Better to be a divorced woman than never married.

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17 April 2016

relationship with marriage ties, implying complete freedom and the absence of "a yoke on the neck" of the same sex is peculiar to a certain age.Young people tend to think with horror of marriage, the girl (most of them), on the contrary, dreams of wedding dresses and adult status of married women.Read: Why men do not want to get married?After the milestone of thirty years is passed, everything changes.Men think about that every day, going to bed with a woman - it's a very nice woman and, oddly enough, by this age lose all their illusions on the theme of happy family life.Why is this happening?

content of the article:

  • and divorced women remarry
  • true desire women
  • it better to be unmarried and free?
  • Or better to be divorced and free?
  • perceived shortcut "razvedenki" men and women?
  • little about women's happiness
  • Opinions of people from the forums about who is better to be?

loss of illusions.Woman after 30

What women do not wish to marry again after a divorce:

  • Those whose the best years of life were spent in washing, cooking, cleaning and child rearing;
  • Those for whose shoulders severity court divorce proceedings;
  • Those who once burned already afraid to be back in the same boat with the family tyrant, traitor, or a drunkard;
  • Those, tired of unrequited devotion , want to be free and to live by its rules;

At the same ones who have not had the luck to visit married, views on marriage are the most romantic, very rosy.Sometimes they even think about how to marry unloved because "the time has come."They persistently and trying, without sparing words and presenting abundant evidence to convince "razvedenki."

What do women want?Desire and reality

  • Some dream marriage and whisper of little feet , solid status of the mother and wife, and happily come to this;
  • Other wish to live for themselves , charter humor unworthy men, and did not hesitate to status "razvedenki";
  • Towards third, by fate, insurmountable obstacles to the dream of a wedding;
  • fourth principle sees no need for marriage for themselves, but weary of hanging on her label "old maid."

Company shares unmarried and "razvedenok" on two conditional category, creating a certain stereotypes.Of course, in our time is already free of customs nobody will be surprised by one of these "status» , but in relationships with the opposite sex, unfortunately, no, no, yes, and slip a dumb question in her eyes.

Whom to be profitable?Unmarried and divorced.

unequivocal answer to this question is not, and probably never will be.Yes, and the perceptions of men, according to statistics, are equally divided.

Why is it better to be unmarried than divorced?

  1. absence of negative experiences of family life;
  2. Faith in bright strong relationship, unblemished life failure;
  3. Those unmarried ladies seduce, motivate your choice «clean white sheet» , on which you can write whatever you want, without correcting the "record" previous "authors".The other half of the men only raises eyebrows in bewilderment: "Unmarried?So many years, and still no one offered a hand and heart?Since it is clearly not all right. "

Although, as a rule, in the way of such a woman simply did not meet even one single , whom she would love to go to the ends of the world.As is known, "it is better to be alone than with anyone."But it does does not mean that you need to put on a cross and dressed in a robe, long, long knit scarves lonely winter evenings.Love always comes suddenly.

Why is it better to be a divorced woman than the unmarried?

divorced woman listening to the dreams have never been married friends with a sad, condescending smile, wincing from his memories of the marriage.And many married women would prefer the freedom and well-being of the family seem to present themselves secretly divorced, free and happy.Each of the women seeking their place in life, trying to get a certain status.

  1. Solid experience of living together with a man, from which you can draw conclusions and to avoid mistakes in the future;
  2. Understanding the psychology of men in the status of "husband";
  3. freedom from illusion;

tantamount situation with divorced women.One of the men said "divorcee" Women who know that a man needs, and perfectly understand all the subtleties and nuances of family life.The other half snorts in disgust.

perceived shortcut "razvedenki" men and women?

The reasons why men are afraid to tie a relationship with a divorced woman:

  • possible comparison with the former spouses;
  • spoiled husbands tyrants psyche;
  • possible "defects" character (and others), because of which "razvedenki" were abandoned.

What do women think?

For whom may have a value that society invented the status label?Any woman, regardless of life situation, wants to be happy.

one, not wanting to tie the knot or waving his hand indecision gentleman, fully committed to your loved one - they feel good and without a stamp in the passport. Many of these couples decide to marriage when children begin to come to visit them have grandchildren.

other, before they reach thirty-five years convinced man-hater and a high climbing the career ladder , suddenly meets the man of her dreams and refuses to move as a career, as well as the principles, feeling happiness "to love and be loved."

third, being married deeply unhappy man , takes a definitive solution - "no one else will go through the threshold of marital master gait."And then, barely having time to breathe free life, falls in love once and for all.

Happiness - it is at everyone

stamps, clichés and labels on this topic have absolutely no value .The experience of every woman is priceless, fate is unpredictable, but a man in love - blind.And it is unlikely it will excite this notorious status, presence of children, or public opinion, if his hands will tremble at the sight of the woman in the hot desire to put the ring on her finger, and the heart will jump out of your chest.

Happiness - it is at everyone, regardless of status.And more important inner sense of calm and confidence than the opinion of many relatives, friends and grandparents on a bench at the entrance.

opinions of women and men in all forums that is still better - to be unmarried or divorced?


can not judge anyone!Loser - the one who for many years lived an unhappy man and does nothing to change the situation.And if all is well, my heart quietly - what difference, divorcee or an unmarried?I've been married only 35 years old.And I, in principle, not so bad it was, before her marriage.All arranged.And now - even better.:) Just someone may well miss the love of parents, friends ... even a child.Not all the marriage - it is a necessity.So why hang tags?I do not know ... By the way, many familiar men asked the question.Like, who would be more interesting for them - a married or divorcee.All, all is said - "what is the difference, if only the man was good."So all this nonsense.Stamps sick society, and people who have too much time inventing nonsense.


all so individual ... I, for example, jumped girlfriend married to an old maid did not stay (with a normal guy over there napryazhenka, so she was scared that he no longer summoned married).They live for ten years.Two kids with them.But she lives in a cage.I do not feel happy.And the other - three children, she divorced a long time, but happy!Already jealous.And he does not want to marry.And I do still not married.Well, that's bad luck, and that's it.Although it would be desirable, of course, take care, to love, to wait with the work ... But no luck so far.But the rush to the first comer would not be desirable.:) Better truly one than it is unclear with whom.


divorcee - is bad.They zatyukali some, exhausted and angry.And the unmarried, especially after thirty years - too anxious and angry.So either there or it is not the pros.A spinster, the other an old fool.One have something to remember, but better if there was nothing at all, and the second is nothing to even remember.If from youth happily married can not escape - write "missing".And why bother getting married if then still get divorced?And another difference between them - in appearance.If a divorcee has given up on its beauty, and home runs in a terrible explosion robe with unkempt hair on top, then unmarried, hoping to catch the same someone on the hook (during a draw in, it is necessary to give birth), rasfufyrivaetsya, asfair - maybe someone will notice.Even always possible to determine on the street - who are looking for the guy, and who they have long on the drum.Pathetic - and those and others.


I know a lot of divorced women who are not at all angry, very sweet, active and attractive.Both men are twisted around in packs and stacks are formed, not paying attention to any status.Here unmarried ... Few people know who would be happy being single after thirty.If only those who have children.And if the child does not - here, you want - do not want to, but the maternal instinct prevails.And men always feel a woman-hunter.And try to stay away from her.Fact.


Listen, I had another twenty years, and already wailing relatives - crazy!Not married yet!Stay spinster!When I was 25, they even became hysterical, and parents started me podpihivat different Cavaliers (idle sonnies their friends).I did not know where to hide from their custody!When I was thirty, they gave up.By the way, I myself do not particularly strained by his loneliness.:) And I met her prince unexpectedly at age 31.And once pregnant.In happiness was something parents.:)


These statuses come up losers!Here they formed in life awry, they come up with these stories!What is the difference - divorcee, unmarried ... Everything is so individually!Of course, there are those who get married goes, divorce scandal, and then hated the whole world.But not so much.And the poor guy, unmarried - they are not to blame, that life does not add up!Girl friend - smart, beautiful, well not meet their happiness.Some are afraid to approach, I think - a kind of beauty was obviously married for a long time, others - about them and do not want to talk.But worst of all, her relatives drip on the brain - an old maid, they say, stay!And trying to marry off her some botany, quietly drinking.What for?Well, I have not met yet, so then meet!Evil is not enough.Like modern society, and some solid middle ages!


Well ... There is a stereotype.Type Single 25-30 years, mean illiquid ... And I know guys who think so.Moreover, and married, and a divorcee.Like, single mother - hence a problem of some sort.So, do not wish to live with her men.So here goes the poor girl (woman already) in the vain hope of meeting his dream, but in reality it is - a multiple of the best, those guys who can not imagine.


I believe that it is better to be a divorcee.Still, loneliness affects the psyche.Sami see any old maid take - brains on one side, kitties, dogs, terrible stench in the apartment, the men look at, like a boa constrictor rabbit, in the hope that "what if though someone encroach on their honor, and then be obliged to marry".:) divorced woman has experience, a great experience.She already knows how to behave with a man, how to avoid mistakes, and if you're lucky - and then brings the baby.And, in principle, may itself lead their lives.And if you meet a decent man, the marriage they have formed is much stronger than its previous one.Because he knows already, where the dog fumbled.:)


And I'm very wary of unmarried.Hmm.:) I think a normal girl can not remain alone.Anyway, if you are not married, or at least meet, then it should be with someone.And if not - then not all right at it ... And the fact is, all the same, all spinsters - inadequate.All.

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