Intimate Secrets of the geisha - how to make a man mad?

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18 April 2016

Women for centuries possessed the secret art of seduction, which is passed from mouth to mouth.Senior experienced women to transfer knowledge and wisdom Jr. and prepare them for life.Most of you, of course, saw the novel adaptation of Arthur Golden, "Memoirs of a Geisha", someone accidentally watched this film, and someone wanted to comprehend this great science temptation in Japanese.

content of the article:

  • Geisha: who is it?
  • What is the secret of beauty Japanese geisha?
  • Geisha Secrets of Seduction
  • Erotic massage as foreplay and seduction

Who is a geisha?

To get started is right to note that initially geishas (in Japanese - «an artist» ) were artists (actors, musicians, dancers), and they were all men!Only later a woman came to the craft, because, you see, a woman is much better suited for the entertainment of men.

As we remember from the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha," the little girl and her sister, Cho's father sells, so that's one of them (Chio) hits the geisha house, and th

e other - a quarter amusements.The latter came into the world of prostitution, ie,he who pays the piper calls the "music", while a small Chio quite lucky to get into the geisha house.It's just a myth that geishas were mostly girls from poor families, many respected families sent their daughters to such institutions.Moreover, to get into a respected geisha house - top the dreams of every girl.Girls learn different types of art (singing, drawing, dancing, playing musical instruments) and waited geishas, ​​accompanied them to the event.Then they received equal recognition and became geishas.

Prostitution and the profession of geisha equivalent can not be perceived, as geisha have more economic independence than, for example, most Japanese women.Geisha is not necessarily to go to bed with everyone, its main task - playing a man spiritually.With regard to the intimate sphere of entertainment, a man must first obtain the consent.

also mistakenly assume that any man can afford to support his evening geisha, because it requires not only a lot of money, but also recommendations.And Geisha are free to choose the man who makes her an offer she can refuse high-ranking official in favor of a nice oil tycoon, for example.And geisha absolutely not in a hurry to get married and become ordinary Japanese women, because they will have to abandon its "higher" purpose.

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Who is a geisha?

Beauty geisha

  • White geisha face - is not only the merit of the art of make-up, each geisha pays care for face and body, not much, not enough, a few hours a day!Japanese - a big fan of hot thermal springs, which are rich in their country, and geisha prefer a hot tub.But before that, they were thoroughly cleaned with soap and body, and then take a bath.
  • Silk long hair geisha can not fail to fascinate.To achieve this result, they use camellia oil, and washed head using rice flour and olive oil.In addition, they are not wiped hair ordinary towel, and rubbed them with silk segment.
  • To beauty was natural, Geisha, as well, and most Japanese, give great importance not only what they eat, but also how the meal. In Japan, it is not accepted to rush while eating, and let's not forget that the main components of Japanese cuisine is seafood, which are very difficult to recover.
  • And also a lot of time is given body massage using olive oil, which not only moisturizes the skin and makes it silky and healthier body.
  • particularly carefully Geisha cherish feet and hands , and all because these parts of the body chained views of men while playing a musical instrument, and during the tea ceremony.Most of the time they hid hands in kimono sleeves or wear gloves.
  • With regard feet , geisha are not neglected hot tub, massages, and a perfect pedicure.
  • important role in the overall image of a Geisha plays her posture , gait and manner of movement .In the true geisha every movement - a kind of dance, which hides the whole story.A posture of a Geisha is produced due to belt-Obi, who has long been migrated to a fashionable wardrobe.
  • And, of course, do not forget about makeup geisha and that is a whole ritual and the highest art.Porcelain face, which successfully highlighted unique features.

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Geisha Makeup:

Tea Ceremony:

Geisha Secrets of Seduction

  • Probably the most important and important secret of seduction is its Geisha positive attitude to life .True geisha must always be in high spirit, to be submissive, but to remain confident.No one should see the true emotions of a Geisha (irritability, fatigue, pain), because its main objective is the suggestion of relaxation and tranquility.
  • plays an important role smile geisha.It is worth noting that a geisha is not looking directly into the eyes of a man, her eyes Semi-underslung, it seems to be playing "strelyalochka."So smile - a trump card of a Geisha.From the first since the school geisha girls are taught to what is in front of each answer to a question after a man or a replica, the girl should smile in appreciation.And before you answer it should carefully consider your answer.However, it should be noted that it is more about the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa's smile than Marilyn Monroe.

And if you combine №1 and 2 points, if not come out "killer" mixture, as to the positive mood of women by men drawn like a magnet.A smile and the ability to enjoy the little things subconsciously men say that a woman is ready to give and receive sexual pleasure.

  • very rare in our time, the ability to listen and, moreover, hear !Very often, in front of a geisha ceases job - listen to his client, but that there are psychoanalysts.But the ability to hear and understand a man is valued much higher.Geisha are laconic, they use body language and gestures, their responses and speech clearly thought out, thus, each issued by them is regarded as a replica of precious advice.The process of speaking the man relaxes emotionally and psychologically.
  • And, of course, impossible to say about the art of sexual act .Japanese - people balanced and calm, they do not tolerate haste, screams and groans.Their love games are expressed in sharp movements during sex, as well as internal impulses.But do not hold back the great art of vaginal muscles, which passed only elected geishas.In our time, this art is disclosed and allows every woman to know yourself, most importantly, have the desire.

Erotic Massage geisha

Equally important art, which owned a few geishas - was the art of erotic massage.He could also be used as a prelude, and a separate gesture affection and obedience.

  • One of the main conditions of successful erotic massage is love and admiration body partner .
  • During the massage, relaxing sounds music , action is accompanied by incense , which together create an atmosphere of peace.
  • Geisha begins with a leisurely kneading movement, then the movement becomes more intense, and end grindings.
  • During the massage focuses on the back, chest and limbs, and, of course, the most important of manhood.

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Geisha Erotic Massage

Yet there are still a few secrets from the Japanese geisha, using which, in practice, you can make yourself and your man is so satisfied, he wants to repeat itthe action again and again.So:

  • true geisha guess desires of men with poluzhesta and perfectly, it performs any of his whim and does exactly what he wants.
  • during and after intercourse she not impose their desires .
  • Geisha never asks her man, if he shall come again .If she had done everything it wanted man, he is sure to come again.
  • And often Geisha copy facial expressions, gestures and manner of speaking men , thus affecting his subconscious, and the sum is - the recipe "Japanese love spell" of the geisha.

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