5 fair reasons for female adultery

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17 April 2016

The reasons for female adultery In modern society, there is an assumption that only men are changing.And a lot of people it perceives as a perfectly normal occurrence in family life and in all somehow blame is women.Even in those situations, if the shuttle "left" of the fair sex, society begins to strongly condemn, and as a result, all the troubles of guilty woman again.Millions of women are trying to learn how to properly respond to the betrayal of the men.But I would like to move away from the problem of "who's to blame and who is right," and try to understand, for whatever the reasons, women are changing, and that the arms of another man pushes them.

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  • Five true causes of women's infidelities
  • What makes a man a woman has not changed

Five true causes of women's infidelities

  1. «Ups!I did it again! »
    The reasons for female adultery other words:" Everything happened by chance! "A woman can change simply because it went through a bit of an alcoholic drink in the cafe, and then some kind of a handsome young man offers to bring
    her home.As she is in the bed of another man, she can not remember , like everything that happened after that.Just she starts to feel unhappy and lonely , not even looking at what she has loved man.It is worth considering, but can - you just little attention it has received ?Maybe you are very busy to spend time with her.So what if she left to do?It seems to be your woman.And at the same moment itself.So she begins to solve their problems as it turns out.How to satisfy any woman?
  2. «Everything had enough!»
    your favorite woman can also change you because you she just bored .No, maybe she loves you and will continue to love.But your unpredictable , your eternal carping , your excessive demands her as a mistress and his wife just got it.And yet she does not like to deal with all matters as you want it, and she tired to tell you this every time.Woman wants someone finally heard her and granted.And believe it or not, but she has a right to it.In this case if not you, then it will be someone else .And do not think that she does not need anyone but you.Because one day you can be yourself not in the business.
  3. Due to the dissatisfaction of a sexual nature.
    You know exactly, much needed sex your favorite woman?Well, more precisely, how many times a week she needs it.She's always telling you this?Or you are the initiator of sexual relations?You know, where she likes to have sex and what excites her the most?What affection and her posture like?Answer honestly, hand on heart, do you know all the secret fantasy woman he loved.If at least one question you could not answer in the affirmative, you have reason to fear.Did you know that the fair sex orgasm can simulate ?No special pleasure this simulation does not give anyone.But the fact that it is considered one of those good reason , in which a woman can change a man.
  4. Because of gifts and money.
    girls dream of a beautiful life.It expects you a huge bunch of favorite colors, and you bring it all three tulips.She wants to spend with you an unforgettable holiday in France, you can offer her a trip to the sea.At the same time it is constantly assures you that he loves.She loves only you!Not only!No less she likes the good life .Even if the producer of the "Dolce Vita" nothing serious and she promised.There is no guarantee that next time she would run to him as soon as he starts to swing in front of her brand new bundle of crisp banknotes.Someone like a beauty, some expensive and beautiful things.But to be honest - it's the same thing, and the name of this - minority of mind and soul .And as men usually sleep with the girls only because of the beauty, and the girl with men - for the sake of money and gifts.It should be noted that women will not always sleep with men just because they are beautiful, they have to have something more than that, for example, intelligence, money, or charm.
  5. for his career.
    The reasons for female adultery This does not often happen, but still happens .Imagine: your woman working in some well-known company and has an excellent position and a stable salary.And like all great and everything she loves until one day the boss does not invite her to dinner together at an expensive restaurant.And from then begin courting, champagne, flowers and hints.If the girl is still uncomfortable, then, most often, she has only one option - to leave.And what to do if a job does not want to lose?It was then accounts to make such sacrifices.

In each of the above situations culprits, of course, both female and male , because he could not keep it, but she could not explain to him what she needed.So before you jump into the pool with his head, and go for treason, try to do everything possible to eliminate every omissions and misunderstandings with your loved ones.

If you want to make your beloved woman never cheated on you:

  • The reasons for female adultery in maintain it;
  • help her find the job, start a business or stand up , to her success was not dependent on the whims of the chief;
  • giving her gifts , she likes it, though not expensive gadgets - but still nice.What does a woman want in a gift ?;
  • try not to change it , and if that happens, then do everything to make it she did not know;
  • satisfy her sexual whims ;
  • should not put conditions and paint all her life according to the schedule;
  • , pay more attention , just be near her, communicate - it is important;
  • care for her as the first day after your dating.