • Collect colorful autumn leaves
  • to rent a house in the mountains
  • do quiet morning or afternoon jog with your favorite music
  • Plant bulbous floweryour garden until next spring
  • engaged in gathering mushrooms in the autumn forest
  • feed stray cats, charging them a look of gratitude

How to find a hobby like autumn

as nostalgia autumn you can:

  • please yourself delicious autumn foods
  • Make a bird feederBird
  • buy fresh pastries
  • cozy reading books
  • roam the park and rustling fallen leaves
  • lie, wrapped in a blanket and think about the meaning of life
  • sleep with a warm water bottle
  • See romance

How to find a hobby like

And you can indulge your family in different drinks and meals:

  • Bake apples or pumpkin pie
  • Surprise loved ones with pumpkin soup, or fiery Spanish dishes
  • Drink hot spicy mulled wine
  • Enjoy the fragrant cocoa colored marshmallow roast cooking
  • in an aromatic side dish of seasonal vegetables harvested
  • jam for the winter

How to find a hobby like

In celebration of Halloween can be:

  • Cut own pumpkin
  • Make yourself and your child original costume
  • Cook traditional American Halloween table - beer and friedsausage
  • 's your favorite scary movie
  • arrange theme parties
  • Remember all your children's fears and laugh with friends children
  • invented the "terrible" joke for friends
  • Bake the pumpkin slices in sugar or make pumpkin pies
  • Elicit closeabout their children's fears and have a good laugh over this

How to find a hobby like

Simple exercises for the soul:

  • more fresh air
  • Given the previously dark, you can enroll in evening classes at the dance school
  • to disperse the autumn fatigue,it is important to actively move - so you should enroll in a gym or yoga classes.
  • Visit the wine tasting with a cheerful company of friends or a loved one
  • Wear a warm sweater and an old favorite jeans cool autumn evenings
  • Learn to knit and do his own thing for the lover of soft fluffy yarn.
  • Play crunch of leaves underfoot
  • start buying gifts for Christmas and New Year
  • say goodbye to the birds fly south
  • a picnic and make a fire
  • Visit autumn festival held in your city
  • held a grand romantic evening bycandlelight
  • reshuffle furniture or re-design for the cold, adding to the interior elements of warm color scheme
  • choose a new wardrobe for the cold season
  • converge on honey massage
  • arrange a dizzying bachelorette party with champagne
  • Buy "Autumn" mug
  • Over the weekend, make a trip to another city, and open a new place
  • Meet New
  • positive people go to a concert favorite celebrity
  • arrange endless day shopping

How to find a hobby like
autumn girl does not have to wonder - how to choose a hobby for everyone.Important to be open-minded , and perhaps it is this fall will be for you to remember.