Effective exercises for facial rejuvenation - exercise, video, photo

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06 April 2016

whole industry of cosmetology aimed at preservation of youth with the help of expensive creams, masks, lotions, special hardware and a variety of procedures, methods of surgical intervention.

But what if for some reason you news of cosmetology is not available?Output is still there!It - exercises for the face wrinkle , conquering today more and more popular among women.
Rejuvenating facial gymnastics

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Action and the outcome of anti-agingGymnastics face

complex exercise, which is offered for effective rejuvenation and skin tightening is based:

  • On direct impact on the muscles of the face. It is no secret that regular exercise and massage does not only affect the muscle tone, but also strengthen them.
  • improve blood circulation skin .This means that it improves the flow of oxygen and thus working on rejuvenation.
  • relaxing effect. Gymnastics for face - a good remedy to relieve pent-day stress, promotes relaxation, which beneficially affects the skin condition.

It is through such action, rejuvenating facial gymnastics gives amazing results just .

See also: Folk remedies against wrinkles.

Video: Gymnastics for the person - non-surgical face lift

Basic rules for the implementation of anti-aging facial gymnastics

To exercises for facial rejuvenation brought the expected results, you need to perform some simple rules :

  • Cleansing facial before you start doing exercises for the face of wrinkles.If you have dry skin, you can apply a little cream on the eye area.
  • Watch for correct posture - back should be level, special attention should be paid to the head landing.It is useful to perform exercises sitting on gym ball, a chair - it is easier to maintain the correct posture.
  • Exercises should be performed completely relaxed .
  • Remember alternation of tension and relaxation phases muscles during exercise.
  • Perform exercises for the muscles of the face, especially in the initial phase, necessary before a mirror .
  • Exercises are performed by 10-15 times, 2-3 sets .
  • After gymnastics necessary to re-clean the face - during exercise is an intensive inflow of lymph, sweat stands out, clogged pores.
  • Be extremely careful when performing the exercises! After sloppy and careless movement you can achieve quite the opposite result, for example, stretch the skin, contribute to the emergence of new wrinkles, provoke pumping muscles or abnormal development.

popular option exercises for facial rejuvenation

There are several different options for facial gymnastics .A complex exercise available for viewing on the Internet to anyone interested.

What techniques are the most popular?

  • complex Carol Maddzhio "Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face» - building program of facial muscles, increase in tone.Effective in cases of obvious deformation of facial contours, it helps to lift sufficiently rapid acquisition of precise shapes.
    Disadvantages: necessary lessons with an instructor, at least at first, for the proper exercise and avoid side effects (pumping, crushing, or paralysis of the muscles, the emergence of new wrinkles).
  • complex Benita Kantieni "Feysforming» - a program designed for people with delicate skin.The technique is based on the gentle effect on the skin, there are elements of acupressure and yoga.There is also a development for self-use, a simple and easy "New feysforming."Particular attention is paid to the proper landing technique head posture.

main exercise rejuvenating facial gymnastics, video

complex gymnastics exercises for the face are easy to perform.It is important to observe the correct setting finger during exercise , as well as the correct execution of a movement.

full exercise cycle must include exercises different muscles for different zones :

  • rejuvenating exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lips
    slowly pull forward the lips (as if pronounce the sound "o").Maximum pouting lips, open mouth.Starting with the implementation of the two repetitions, add one daily repetition.
    Rejuvenating facial gymnastics
  • rejuvenating exercises for eyes
    As a result of reduced swelling under the eyes disappear, "crow's feet»:
    eyes closed, his head is fixed.Roll your eyes clockwise, then counterclockwise 10 times.
    eyes closed.Laugh as much as possible, then lower the corners of her mouth as low as possible ("sad mask").Alternate smile and sorrow 5-7 times
  • exercises for rejuvenation, strengthening the muscles of the chin
    nominate chin forward while pressing the lower lip to the teeth, sucking it into his mouth.This jaw must firmly move left and right.Repeat at least 5 times.See also: Effective exercises for the neck and chin.
  • exercise effective against wrinkles on the forehead
    both hands pressed tightly to his forehead, so that they cover the whole thing, to the roots of the hair.Close your eyes and eyelids start squeezing the rotational movement of the eyeballs on the clockwise and counterclockwise by 5 times.
    Rejuvenating facial gymnastics
  • best exercises to tighten the cheeks and facial contours
    With exercises for the cheeks can be removed "flews" tighten oval face, restore skin natural and healthy color:
    Inflate cheeks, count to five and slowly let the air.Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.
    Rejuvenating facial gymnastics
  • exercise effective anti-wrinkle
    Tilt your head back as far as possible.Relax the muscles of the neck, open his mouth and lower jaw.Then, straining muscles of the chin and neck, slowly begins to rise up the lower jaw until the lower lip does not cover up the top.Exercise is repeated at least 5 times in one go.

Gymnastics rejuvenating face can be found in video stories , which will show in detail all the stages of exercise.

Video: Gymnastics for face - exercises for rejuvenation

Gymnastics for the person caught on among many women to try out its effect on himself.

best to stay at the same complex , at least at first, to the effective exercises for the face has brought the desired results.

If you can not take the help of a competent instructor, can read books, watch video tutorials, consult with professionals on specialized forums.