The latest movies in the early fall: a movie that is worth seeing in September 2013

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04 April 2016

The latest movies in the early fall: a movie that is worth seeing in September 2013 think, than to entertain themselves in September?With interest glances toward cinema?We'll tell you about the motion pictures that can be viewed in the early fall of 2013.

  • Kick-Ass 2

    The new film - Kick-Ass 2 Superman comic book in real life meet, of course, impossible.But the place is a real life heroes is always there.Ubivashka Kick and continue fighting the "evil world," and now they are helping in this Colonel America.Reckless and we can say, wild movie with beautiful and talented Chloe Grace, who had time to grow up with the first part of the film.Good acting, a perfect cast, great costumes.More stiffness and blood than in the first part.Got something to smile, what to see.

  • 12 months

    New Movie - 12 months history, like, old as the world: the girl from the province is going to conquer the capital.But the main character Mary knows what she wants: a private apartment - again, a fur coat - two luxurious chest - three career stars - four.After Masha is in the hands of the book "12 months", her desire mysteriously begin to materialize.H

    owever, there is a certain truth - "Thou shalt not covet, because come true."Every desire is the reverse side.In order to save their loved ones, Masha will have to learn the most miracles.

  • The new film - Lovelace Lovelace biopic about the life of the famous porn actress (in fact - the first in this genre) Linda Lovelace, dedicated his life to a bitter struggle for the rights of the weaker sex.The film is about how modest girl became a star of world scale "movie for adults", starring in a candid picture of the 70s.Personal drama woman, a perfect reproduction of the atmosphere of those times, a good author and the final game, which makes you wonder.

  • Troy, New York

    The new film - three in New York Just a day in the life of three simple inhabitants of New York - John the driver from the company escort services and two girls on a call.Having escaped from a party, they're going to shoot at the camera stolen their entertainment on three.But the game turns to the camera in the interview, revealing each character from an unexpected quarter.As a result - all the secrets of becoming a reality, and in front - only emptiness.The picture of the pain of intimacy and solitude.On a day that changed the whole life of each.

  • all inclusive.Holidays in Greece

    The new movie - All-inclusive. Father Anderson family - chronic greedy person.By chance to win tickets to Greece, he goes on vacation with his family.There they were waiting for the adventures and trials that would make the head of the family to review the many views on life.

  • That is love!

    The new film - that is love! picture about the adventures of two young residents of the Russian capital.Classical business trip turns into a breathtaking chase.Film-mood with unexpected twists, the sea of ​​emotions and good humor.No jokes from the waist down, a great cast, fantastic nature and a lot of reasons to to laugh heartily.

  • End of the World Apocalypse 2013 in Hollywood

    New film 2013 - End of the World Apocalypse 2013 in Hollywood shortstop going to a party, to be held by the classical scheme - to get drunk three sheets to the quarrel, then make peace and so on. And all passed the traditional way, if not the end of the world.And not some kind of flying asteroid or hordes of zombies, and the most that neither is true biblical end of the world.I mean, hell, angels and dips in Earth's firmament.Both in terms of total destruction will survive shortstop?

  • habit to leave

    New film 2013 - The habit to leave picture of an ordinary girl who just can not manage to make a human being his personal life.Lost in conjecture and tormented question, she decided on a brave step - find all your ex-boyfriends and ask - why is not a relationship, and that it is not so.Will she finally find answers and your other half?

  • Turkish for Beginners

    New film 2013 - Turkish for Beginners girl Lena is only 19 years old.But life evolves (as is usually the case) not according to the script, as she would have liked.His mother, the therapist is constantly teaching her life, and the guy calls from Lena too much.She dreams of all, in the end, left her alone.But alas, instead mom buys tickets to Thailand for both of them.Instead, the beach and parties - a plane crash in which both of them are still alive.After that Lena meets on the island of Turkish macho, and her mother met his father.

  • Don Jon

    New film 2013 - Don Jon The film in the comedy about the adventures of modern ladies' man.Every love affair ends with his forced flight.But not far off the day when the conqueror of female hearts still have to stop and come to their a quiet harbor.