How to behave woman, if a man does not want to get married?

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16 April 2016

woman met a man at the very beginning of their relationship, he considers them as a direct path to the status.But it so happens that the couple's relationship lasted for months, years, and the man did not talk about their feelings, and in no hurry to carry your favorite down the aisle.Frustration and resentment of women in this case, there is no limit, she begins to suspect him of lack of feeling for her, she has a mass of complexes about his own inconsistency.

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  • For what reasons men do not hurry to the registrar?
  • Tips for women, men are not too hurry in relations

The reasons why men do not want to marry

How, in fact, understand the reluctance of the beloved to go to the altar, how to understand his intentionsand feelings?Such a delicate matter, as feelings, requires a delicate approach to it is, therefore, not wise counsel - anywhere!

  • The most common reason that a man does not want to lead the beloved to the altar - it «immaturity» , as a potential head of t
    he family.Women know that men often remains a kid at heart, and this means that he sees only what he wish to notice, and often tend to idealize and relationship with a loved one, and the events of his life.He sets goals and tries to follow them, so to change their plans at the moment does not want to leave the marriage for the future.
  • Another common reason for the reluctance of men to do a favorite marriage proposal - fear of losing their freedom , independent lives today.Stories of friends or your own assumption told him that after the marriage the wife will rule all, and only she will tell him - what to do and when, where and with whom to go.A man always knows that the family - is, above all, the responsibility that lies on his shoulders.Perhaps he feels unable to provide the wife is all necessary.In most cases, the men are afraid that after the wedding of their beloved woman is not permitted to engage in hobbies, sports, meeting friends, to lead an interesting and carefree life.
  • reason that a man pulls all the wedding can be concern to see his wife changed for the worse .Subconsciously, it may be a manifestation of his own sad experience of relations, or observation of others were married couples.Also, it is conceivable that such a fear in men - is a kind of excuse for himself, because he subconsciously felt that this woman - not his dream, but to break off relations can not be solved.
  • On sad experience of parents, relatives, neighbors, friends , a man already knows that after the wedding between the newlyweds always start arguments, quarrels, scandals.Sometimes such examples as illustrative and remembered that the witnesses - men in their own relationships begin to fear the same outcome.And as a consequence - has delayed the moment of marriage, as they can.
  • man, as a rule, all want to solve on their own.If his beloved woman starts to demand from him something to put ultimatums, running "ahead of the engine," then it begins to vzygryvat male ego , and he acts with precision, yes, on the contrary, despite the expectations of his fiancee.It can even be deliberately rude, it ceases to be the opinion of a woman, is even larger than the accusations of callousness and callousness.This is - a vicious circle, the relationship gradually heating up, and about any proposal of marriage can be no question.
  • weak, insecure man can evade the question of marriage because not feel confident and safe for his beloved woman.He was constantly gnaw doubt he can doubt that she really loves him, since I am sure - did not love him for that.Even if a woman all his behavior, passion proves that she needed only he, this man tormented thoughts that the other men around him better, and eventually he was not able to keep his woman beside him.
  • If influence of parents on the man great, and they did not like the chosen son, the man may not want marriage, obeying the will of the elders in the family.In such a situation a man is "between two fires" - on the one hand, afraid to violate the prohibition of parents upset them, on the other hand - wants to be with the woman he loves, feels ashamed in front of her that is untenable in a matter of attitude.In this situation, the woman is an urgent need to determine how to please the parents of her future husband, to eliminate the negative development of the relations.
  • Sometimes lovers who meet for a long time or even live under the same roof, over time, begin to get used to each other.Exit romance, attraction of their relationship, the sharpness of the senses.Men sometimes are increasingly coming to the conclusion that his fiancee - not the woman of his dreams , but continues to live with her, meet out of habit, out of inertia.
  • man who already has some material goods, can do for a long time with your beloved, because it is not sure of her sincere feelings for him.He can suspect her mercantile interests to his wealth, and in this situation the task of the chosen one - to prove his love, convince no greed.
  • shy man who is not sure of himself, may be afraid to make an offer to the woman for fear of rejection .At heart, he can paint a picture, he offers his hand and heart, but in reality can not find the right time to make an offer.

What woman, beloved is in no hurry to make an offer?

First of all, a woman in such a situation need to calm down, to pull himself together .The mistake will be constant ultimatums from her tears to tantrums, persuasion and deception "moves".Do not ask him where he was going to make an offer, constantly pestering him talk about weddings, trips to the bridal salons.If a woman wants a man to remain courageous and independent, she must leave that decision for him , let go of this situation, to enjoy relationships and stop blackmailing chosen tears.

  • favorite man must feel that he is well and comfortably with his woman.For this purpose, one of the ways a woman known - it's way through his stomach.It has been proven that most people do not brings passion and joint mutual interests, hobbies, and entertainment.The woman should take care of the chosen one, sincerely empathize with and interested in his works, in this case - does not pretend.Very soon, the man feels that he simply can not do without his beloved, and make an offer.
  • biggest mistake women before marriage - transformation into his property , his wife from the very beginning of the relationship.Even living together already, a woman must be wise to keep your distance - for example, do not wash his clothes, did not turn into a maid and a cook.A man from a woman gets all that he needs to get married and he did not why.
  • Very often the cause of civil marriages are complete "collapse" of relations , male reluctance to take on their shoulders all the care and responsibility.When steam starts to solve together household "earthy" questions for the senses comes the big test, and very often they have it will not go.If a woman really wants to marry this man - it does not need to agree to a civil marriage with him, it is only a formal marriage has advantages for women than mere cohabitation.
  • Since the beginning of the relationship with a man woman should not close itself within four walls .It may even take the attentions of other men - without provoking, of course, fits of jealousy have chosen.You can avoid being late for a meeting, even a few times to move a date for another time or another day.The man - a hunter, he wakes up in the excitement when he sees that his "prey" is about to run away from him.Women also need to be always different, always enigmatic and mysterious to the man it was interesting to open it again - and it would become a necessary tradition for him.
  • To be more interesting handpicked, closer to his beloved, woman can get acquainted with his parents, friends, colleagues .It is necessary to show the women's wisdom and ingenuity to find all approach currently only create a favorable impression of her.You never need to speak badly about someone from his close friends a man - it can suddenly push him away from the woman he loved.
  • should often dream of the future, to draw a picture of the happy elect prospects , saying: "If we are together, then ..." Eventually the man would have to think the categories of the pronoun "we", a smooth transition to the idea of ​​legitimizing relations.
  • Woman should not be looped itself only on the relationship, on the feelings, and even more so - to the marriage .It should continue training to achieve success in their work and careers, seem independent and strong.The man does not want to be a woman after the wedding turned into a housewife, so attention must be paid to a woman yourself, to be self-sufficient and independent.
  • feelings mean nothing without understanding. woman should be not only the mistress of a man, but his girlfriend , interlocutor.You must be interested in things, the work of his beloved, give him good advice, help and support.A man must feel that he has a very secure rear.

In order to understand a woman - whether there is a good reason why it carries the chosen moment of his marriage to an uncertain future, or he just does not want to marry her, take some time.If she did all of the above points, but her choice demonstrates a rare coldness to her, and she did not respond in kind, following distance, maybe he just is not her man .It is a difficult decision, but we need to let go of the situation without clinging to it, and to devote time itself, waiting for new relationships and new, is already present, feelings.

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