What is the micellar water, and to whom it is suitable?

By Admin | Beauty
08 April 2016

Today we tell about the new product in cosmetology - micellar water, which helps remove even extremely resistant makeup.Micellar water - cosmetics that had been invented in Europe, but has become widespread only a few years ago.

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This new cosmetics aimed at improvement of the skin and removing makeup .
What is the micellar water and to whom it is suitable

content of the article:

  • composition micellar water
  • Suitable for micellar water?
  • How to use micellar water right?

Cleansing micellar water - composition, which need micellar water?

This cosmetic product helps in seconds clear skin from external contamination, oil and natural make-up, thus causing minimal damage to the skin.
What is the micellar water and to whom it is suitable
What is it that you can use micellar water, and what is it?

  • main component of micellar water - micelles of fatty acids .These fine particles are oils which are beads comprising a mild surfactant (surface - active substances).It is these particles help to suck the dirt out of the
    pores and cleanse the skin.
  • micellar water also contains sebepantenol and glycerin .These elements help to moisturize and heal minor wounds, cuts, pimples and skin irritation.
  • If the composition of micellar water enters alcohol , then you need to use it very carefully, and the first test cosmetic.This water may dry up the skin.
  • micellar water will a great alternative to all the tonics and lotions to remove make-up, due to light texture and quick drying without weighing skin.
  • also micellar water very easy to touch up makeup straight during application.To do this, just need to apply a little liquid on a cotton swab and remove excess makeup.

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This micellar water is suitable for removing makeup, but for someone mitsellyarka not fit?

Before buying this product, should know how exactly the type of skin you have , to prevent skin problems.
What is the micellar water and to whom it is suitable
believed that micellar water suitable for even the most sensitive skin, but it is not as easy as it seems.

Contraindications micellar water

  • If she has oily skin , you should refuse to buy mitsellyarki, since in this case the micelles are mixed with natural fat.As a result, such compounds are formed fatty layers, resulting in comedones.
  • also worth to cancel the purchase micellar water to those who have prone to acne skin .In this case, may increase the risk of rash on the face.

Indications mitsellyarki

  • micellar water perfectly suitable for girls with combination skin .This will help to remove the make-up perfectly, leaving no trace of pigment.Also micellar water improves skin condition.More
  • this cosmetic novelty will be a great alternative to the tonic lotion or makeup remover for girls having dry and normal skin .This tool will soften and soothe the delicate skin of the face.

How to use micellar water correctly, whether to wash micellar water?

When selecting micellar water, pay attention to what she absolutely should not be painted .If micellar water has any shade, it will require more effort when removing makeup, and can harm your skin.
What is the micellar water and to whom it is suitable

few rules for using micellar water

  • not wash micellar water. Some girls believe that this is necessary to wash with water, but in order to wash off makeup simply mitsellyarkoy moisten a cotton swab or a disc.
  • Then massage lightly need to remove make-up from the surface of the face and neck .Micellar water will wash away not only cosmetics, but also all the dirt that has accumulated on the skin during the day.
  • micellar water like a magnet attracts particles of dirt and cosmetics.However, if you are not satisfied with the result, procedure can be repeated , is already using the new disk or a cotton swab.
  • Many people wonder - whether rinse micellar water .Dermatologists say that after applying mitsellyarki must-use gel or foam to wash away the micellar water.However, according to the manufacturer - water does not need flushing.
  • If you want to completely clean the face, you can use after mitsellyarki use facial wash .

Many girls who have already tried micellar water, argue that this finding perfectly washes all kinds of makeup .

Indeed, micellar water can wash away even waterproof makeup , and most importantly - it does not cost much effort.Just a few movements with a cotton pad - and the person shines!