10 romantic ideas to spend New Year's Eve together

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19 April 2016

If your intention is to spend New Year's Eve together, we offer you some ideas and will be happy if our tips will help you bring your ideas and spend an unforgettable fairy-tale night.

content of the article:

  • How to celebrate New Year together at a ski resort
  • How to celebrate New Year together at home
  • How to celebrate New Year together at a restaurant
  • How to celebrate New Year together in a nightclub
  • How to celebrate NewYear two of the city's walk
  • How to celebrate New Year together in spa
  • How to celebrate New Year together in a country style
  • How to celebrate New Year together in the journey
  • How to celebrate New Year together on the boat
  • How to meet the New Year in togethertrain
  • few tips

New Year's at a ski resort

Many travel companies offer weekend tours to various ski resorts, which cater to different budgets.What awaits you there?It can be a house in the woods with a fireplace, you are located on the floor of the fireplace with a sparkling champagne and snacks, and

spend an unforgettable romantic night.In such resorts gathers many young people, you can join them in a cafe, where competitions will be organized with Father Frost and Snow Maiden and obligatory New Year's fireworks.

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We spent with the young man as the night, there is something to remember, "Yeah ... a wooden house with a fireplace, good wine, and on the street - everywhere around the mountains, snowand the bright stars and only us. "(Better mountains may be just the mountains. B. High.) recommended!


We are also a young man greeted the New Year in the ski resort, because there were so many young people met every NG in your room, then went to look at the fireworks, it was super.As for entertainment, there is enough for everyone.


We went for the New Year together in the mountains, skiing knurled, NY noted the hotel, the night was fun, three days together is just a buzz away from all the problems and worries rest cool.

New Year's Eve at home

To the house was not boring and you had something to remember and want to repeat once again a well thought out here have self-organization.

can organize the evening in some special style, for example, it may be Japanese or Chinese, with appropriate costumes.Food can be prepared by you or ordered at the restaurant.

You can fill the bath, light candles, fill a glass of champagne.Of course you do not Ichthyander not stay there long, so come up with something else, what would you amused on New Year's night.

Reviews c forums:


New Year at home - that is necessary!We set the table for two, sat under the chiming clock and an hour currently filled with foam and bath with glasses of champagne - to luxuriate.The result was a wonderful night, with gluttony - great to celebrate together!Day arose when slept, drank coffee in bed, and in the evening went to visit.


I did: furnish the room with the smell of candles spruce, on shelves, on the floor and nearly missed NG because saw off the old year in the bed, and jumped at the last moment, in the buff andWe greeted the new year - it was unforgettable.

New Year's Eve at the restaurant

In this case, you must select the institution to ask the New Year's program.The table must be ordered in advance.

Reviews c forums:


New Year, we had lunch at this restaurant, in the 18-00 went to the theater after the bowling.There also met NG, stayed up to 2.night.And went home!Satisfied with both, but I do.No fussy cooking or going to the store.

New Year's Eve at the club

You will most danceable new year.New dance music, jokes, competitions, dancing till you drop.This new year promises to be great fun.

Walk through the city

Some couples prefer to celebrate the New Year in the city square, near the main Christmas tree, there is going to a lot of people.Held New Year's program with various contests and sweepstakes.The only thing that is necessary is to dress warmly and to prefer strong drinks hot tea.A big plus in this New Year, you as no one can enjoy the most beautiful New Year's fireworks.

Water New Year

might look like: swimming pool, around the pool burning candles and floats on the water tray with champagne and fruit.Or, sauna, covered table, steam room and a cool pool.You can also enjoy a variety of spa treatments as a gift.

New Year in style of the country

If you have the opportunity to go to the village, you will enjoy the carols, the various rites, sledging.It will be unusual and fabulous.Something like "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka."

Travel to other countries

According to statistics in this category who want to spend the New Year away from home gets 2% if you enter a number, you have a great opportunity to delve into other people's traditions, see them firsthand experience live.Here is a huge selection of countries: the Eastern, warm and European countries.Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, China, Cyprus and many others.This is sure to be memorable, and will be susceptible that friends tell.Read more about how the New Year is interesting to note in Egypt or the New Year in Thailand, if you like hot countries.

New Year on the ship

Christmas cruise is an exciting journey on the ship - a chiming clock with splashes of dissecting waves.Stateroom, restaurant, live music.Just choose where you want to travel along the rivers and the seas, the domestic cities or other countries.

the train

If someone loves to travel by train, you can spend the night in a warm car at the sound of wheels.With a beautiful snowy landscape outside the window.To do this, buy two tickets to a double compartment in CB car.Taking with him a couple of things: fruit, champagne and something of a Christmas decoration accessories coupe and forth - what else you can think of more romantic.

few tips to organize the New Year for two

order to bring maximum pleasure holiday, we give you some tips:

  • your views should be the same! required discussed the plans for the upcoming holiday, you have to be conceived both agree, then we are able to avoid unpleasant surprises.In life, it often happens that God brings absolutely different people, and that's fine.What you like may not like your spouse, consider and respect each other's characteristics.
  • Who has nothing on hoping that nothing disappointed! So is that organizing such an evening, she expects something special, marriage proposal, or an unusual gift.In order to avoid conflicts, keep in mind that your expectations may not come true.Therefore, let it be a night that belongs only to you, and there come what may.And whether it will be fabulous is up to you.
  • Script New Year's Eve. Regardless where you want to spend the night, so that was not boring, consider an example scenario of your pastime, tailored to your interests , and this is your creativity.Think competitions and puzzles.Take place intimate conversations, declarations of love.You can fill the night erotica.You may wish to celebrate the New Year together, and then go to friends.

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