10 best films for women who look good in autumn

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01 April 2016

Best films for women Autumn - it is a melancholy time of year when most of the working day after the burning desire - in the shower to wash away stress and spend an evening at a good movie on the couch.Enjoy the romance, living feelings of heroes, kindness and humor.Such films with positive charge, forced smile and lifted from the depths of my soul all the living things that we have to hide in the hectic days.What kind of movies worth seeing in the fall?See also: The best-selling books that appeal to women.

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  • Great Gatsby - a film about the intricacies of the passions and the American dream
    1922 th year.Nick arrives in New York after his American dream.On the opposite shore of the bay in the pleasure living with his cousin Daisy aristocrat-husband Tom did not differ fidelity to his wife.Neighbor Nick - mysterious Mr. Gatsby, known for its big party.Daisy does not know that all these parties are rolled with only one purpose - for the sake of meeting her.Nick unwittingly beco
    mes involved in a storm of passion, deception and illusions ... The film The Great Gatsby - is a vivid kaleidoscope of magical bodies, colors and feelings, is an endless celebration that has the ability to one day end, this is America 20-ies and stunning cover versions of popular songs.Excellent camera work, costumes, actors, a lot of details and very memorable story of a mysterious man who put life at the feet of the woman he loved - this movie is worth seeing at least once.
    Best Movies for Women - The Great Gatsby
  • The Holiday - easy good movie about love and tour
    Iris, as it often happens, in love with a man, for which it will never be the one and only.She lives in a small cottage in England, is the wedding column in a newspaper and suffers from unrequited love.Somewhere far, far away, in California learns about the change of his men Amanda - the owner of a successful advertising business, which has long forgotten how to cry.Accidentally encountering on the Internet site for the exchange of property for the holidays, a girl briefly changing their houses to lick wounds, to change the situation and just forget about the broken personal happiness for a couple of weeks.Amanda arrives in the English countryside, covered with snow before Christmas, Iris and - in the posh California house ... The plot is as old as the world, but a good, warm and romantic atmosphere of the painting, as well as perfectly matched actors create a mood that is a long time not let you go after viewing.This painting is that each of us is quite on the shoulder to go beyond their usual life confusing and take a step to happiness.
    Best Movies for Women - The Holiday
  • Meet Joe Black - kind and beautiful fairy tale for adults
    Mr. William Parrish has made in his life almost everything you can dream of - he's rich and influential, he has a solid business, two adult daughters, elegant house.And life and went to the usual rut, if one day it did not appear Death itself.Tired of his work and taking the charming appearance of Joe Black, Death does not take Parrish himself, and offers him a deal - William Death becomes a guide in the world of the living and receives a small delay to finish their earthly affairs.But on the ground, even Death is not immune to love ... Amazingly beautiful motion picture, great music, the acting is brilliant and the finale, after which you begin to appreciate every moment spent with loved ones.The film, which can at least for a drop, but to make this world better.
    Meet Joe Black
  • 500 Days of Summer - romantic film about love, happiness and the meaning of life
    Tom works at the agency, which is the main direction - birthday cards.It was he who wrote those funny and touching inscription, which people then they read.Once struck by an arrow of Cupid, Tom realizes that his colleague - the one, the only, sent to him by fate.But the road to happiness is out of control and predictability - and prove that those 500 days the relationship between Summer, who simply lives and enjoys this life, and Tom, an incorrigible romantic.Romantic films, are not open to the plot or genre, but leaves no one indifferent.Surprisingly sincere, funny and a little sad movie that makes look around and think - and not pass by me if my happiness ...
    Best films for women - 500 Days of Summer
  • Dear John - a romantic drama about all the twists and turns of love torments two
    Love young girl SavannahRiot and John - a feeling which seems, can not destroy anything in the world.Even the war in which letters from Savannah - the only thread that connects the real world with John, and a talisman that protects him from the bullets.John wanted to stay with all my heart, but "duty" - a sacred concept.The more time passes, the less letters come, the further they are from each other ... romantic, dramatic film that gives viewers honed angles operators, emotional dialogues and the story of the complex relationship the couple who struggles to save his love.
    Best films for women - Dear John
  • main thing - do not be afraid: romantic film that allows to reflect on the most important thing in life
    beautiful young woman terminally ill.Between it and the attending oncologist skips the spark that transforms the relationship of doctor and patient love, which a priori can not end "they lived happily ever after ...".Although the storyline, the picture was taken in the genre of tragicomedy.And not even a romantic relationship of the main characters was the basis of the film, and attitude to life, the ability, even in such a serious situation to preserve the strength of spirit and vitality.You never know what will happen the next morning.The picture gives you an opportunity to reflect on what is really we want from this life.
    Best Movies for Women - Home - do not be afraid
  • Burlesque - beautiful romantic tale of love
    Ali - an orphan from a tiny town in which it is no longer waiting.She comes to Los Angeles hoping for the best.Perseverance, audacity and ability to lead her to the dance club hostess Burlesque - to Tess.At the very moment when Tess serious financial problems, and her favorite club may be about to give way to the office building.Burlesque Ali becomes the beginning of this tale, opening bright prospects and giving friends and meet with your loved one.Beautiful, romantic and touching film that decorate songs Cher and Christina Aguilera, dance and suspense until the very last moment - over whether the fairy tale happy ending.
    Best films for women - Burlesque
  • Offer - office romance in a new way
    heroine - a responsible and strict headmistress, for which the eye is called a witch and fear.She faces deportation to his homeland, and the only way to stay on their work - to enter into a marriage.Especially as the candidate already is - her young assistant, who also cares for its work ... The familiar story and an amazing performance thanks to the director and the brilliant performance of the actors.A romantic comedy that does not make time to laugh and even wipe away a tear furtively - so realistic played Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
  • Lucky - dramatic film about the search for love and meaning in life
    Painting Scott Hicks for those who are familiar with the work of Sparks, and not only.Young infantryman finally returns home.But apart from his dog there nobody waits.To get used to the new environment again is impossible, but every rustle crazy.Exhausted man sent to look for a new life.And to be precise - blonde, accidentally found the photo that was his talisman in war ...
  • Notebook - film about two lovers who are fighting for their love
    not fabulous, but the most common real love - it is abouta dream of many.He and she - from radically different social strata.First, they are separated parents, then war.How much a film about love, and how many more will be removed, but "The Notebook" - this is love from the first sight to the last breath.The picture, which does not allow to turn away from the screen and makes the chills to experience all that the characters feel it.
    Best films for women - Notebook

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