Where to buy jewelery and gold - in stores or over the Internet?

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02 April 2016

Where to buy jewelry and gold online sale of goods in itself is quite a specific area, with lots of nuances.And just when it comes to jewelry - even more so.Should you buy jewelry online, and what you need to know when choosing an ordinary jewelry store?

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content of the article:

  • Which is better to choose a jewelry store?
  • Terms buying gold via the Internet

Which is better to choose a jewelry store, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud?

course, even buying the company store sometimes does not protect against counterfeiting (anything can happen), but to reduce the risk of fraud to a minimum of jewelry, remember the following rules of buying jewelry:

  • Choose a specialized, large jewelry stores witha well-deserved good reputation , with long experience and, preferably, located in prestigious areas of the city - on the stalls in the small shops in the subway, on the market in mini-lounges and under the counter to buy jewelry, you should no
  • In the windows "right" jewelry store jewelry will always be placed in strict order - they do not throw slides, do not confuse the ring with chains, silver and gold and so forth.
  • License jewelry store is always available for reference in the corner of the consumer, as well as a list of brands and samples characteristic of Russia, and the rules of trade jewelry made of precious metals.
  • Stamp (stamp) on the product manufacturer - guarantee compliance with the sample and the quality of the jeweler.
  • The high class manufacturer says carefully made fixing stones with the "wrong side" products, the Assay Office and the stigma of a label with a seal made of lead.The label should be specified by the manufacturer, the name of jewelry with its part number, weight, and cost breakdown (per gram and retail), and the characteristics and type of insert, if available.
  • Corporate jewelry store usually characterized by the presence and accurate weights and loops for those who have doubts about the stigma and weight ornaments.
  • itself, on the decoration should be no sharp edges and burrs , cracks, roughness, scratches and so on. The stones must hold fast to the rims, the demand for the enamel coating - uniformity and lack of clearances, foreign inclusions.

Where to buy jewelry and gold

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Purchase gold and jewelry through the Internet - the advantages and disadvantages;rules of buying gold via the Internet

Despite the development of e-commerce, buying jewelry through the World Wide Web before it is too common.Of course, it has many advantages, but also disadvantages, alas, is quite significant.

The advantages of buying gold via the Internet:

  • the online store is not the weekend, lunch breaks, etc.. Buy decoration at any convenient time.
  • Buy jewelry Anyone can from anywhere in the world.
  • assortment online store far exceeds the variety of jewelry that we offer in stores.
  • choose jewelry online store much easier - no queues and crowds (especially on the eve of the holiday).You can easily explore all the decorations, and the protection will not look askance at you and walk on his heels.
  • Cost jewelry online store is much lower , than usual.

Disadvantages of buying jewelry online store:

  • feel, try to consider the items you can not. As well as make sure that there is no marriage.
  • The screen is difficult to determine the actual size product, even if it is available in the description.
  • colors of enamel inserts and stones on the screen distorted - they depend on the monitor and the image quality.
  • Product information is usually represented.
  • Delivery sometimes severely delayed (by ordering the holiday decoration for a loved one, you can just be late with a gift).
  • Insurance deal with such a purchase is not provided.
  • presented on the site licenses and certificates may not be accurate.
  • called to account holder online store , in the case of force majeure (a problem with delivery or payment through the banking system) or fraud is extremely difficult.

What you need to remember, buying jewelery on the Internet?

  • You have every right to return goods when it is received, without explaining the reasons for the courier.However, for the delivery still need to pay.
  • Online Store should provide for the repair (warranty and post-warranty) and return the goods at the wrong order, the seller mistake, an error in the catalog.
  • Online Store should have the right to trade jewelry.That is, a prerequisite - a legal address, certificate of the Assay Office of registration (and other documents confirming the right to trade in this area), the official person liable.
  • online store should have solid experience and positive customer reviews.Moreover, it is desirable to look no reviews online store and online.

Where to buy jewelry and gold

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also a good online store is different:

  • efficient execution of orders and the possibility of constant communication with the seller.
  • optimal ratio "price / quality."
  • high quality of the product and its rich assortment.
  • convenient payment system (several options).
  • promptly resolve issues (exchange of goods, delivery, return and so on.).

Where better to buy jewelry - in conventional jewelry stores and online stores?Tell us your opinion!