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10 April 2016

the winter lip care must be more thoroughly than in the summer.In cold delicate skin of the lips is exposed dryness, cracking, irritation, flaking, which, of course, affect the general appearance of the woman, her mood and feeling.

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How to care for winter lips , to avoid the above problems?
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  • lips dry and peel
  • Chapped lips - what to do?

skin on the lips, as well as on the eyelids is very thin, tender and easily vulnerable.Because it has no subcutaneous fat, it is able to very quickly dry and as a result - aging .

General rules skincare lips winter

  • quality lipstick or chapstick lip balm should always be with you - use them even at home to moisten the tender skin of the lips.Lipstick is desirable to choose a SPF protection, even in winter.
  • The cold does not recommend using a lip gloss and liquid lipstick .In his composition, he has
    a wax or gel base that can quickly solidify in the cold air, and as a result - dry skin of the lips, pull it and enhance the formation of wrinkles.
  • Contrary to popular advice - when brushing your teeth and lips massage brush - do not do it .The skin of the lips - a very gentle, and the brush is too rough and can easily injure it.
  • There is a special diet for the lips. to retain lip skin tone and natural moisture, you need to eat foods rich in fiber.Nutritionists recommend figs, pumpkin and avocado.
  • To maintain skin tone lips - as, indeed, and the tone of the entire body - observe drinking regime even in the winter.That is the day to drink at least 1.5 liters of water.
  • bad habit to smoke does not color your lips .Not only that, under the influence of harmful substances and smoke leather yellow and dry lips, her varicose nodules may appear, or - even worse - the swelling.
  • In winter, better give up supersteady lipsticks - they contain substances that contribute to dry mouth.
  • lips need to look after every day, several times a day, summer and winter .In the winter care lips should be more thorough and include agents that resist frost.

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  • for daily care of the lips can be used bag brewed green tea .Cool to room temperature, the bag and wipe their lips with the tea let dry on the lips of himself.This will return the lips bright colors, improve their blood circulation and gives moisture and elasticity of the delicate skin.
  • Even after with daily make-up your lipstick lips disappear by itself, you must clean the skin of the lips from the remnants of lipstick. better to do it with a cotton pad, coated with a olive or castor oil.

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If your chapstick or lip balm can not cope with the problems that arise on the lips in the cold days, it's time to take advantage of more powerful tools:

Chapped lips in winter - what to do, how quickly heal chapped lips?

  • Lip Balm. a water bath melt the beeswax - 1 teaspoon.Add a tablespoon of chamomile decoction, a teaspoon of Vaseline and cocoa butter.Mix well, remove from the water bath and whisk until the mixture becomes a thick cream.This homemade lip balm can be lubricated for the night, and before going into the cold, and after returning to the streets.
  • With strong chapping lips often grease greasy cream or cream.
  • mask of curd help reduce inflammation in the skin of the lips, eliminate dryness.To mask the soft cheese (preferably - bold) mash well with a fork, add the vegetable oil, to get a paste, and 10 minutes to put on his lips.
  • Apple lip balm. teaspoon of apple sauce to mix with the same amount of butter (melted in a water bath).Store mixture in a refrigerator.Use throughout the day as lip balm, as well as at night.
  • good result mask of wax lips .To do this, melt in a water bath a little cosmetic pure paraffin check - not hot whether.Coat the lips with sesame or olive oil, grape seed oil, then apply wax with a brush.Paraffin wax may be applied in two or three layers.Cover the mouth with warm cloth or towel and soak for 15-20 minutes, then remove the wax and rinse mouth with warm water without soap.

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lips dry and peel - home care for winter lips drying

  • To eliminate peeling of the skin of the lips to do the mask-peeling .For this mask, mix a teaspoon of apple sauce, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive (or any other - sesame, grape seed, castor) oil, a teaspoon of powdered sugar or oatmeal.All the ingredients are mixed, put a mask on her lips (residues - on the skin around the lips), hold for 15 minutes.Then wash off the mask with warm water without soap.
  • With strong skin peeling lips never abrade the skin !It will help to cope with this problem easy peeling : Mix equal parts of fine sugar and vegetable oil or sour cream.Gently massage your lips, then rinse with water without soap.You can perform a few times before the disappearance of dryness and flaking.
  • peeling lips should be done two to three times a week , or - when you feel that the skin peels off.But for this purpose are not suitable brush or coarse salt peels.To perform a gentle exfoliation, eliminating peeling, and at the same time - will satiate the skin of the lips, mix equal parts of yogurt with oatmeal or bran and gently with your fingers, massage your lips to their redness, and then rinse with water means.
  • peeling of the skin on the lips, you can use a little candied honey . Instead of honey can be used as coffee or cinnamon powder mixed with cream and a drop of olive oil, sesame oil.
  • To speed up the regeneration and renewal of the skin on the lips times a week is useful to make acid peeling - to wipe his lips with a slice of tomato, grape, apple slice.Do not use, however, citrus - they are very acidic and can be even more dry skin on the lips, causing irritation.
  • to nourish the skin of the lips in the winter time can be used grape seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil - they can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized departments of organic cosmetics in supermarkets.These oils are absorbed into the skin of the lips is better moisturizing it and permanently feeding.One thing - do not use these oils immediately before going into the cold air, let soak into the skin of the lips at home, and put on top of special protective balm or chapstick for cold weather (can be from the children's series).

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Chapped lips - what to do if lips dry and crack in winter?

  • Lubricate the skin of the lips sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil or .Beware - once on the skin near the lips, these oils can be a little paint them yellow.These oils are well-heal skin of the lips and heals it, they can be added to all domestic lip balms.
  • If the skin of the lips covered with cracks, buy balms and hygienic lipsticks that claim effect of "skin repair lipĀ» - they help faster regeneration and healing of the skin.Pay attention to the children's series of funds for the lips, as well as baby creams with reducing the skin effect.
  • Lard melt in a water bath, mixed with honey in equal proportions.Cool use as lip balm , during the day and at night.