How to choose the right red lipstick and wear it with anything - Beauty lessons

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07 April 2016

Red lipstick - an accessory that never goes out of fashion.Just imagine how you will look spectacular, if you use makeup to create red lipstick!

way, the festival - not only the opportunity to "try on" red.Party, access to the theater, a social event or even a date - here are a few reasons to create a spectacular makeover.

How to choose the right red lipstick and wear it with anything - Beauty lessons
content of the article:

  • selection of red lipstick for a meeting or a party
  • shade of red lipstick for blondes, brown-haired, brunette
  • How to choose a red lipstick make-up?
  • How to buy a red lipstick, what to wear?

How to choose the right red lipstick for a meeting or a party?

How to capture the imagination of men without loss to reputation?The best way - to focus on the lips .However, if you are dealt a red lipstick, the image overload other components not needed.
How to choose and wear red lipstick

  • If a meeting will be held in the theater or restaurant, you can give preference deep red .Bright accent on the lips must coexist with a calm makeup Eye eyelashes and eyebrows may be slightly ti
    nted, thin arrows are not excluded.This image will be appropriate if a meeting will be held in the theater or restaurant.
  • If the satellite was limited to an invitation to a cafe or a walk can be a bright red shade of lipstick prefer less intense pink .
  • Use red lipstick make-up for a party - a great idea.Make-up artists are advised not to be shy and prefer bright fuchsia or impudent red color .Such a woman will notice and appreciate!See also: Guidelines for the girls at the party - how to avoid mistakes?

However, before selecting a particular color, it is still necessary to understand how to choose the right red lipstick.

How to choose a shade of red lipstick for your skin tone and hair color - tips for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women

fan of red lipstick was Cleopatra herself.Modern women echoed the ancient queen, choosing bright colors.And one wonders: how to choose a red lipstick right?

Indeed, grabbing the first thing that comes to hand - not the best option. shade of lipstick should be suited to the skin tone and hair color its future owner.About how to choose the red shade of lipstick to the color of hair, make-up artists are not just talking.
How to choose the right shade of red lipstick

Let us consider what shade of red is right for you

  • blonde, fair skin.
    Ashen beauties do not recommend abusing warm "carrot" and too bright shades.But the owners of wheat blond hair called lucky - they have virtually no restrictions.One of the best options - a classic red.
  • Blonde, tanned skin.
    tanned skin and blond hair - quite a good combination, not suggesting strict limits.You can select how a purple hue, and orange-red.
  • blonde, dark skin.
    girl with blond hair and dark skin had better pay attention to the "carrot" shades.This lipstick provides the skin a healthy glow.
  • red hair, fair skin.
    Owners fiery red hair should avoid cold shades of red.It is necessary to pay attention to the coral color and warm shades.
  • Brunette, light skin.
    about how to choose a red lipstick brunette can talk endlessly.Still, it is the brunette with bright red lips - this is a classic image.Brunettes with brown notes is not necessary to lean on plum and raspberry tones, need to abandon the carrot tones.It is better if will dominate maroon, wine notes and berry shades.
  • brunette, tanned skin.
    lady with dark hair and lightly tanned skin, you can pay attention to the cause shades.A good option - a classic red, you can experiment with a delicious berry-red hues.
  • brunette, dark skin.
    dark-skinned ladies is best to choose a lipstick purple, cranberry and raspberry shades.A win-win - a tomato-red lipstick.

How to choose the right red lipstick
choose the color of lipstick should be under the shade of their skin .The girls are cold-type veins on the wrist blue cast, representatives from warm types - green.

  • If the skin has a warm tone , better to choose warm shades of red with a touch of brown or yellow.
  • Owners skin cold shade should focus on lipstick, donating purple or pink with cold.It must be remembered that some blondes are "cool" shades are contraindicated.

How to choose a red lipstick makeup

How to choose a red lipstick make-up?

Bright lips - is a very effective and strong emphasis .Here, too, has its own rules.

  • To emphasize need for something one - either the eyes or lips.If you have chosen the second option, you need to calm down and give preference to the calm eye makeup.Just a few strokes of the brush, mascara and eyebrow pencil.
  • from bright shades should be abandoned : most unsuccessful variants makeup recognized combinations of red lipstick on her lips and blue \ green shadow on the eyelids.Exception - a scenic image, retro image.Even in this case it is best to give preference to the classical thin arrows or masterfully executed makeup smoky-eyes in gray or brown tones.
  • nyudovye shades of beige and shades , which also can be combined with the arrow next to the red lipstick will look quite harmoniously.
  • important that skin tone was the most smooth. must remember that red lipstick focuses on the face of its owner.In the course can go concealers, correctors, foundation and powder.
  • Some makeup artists recommend to forget about blush , but if a person looks too pale, you can use matte peach blush - on the cheeks should appear more noticeable shadow.Everything must be natural.
  • If the lips are chapped, red lipstick is better to postpone until better times .Otherwise, all the irregularities and roughness will be visible not only to you but also to others.
  • warm shades of red lipstick makes your teeth more visually yellow .Therefore, one more advice - carefully monitor the teeth!

How to buy a red lipstick and what to wear - the basic rules

Before making a purchase, think about how to properly pick a shade of red lipstick to match the type and skin tone, hair color.
How to choose the right red lipstick and wear it with anything - Beauty lessons

to finally decide on the shade of red lipstick:

  • It is best to take the tester liked hue and ¬ętry" color on the wrist .There skin is thin, its color as close complexion.
  • Another option - put lipstick on her fingertips , where skin tone is very close to the natural shade of lip.
  • Pay attention to the texture of lipstick - dense texture is not suitable owners of thin lips.

Now that you know how to choose a red lipstick, you must understand, what it is possible to add .
How to choose the right red lipstick and wear it with anything - Beauty lessons

Red lipstick - like article of clothing: it is necessary to know what her wearing

  • Ideally, of course, combine bright shade with classic black .It can be as formal suit and cocktail dress.
  • perfectly combines long black dress, high hair and bright lips .This image will be appropriate at a reception in the theater.
  • Red lipstick goes well with the classic style of clothing and classic colors: white, brown, gray .As such, you can even come to work.Read takzhzhe: How to circumvent the rules of strict dress code, and maintain individuality.
  • better avoid motley figures, too bare feet and frank neckline .This is possible, but is not suitable for every output.
  • Style casual also does not preclude the use of red lipstick.In jeans, a long loose shirt, with bright lips and casually brushed the hair will look like any girl regardless.

The main thing - remember one of the basic rules of proper use of bright colors in makeup: guarantee of success - it's self-confidence and attractiveness!