10 common mistakes when weighing in the balance, or - how many hang in grams?

By Admin | Beauty
09 April 2016

In rare women missing home scales.Even if the excess centimeters at the waist is not observed, the balance - something necessary and very important.However, not everyone knows how to properly use this instrument.And many even believe that the scales exist only for a quick transition from a good mood depressed.

So, what mistakes we make when using weights , and as the weighted properly ?
10 common mistakes when weighing in the balance, or - how many hang in grams?

  1. not control your weight daily. Firstly, it makes absolutely no sense.Second, falling into hysterics over next addition of 300 g, we forget that the weight tends to fluctuate during the day.And the numbers of weights affects not only the amount of food, but also the time of year / day, load, clothing, and other factors.
  2. weighed the visiting .Whatever it was fun - the whole crowd to play the game, "Come on, who do we have here is the skinny" - do not succumb to this temptation.The results are not in your favor.Because a party we usually tasty eat.Because to know what "most thin" is not you - will be sad
    .And because other people's scales are different from yours, and may have their errors.That is, should be weighed only to the same scale - on its own.
  3. Choosing the right balance. not buy this product for sale in a shop in the house (it is pointless to wait from a jeweler's precision), and are looking for quality and reliable technology.
  4. weighed the evening. Especially after a nutritious and tasty meal mug of tea under the steamed buns.And even if you strictly abide by the rules - "after 6 - not to eat" - still put off weighing in the morning.
  5. not weighed in clothes. If you still do not know why you should not do this, perform the test: Weigh what is.Then remove all the excess, including slippers and jewelery, and compare the results.The true weight can not be seen jumping on the scales dressed like cabbage.Weigh in his underwear, and only on an empty stomach in the morning.
  6. not weighed after exercise and physical activity. course, after jumping on fitness, intense training or a serious cleaning of the apartment, we will gladly smiling, looking at the numbers on the scales.But the weight loss in this case is explained not lost (oh, miracle!), Fat, and fluid loss, which went from the body through sweat.
  7. do not weigh on the carpet or other "curve" of the surface. The accuracy of the balance affects many factors, in particular, and the surface on which we place the instrument.
  8. not weighed during the monthly "red calendar days." When menstruating woman's weight is automatically increased by two kilos, compared to other customary period of the cycle.At this time in a woman's body is fluid retention, and scales you do not enjoy your show.
  9. never weighed in a state of melancholy, depression, stress. Already mood - fall below nowhere, and if more and extra 200-300 g were drew - and did "a little bit to hang himself," it would be desirable.Therefore, the balance for the whole period of stress remove the cabinet so as not to be tempted.
  10. not weighed when sick .During the illness of the body spends a lot of effort on protection from viruses / bacteria, so losing weight - not a result to be proud of, but a temporary condition.

10 common mistakes when weighing in the balance, or - how many hang in grams?
Try not to stand on the scales more than once in a week or two , instead of daily measurements of weight go in for sports, do not change their weights, stand on the scales directly measured in the same hours and in thatsame clothes.

And remember: from the numbers on the scale do not depend on your luck!