The newest makeup collection Autumn 2013 - that offer us the world Houses of Beauty?

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10 April 2016

Autumn - a great time when nature plays the most vivid colors and makes a heart-stopping beauty of it.So we women want to look like this time of year is particularly charming and win the hearts of its charm.And help us in this, of course, makeup.

To keep up with current fashion trends, today we'll talk about what fall 2013 makeup collection please us this season.
The newest makeup collection Autumn 2013 - that offer us the world Houses of Beauty?

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  • Guerlain
  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Shiseido
  • Givenchy

Fall 2013 makeup collection beauty are very diverse, and every modern fashionista will find in them the palettethat is right for her.

Autumn Collection makeup Guerlain 2013 - charming tenderness and femininity

Guerlain Makeup Collection Fall 2013 called Voilette de Madame offers women emphasize all her sensuality and fragility.
The newest makeup collection Autumn 2013 - Guerlain

  • Limited Blush in the box
    The new Fall 2013 collection will include limited edition blush 4-Colours Blush, which, in addition to its velvety texture and a natural four-color palette is also pleasing to the eye and uni
    que design, comparable onlythat a work of art.
    Latest Fall 2013 makeup collection
  • Lips decorative cosmetics under a veil
    collection of lipsticks and lip make-up autumn 2013 will be replete with a variety of colors and shades.Limited Edition Guerlain provide us with lipstick Rouge G in three colors - bright fuchsia, pink and red and deep pink.Lipstick is presented in a new case, which is decorated with a coquettish veil.A collection of lip gloss Gloss d'enfer replenished with new sensual shimmering shades of fuchsia, red and Shimmer, and deep plum color-imparting effect "to kiss the lips."
    Latest Fall 2013 makeup collection
  • Velvety shimmering eyeshadow
    Guerlain Also please do not forget us decorative cosmetics Eye.In the autumn 2013 it will double the shadow of L'Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyeshadow, presented in eight colors, each of which can individually enhance the beauty of your eyes.
    Fall 2013 Guerlain

In conclusion, the review of novelties of the House of Beauty Guerlain add that this fall, Guerlain will launch the new line of cosmetic products tonal resources Guerlain Fall 2013 Tenue de Perfection Foundation Powder.Powder and foundation Guerlain has always been known for its soft texture and a full merger with the skin.Therefore, we look forward to new products.
Latest Fall 2013 makeup collection

Fall 2013 makeup collection from Chanel - Berry charm and seduction in shades of khaki

Fall 2013 Makeup Collection Chanel under the intriguing title Superstition invites us to plunge into the bright berry color, shimmering pink and deep brown shades with shimmerkhaki.
Collection makeup by Chanel Fall 2013

  • New Chanel autumn - cream blush
    main novelty of the autumn season 2013 Chanel makeup can be called a cream blush Le Blush Creme de Chanel.Blush presented in six color shades from the cool light pink to dark crimson and cream have a soft texture, which lies on the velvety skin.This cosmetic product claims to be something that would occupy one of the top places in the purse of every woman, tracking fashion trends.
    Collection makeup by Chanel Fall 2013
  • A variety of lipsticks in the fall 2013 Chanel
    Chanel also presents us with new items for the three rulers of lipsticks.Moisturizing lipstick Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour supplemented so warm shades like golden beige and apricot.At that time, as the lipstick Rouge Coco Shine autumn 2013 presented shimmering pink and cool pink.But for the fatal beauty not afraid of bright colors in makeup, Chanel offers to try a moisturizing lipstick with shine Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour saturated bright pink and dark red tones.
    Collection makeup by Chanel Fall 2013
  • Decorative Cosmetics for autumn eye makeup khaki
    main novelty for eye makeup by Chanel - is a four-color eyeshadow Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow.The color palette of shadows begins a gentle milky white color and finishes matte dark green khaki.Also pay attention to his single eye shadow Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow, presented in color variations such as dusty lilac and metallic Taupo.At the end of a Chanel makeup in shades of green House of Beauty offers us try a new waterproof eye liner Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner khaki volume mascara Le Volume de Chanel Mascara with a bronze tint.
    Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow

2013 Autumn Collection makeup by Dior - cold beauty of the universe

Luxury Collection Fall 2013 makeup and Dior presented.The inspiration to create this collection served as a star - Dior's mascot.And, indeed, the whole palette of makeup collection Mystic Metallics like was made from stardust.
2013 Autumn Collection makeup by Dior

  • Star eyeshadow
    Perhaps one of the main novelties of the autumn make-up collection by Dior are shade 5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics.Reticulation shadows consists of five colors, presented in two versions - a blue-green shades and filetovo-silver.
    Dior also offers us a variety of cream monoteney Diorshow Fusion Mono, presented in eight colors.
    5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics
  • Luxury diversity blush collection autumn 2013
    also makes the heart beat faster emergence of a new collection of blush Diorblush.13 saturated colors divided into four color groups and having three different color coating will not leave indifferent any woman, tracking the novelties in the field of cosmetic products.Pink and red, transparent and matte, satin and coral they win you over instantly and forever.
  • Magnetism in nail polish
    not bypass the attention and new magnetic nail polish Dior Vernis Mystic Magnetics in a fashionable green shade.It looks lacquer really fascinating and attractive, justifying its name.Also in the fall 2013 Dior we introduced two new color already familiar nail polish Dior Vernis Mystic - plum Galaxie 992 and silver-pink 382 Destin.
    2013 Autumn Collection makeup by Dior
  • pastel charm your lips from Dior
    As for the new products lipsticks in autumn make-up collection, the Dior invites us to return to a calm beige and light pink tones.The new colors will come in the line of lipstick Dior Addict Extreme and gloss Dior Addict Gloss.
    2013 Autumn Collection makeup by Dior

Japanese Autumn 2013 color Shiseido

Japanese company Shiseido has retreated from any rules in creating a makeup collection autumn of 2013 and offered guided only by inspiration.
Autumn Collection 2013 makeup of Shiseido

  • All colors of autumn in the shadows
    main novelty of autumn 2013 by Shiseido - it's a big reticulation shadows Shiseido The Eye Color Bar.Eyeshadow consist of nine shades that will be changed, if desired, their way though a daily basis.The palette has been created specifically for the fall season of 2013 and includes both bright and iridescent colors and muted natural.New color combinations, you can see and eye shadow Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio - this bed beige, turquoise and bright and sunny sand.
  • Cherry smile from Shiseido
    also a Shiseido makeup collection Autumn 2013 presents new rich shades of lipstick shiseido lacquer rouge and shiseido lacquer rouge.Vibrant and bright colors - from bright crimson to burgundy-red, will bring warm and seductive notes of your fall look.

Collection makeup Givenchy - transparent autumn 2013

And, of course, we could not ignore the fall makeup collection 2013 of the brand Givenchy named Soir D'Exception .In general, the color palette is reminiscent of spring makeup trends from Givenchy, changed only a few shades that were a little more subdued.
Autumn Collection 2013 makeup Soir D

  • Autumn smoky eyes
    heart of autumn make-up collection by Givenchy became reticulation shadows Ecrin Du Soir.Basic color which was selected bright mauve.All other shades delicately framed it, giving unusual, but very interesting colors.
    Autumn Collection 2013 makeup Soir D
  • Mascara khaki
    Also, in addition to the fashionable eye makeup, gives us a new Givenchy Noir Couture mascara khaki.This color will be very beneficial to look at the sunlight, despite the fact that in the dark lashes will seem classic black.This color palette for eye makeup is very suitable and a new pencil gas from Givenchy Magic Kajal, which will be presented in a dark brown color.
    Autumn Collection 2013 makeup Soir D
  • Seductive lips from Givenchy
    This fall we expect the premiere of two colors within the lipstick Le Rouge.It will be a shade of pink pripylenny, which is perfect for the morning or the working day and in opposition to it a deep red, which is indispensable for the evening events.
    Le Rouge

In conclusion, I would like to summarize and designate general fashion trends makeup fall 2013 from the luxury cosmetics brands.

  • As we can see in the autumn collections, at the height of fashion in the make-up of eyes firmly consolidated its leading position all shades of khaki , which is also sometimes goes to nail polish.
  • lipstick continues to please us with its diversity and provide a huge selection of and the opportunity to experiment.
  • In general, fall colors in make-up in 2013 are slightly coldish calm and shade, like merging with the beauty of the world around this time of year.