What gifts can not be given to anyone, and why?

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03 April 2016

What gifts can not be given to anyone, and why? Gifts decided to give on many holidays, especially, of course, on their birthdays.By choosing gifts for relatives and friends, most people are very sensitive and carefully, trying to avoid mistakes - not to offend people who will bestow, and give him the ineffable joy and pleasure.How not to be mistaken with the choice of a gift for a holiday or a great day, what things should not give anyone - these questions will be discussed in this article.

content of the article:

  • Why not give knives, forks, sharp, piercing and cutting items?
  • Why not give a clock?
  • Why not give a mirror?
  • Why not give a porcelain doll?
  • Why not give figurines of birds?
  • Why not give honey.devices?
  • Why can not give the animals?
  • Why not give jewelry?
  • Why can not you give the items to the economy?
  • Why not give books autographed?
  • Some rules when choosing a gift

knives, forks, sharp, piercing and cutting items

nozhy data items for any reason, should not appear in the list of gifts to anyone, to any event.It is believed tha

t these items initially carry a very negative sense, "bad" energy , and presentation of a momentous day in the extremely undesirable as they may not be much - to spoil the man's life, bring it the scandals, quarrels, misunderstandings and failures.Of course, this general rule does not work in the East, where a gift in the form of inlaid dagger or names chiseled blade with a handle is considered the most beautiful and desirable priorities for the man.If you are going to make such a gift, it is better to ask the gifts to man if he could take it.Also, such a gift for example, if, for example, the guest of honor himself asked to give him a nice collector's knife or chiseled dagger.

Watches (any type and form)

chasy This ban is associated with generally accepted common superstition that clock is ticking life , and it accelerates.There is also a view that the clock brings big trouble, are the cause of failures and unnecessary experience.Besides, There is the belief that friendship or love between people will last only as long as the watch will work .Stopping the clock will cause a divorce, and quarrels, so people try to avoid such a gift, so as not to provoke the bad things in life. gift of a watch is the Chinese invitation to the funeral , so it can be negatively interpreted them, and will cause resentment and rejection.

Mirrors (any shape and type)

zerkalo As is known, mirror serve as a "tool" for divination and seances because are , to convince people, «bridge "from our world into the world of the beyond .Mirrors have always been a subject that causes awe and superstitious fears;not for nothing was considered that break the mirror - to strife and misery. Beauty woman can "go" through a mirror , if present zavistnits, nedobrozhelatelnitsa.A mirror can accumulate the entire negative information that reflects ever and bring to life endows human misery failure, quarrel, negative emotions, fears, releasing this energy is not useful.

Chinese porcelain doll

farforovaya_kukla Many tourists from China brought the dolls, which are different clever design, elegance and beauty.But few people know that to keep in his house, and to give these beautiful dolls highly undesirable. prototypes , models in the manufacture of porcelain figurines are live, real people , so each doll has its prototype features the world's people .It is believed that the doll, made in the image of a real person, it is also the owner of all the secret thoughts, traits "model."Well, if this person was kind and unselfish.If he had a bad habit, a bad character or bad intentions, the doll placed in another person will have an impact on him, and to all who are close to him, gradually destroying and changing lives for the worse.

figurines, figurines, stuffed birds (all species)

statuetki_ptic In many cultures of the world figurine of a bird carries the symbol some news, in many cases - evil.Give figurines, stuffed birds, thus, is extremely hindsight, then that belief they can bring negativity, misfortune, illness, the news of the death of someone from friends, relatives .

Medical devices and things that remind us of diseases

Tonometr gifts do not have to become inhaler, sphygmomanometer, thermometer , and medicines, crutches, bandages, corsets, bandages and the likethings.These items carry the symbol of the disease, and it is believed that they are able to attract her worsening condition of the person, as well as to constantly remind him of his disease, weakening its strength and immunity.

Animals, fish, birds

Sobaki-i-koshki Such gifts should not give anyone because it is - huge responsibility .The loss of time and effort, which can be bestowed at all ready.An exception for such gifts are those cases where the hero of the triumph expressed a desire to purchase, for example, a special breed of cat, but could not afford it because of the high price, or lack of kittens of this breed in his neighborhood.The presenter must remember - if you still bestow a person takes from him the gift , and it is for him a very desirable, it must still give the donor symbolic "buy» a coin, the animal soonaccustomed to a new home, so as not to get sick, do not run away from the host and quickly Trained.


bizhuteriya As you know, jewelry - is imitation jewelery.Often jewelry is associated with artificially cheap and splendor of things , that really is unacceptable in the present for a woman of any age and affluence.Perhaps the only exception may be branded stylish jewelry well-known brands - and even then only when the hero of the occasion he wished to have it before the event.

Gifts for housework

hoztovary a lot of resentment and frustration can cause the gifts that are associated with housework, repair, cleaning, cooking, etc.Do not give sets of pots or pans, hammers and electric drills , because such gifts will never cause delight.Each host or hostess know what they need at home, and, as a rule, is chosen by yourself, according to your taste.Instead of such "mundane" better gifts to choose service of fine porcelain, sets of cutlery, napkins and beautiful tablecloths, sets of glasses, wine glasses or beer mugs.

book is a self-signed

kniga_s_avtografom We all remember that the "book is the best gift."But, nevertheless, it is necessary to give only those copies of books that match the tastes and preferences of hero for the day (must be consulted in advance, in order to properly determine the choice).You can not give book with his signature , if this book is not written by you.Wishes or access the celebrant can be written on a separate card that you just need to put in the book as a bookmark.

Some taboos when choosing a gift

podarok_sebe Gift himself

extremely impolite to give another person the thing you'll enjoy yourself.For example, unwanted gifts to a spouse pans, carpet in the bathroom, bedside table under the TV.The presenter, choosing a gift for a loved one, should come primarily from the viewpoint of an individual for the purpose of this thing gives to man.

Gift, which contains its value

It's no secret that the rules of good form and refers to the removal of any labels present the award in front of his hero of the occasion.This, however, does not apply to certain European countries and the United States, where the tradition of common share and return is not liked by the gift shop to bestow.

Gifts from the intimate sense

podarok_iz_seksshopa taboo on giving items purchased in a sex shop , as well as intimate underwear even spirits exist in all countries.Such gifts can give each other only two people, united by a passion - and that is not on a major event, but more as tokens.Spirits are on the list of prohibited gifts "intimate" of the list, because they have to man a very great personal value (especially when it comes to perfume with pheromones).Another person spirits can get close properly, and such a gift will cause frustration and resentment.Exceptions are those cases where the hero of the occasion he ordered for himself a gift in the form of spirits, calling at the same preferences.

Gift with a hint of a lack of

podarok_s_namekom sign of bad taste is considered to be a gift that directly or indirectly refers to any lack of people - for example, deodorant cream for acne, antiperspirantfeet, dandruff shampoo, gel cellulite etc.The same list can be added manicure sets, pumice heel, epilators, wrinkle creams, bleaching agents .

objects, reminiscent of old age person

podarok_vozrast mature and elderly people to major dates and important events would be wrong to give the things that remind of the approach of old age - slippers, knitted socks, sticks .But such a gift would be appropriate in everyday life, as a mere manifestation of attention to the person close to you.

choosing gifts loved ones or friends, we must remember that the gift must match their interests, preferences, personality.Gift can not be selected on the move, because it will not have any value, will simply soulless means "pay off" without bringing joy and fun gifts to man.To a significant event has left only positive emotions everyone is acquainted in advance with a list of unwanted gifts, not to be trapped.

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