How to respond to her husband's infidelity?

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18 April 2016

Treason ....This word grates on the ear.But if this is not just a word, but is a known fact that the heart is already torn to pieces.Within just a feeling of humiliation, loneliness, bitterness.The news of the change not everyone able to move.Why do recognized infidelity?

content of the article:

  • What are the signs of infidelity?
  • What to do when you found out about her husband's infidelity?
  • what not to do?

How do I know that my husband cheating on you?Signs.

  • husband clings to everything.
  • care at night sleep on the sofa, or does not respond to your sexual desires, without explaining the reasons for their behavior.
  • not wish to share with you about their business and impressions.
  • Shows you attempt to change the appearance (hair style, clothes, perfumes), although I did not.
  • himself suddenly changes, new hobbies, clothes, perfume, a desire to change the car.
  • lot of attention to their appearance, but before him this was not observed.
  • Finding homes inconvenienced him, the man is delayed
    till night at work, comes home from work are not hungry.

This universal signs, but every woman that gets into such a terrible situation here certainly can add their individual observations.All changes have something in common - not a single woman would react to her indifference.Some become aggressive, angry and unbalanced, while others, on the contrary, trying to behave decently without showing bright emotions, that is to keep everything in himself.And the first and the second is very harmful to his state of mind such behavior.That they destroy their identity and injure the nervous system.Indifferent to take the news of the changes can only be a woman who does not love her husband.

How to behave when you found out that her husband was cheating on you?

most important thing - to approach the problem with a cold mind.Your first thought, "How could he?Why is that?I'm doing everything for him! "Of course, you can afford to cry, porevet, porydat, but not more than three days, or your self-esteem will begin to evaporate, and after this self-pity will cover all your thoughts.This is categorically not be allowed!The situation you will not turn back, the past does not come back, do not fix the offense, but you can keep the relationship.It is important to not just maintain, but to bring them to a qualitatively new level of development to a new stage of evolution, otherwise everything will be repeated again and again.Because such relationships as were clearly not satisfied with your man, if he committed such an act.After the infidelity itself does not arise.This is a consequence, any specific error in the relationship of man and woman.Usually, adultery does not occur in married couples where one gets the maximum what he wants, and also gives back.

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What actions to take?

It depends on many factors:

  1. your own feelings and desires, whether you want to stay with your husband.If realize that, it turns out, and I feel it is already there as they were, there is no point in trying to restore everything.Or treason killed all you had for this man is also not uncommon.You can understand the pain that can not forgive infidelity.You may be shocking to think that this man, formerly a native person, hugging and kissing another body and lips.If one of these examples exactly your case, then most likely you will never return to the original attitude of unconditional love and trust each other, and therefore, there is no way to calm a happy life.
  2. What was treason?One-time or regular, deliberate or accidental, only on a physical level or with feelings? Sometimes even forced betrayal, no matter how unrealistic it may sound.For example, to maintain a good position, or to receive.This, of course, is not no way justifies such action.Any betrayal - a betrayal, only the circumstances are different.If treason regular and with some feelings, then there is you will harder to fully regain her husband.Single cheating is no better than a regular, but then, of course, it is easier to explain and forgive.After all people are fallible, all have the right to make a mistake if it does not happen all the time.
  3. What is the relationship with the husband you have: excellent, good, normal or problematic . If you determine with certainty the status of your relationship, you will be easier to understand the cause of her husband's betrayal and alienation.Any relationship with the problem can bring to the different, or even beautiful.The main thing of this strong desire, a plan of action and to go resolutely and steadfastly to his goal.
  4. What is the situation with "that woman"?Waiting for him there "out there"? If she is married, then it is a clear case of two people found a way to fill in the missing gaps in their family life.Most often it happens that the woman with whom change, alone.There you have it is good to know her thoughts, though not necessarily.
  5. After weighing all the pros and cons and decided that the husband you love and want to fight for it, you can begin to take action. One of the most common causes of infidelity - it's addictive.Feelings become dull over time thrills in sexual relations have long been forgotten.Therefore it is very important in the eyes of her husband dispel this stereotype "familiarity".A very effective way is to change the image, appearance.It would be good to apply radical changes.After all, the word "treason" as it were synonymous with "change", that is a traitor to the desire to change something.That has changed.But not for the sake of her husband, and for pleasure.The opportunities are many.You can short haircut of blonde brunette color in or on the contrary, to buy new clothes, change the style of makeup, perfume, etc.

What not to do when you found out about her husband's infidelity?

  1. Big mistake is constant crying and "snot" unhappy face on a daily basis, the charge of all the troubles of her husband, talk about the past, scandals and tantrums.All this does not lead to anything good.Now we have to think only about how to continue to build your life. Try to talk about the future .Speaking calmly, with dignity and intelligence.Do not look for the guilty in an event, act intelligently - to establish your relationship if you want to save them.But, in any case, any solution, whether it is even separation and divorce should not be taken in the "fire", it is important to do this with a clear head and without much emotion.
  2. No way not avenge betrayal in response , that you do not help anyone, and only aggravate the general situation and their mental health.
  3. husband Do not cut and do not express grave accusations at him.Men often start a relationship on the side of the bored life.Home and hear some talk about mundane everyday problems (rent, buy food, clothing, etc.), and with a woman on the side can be a desirable man, who does not need anything except himself.
  4. Give the man in sex all he asks .Unsatisfied sexual desires are often the main reason for a hike in search of the desired left.And if everyone is willing to be at home, why go somewhere?
  5. Learn to belly dance and arranged periodically romantic dinner, followed striptease and all the ensuing consequences.Believe me, even having left on a business trip to another city, your loved one will remember these evenings and look forward to returning home.

Whatever you choose, remember the old, but ever the adage - "All that is done, all the better."It is important to understand that to keep the family and the relationship can only be the case if you are sure that will never be remember this betrayal, and reproach her husband periodically.But forget about it not worth it, otherwise you risk test repetition.Keep yourself in good shape, love yourself, take care of a loved one and respect him, he will live peacefully together until golden wedding, and what remains to wish you!

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