Coconut Oil - beneficial properties for health and beauty

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08 April 2016

Moisturize skin with coconut oil - a fact known.But not everyone knows that the list of useful properties of this oil is much broader than the softening of the skin, hair and strengthening the acquisition of smooth and "durable" tan.

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Thus, the impact on the body of coconut oil than it is useful, and where applicable?
Coconut Oil - beneficial properties for health and beauty

content of the article:

  • Useful properties of coconut oil
  • Where to apply coconut oil?

Useful properties of coconut oil: coconut oil than a useful health and beauty?

most gentle method of producing coconut oil - cold pressed .In this case, all useful properties (this applies to other oils).This method of pressing affects the price: it will be quite high.

Therefore cosmetic purposes usually get oil obtained from copra by hot pressing the flesh .
Coconut Oil - beneficial properties for health and beauty

What is natural coconut oil?

  • Oleic acid.
    Action: reduction of harmful cholesterol, improves the functioning of blood vessels and heart.
  • Lauric acid.
    Action: active fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses, preserve youth, raising lauric acid in the milk of nursing mothers.
  • capric acid.
    Action: stimulation of immunity.
  • Caprylic acid.
    Action: the saturation of the skin with oxygen.
  • stearic acid.
    Action: softening and smoothing the skin, restoring its protective properties.
  • palmitic acid.
    Action: Update the dermis.
  • myristic acid.
    Action: promote better penetration into the skin of mineral oil components.
  • Antioxidants.
    action: the extension of youth cells.

Coconut Oil - beneficial properties for health and beauty
also coconut oil ...

  • Softens rough skin and smoothes fine wrinkles.
  • restores the natural microflora of the intimate area.
  • helps to combat dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Provides tan, reduces the level of exposure to UV rays.
  • Eliminates peeling skin and dandruff.
  • Strengthens and restores hair.

main applications of coconut oil

Unfairly ignored by many coconut oil is hypoallergenic , suits any skin and do not contain harmful ingredients.The oil is absorbed by the skin easily, does not clog pores, leaves no greasy.
Coconut Oil - beneficial properties for health and beauty

As used coconut oil for health and beauty?

  • Care.
    dry and problematic skin, this oil can do wonders.Coconut promotes nutrition of the skin, reduce inflammation, hydration without shine, improve the complexion, smooth out wrinkles.You can use oil as a separate product, and can be added directly to their cream (natural).
  • remedy for stress.
    reasons for the surge of the nervous system - the mass.Coconut oil is rubbed into the temples, will shake off fatigue and lift mood.Double effect - aromatherapy and the effect on the body of useful components.
  • energy.
    Coconut oil, which is used as a food additive, can improve the thyroid gland speed up metabolism, raise the general tone of the body.
  • Antiseptic.
    child scratched the cat?Or you cut yourself while cooking dinner?Burned?Rub into painful area of ​​skin coconut oil.Forms a protective film will prevent the penetration of germs, accelerate the healing process, will help in the fight against bruises heal cracked heels.
  • Hair Care.
    Why buy air conditioners for the hair of unknown chemical composition?Coconut oil is cheaper, and its effect will be a multiple of the above.Enough to rub oil into the scalp - and healthy shine assured.
  • massage tool.
    This oil is considered one of the best tools in the massage and the ideal companion for skin care of newborns.
  • cream after shaving / hair removal.
    Irritated skin after the procedure to remove the hair - the well-known phenomenon.Coconut oil will soothe the skin and relieve inflammation.
  • Scrub.
    can be used to remove the oil, and the top layer of dead skin cells mixed with honey.

Coconut Oil - beneficial properties for health and beauty
coconut oil is also useful ...

  • insect bites.
  • With nail care and hand skin.
  • to remove makeup.
  • mouth rinse, strengthen the gums and teeth.
  • For the treatment of zoster, herpes and seborrhea.
  • To normalize weight (Indoor reception).
  • to treat thrush (in the form of douches).

and others.