How to make a perfume or a perfume more resistant winter?

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11 April 2016

It's no secret that in the warm and cold seasons the same fragrance is revealed in different ways, with very different shades.In the winter, given the unstable weather and frequent precipitation in the form of snow and frost, as well as multiple layers of clothes, women choose scents warm, sweetish, with notes of spices, because they are more expressive and resistant to cold.How to make your favorite winter fragrance persistent winter?

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How to make a perfume or a perfume more resistant winter?

  • correct choice of winter flavor. When choosing scents for winter should prefer woody (cedar, patchouli, sandalwood), chypre fragrances.The perfume for the winter should be oriental motifs - notes of vanilla and spices, cinnamon, musk, amber.Scents for the winter, which recommend perfumers can calm and warm, and they give the owner of, and all the surrounding sense of comfort.Properly selected winter version of your fragrance will allow you to stay stylish in the winter, will give personality and
    help move the cold calm and confident.
  • intensity of flavor. In cold weather, perfumes, spirits become less resistant.Why is that?The cold temperature of the skin decreases, respectively - dull and perfume.If the folds of garments More deposited previously saved trail of perfume, the skin retains fragrance longer and you have to "tinker" it more often than, for example, in the warm season.What to do?And it is claimed experts, perfumers, again - the right choice for the winter flavor.Consider a bottle of her perfume closely.If you notice it abbreviation EDT , you - the owner of the toilet water.If there letters EDP , you - Perfume.What is the difference?And the difference - just as the intensity of the fragrance: eau de parfum is more resistant, it's the need to be selected for use in the winter.To ensure that you do not have to give up your favorite flavors in favor of other, more intense, perfumers produce and toilet, and perfumed water under the same brand - consider carefully when buying a bottle and read the abbreviation.
    How to make a perfume or a perfume more resistant winter?
  • Effect layering different flavors of winter. In the cold season, our skin feels a great need to care for it - we use milk and creams for the body to nourish the skin, protect against the cold, eliminate dryness and flaking.With even the most unobtrusive smell, all these means playing in a winter "ensemble" very strong influence on the sound of your perfume and can significantly weaken it, or change.Choose funds for skin care, as well as shampoos, lotions and deodorants without odors.You can also opt for a series of cosmetic and perfume products of one brand - they will have exactly the same flavor that will extend the durability of the main winter perfume to your ensemble.If this option is - not your, then carefully select the means to care for themselves, their flavor was very close to the flavor of your main perfume.
  • able to correctly applying perfume to prolong his resistance winter. known that in the summer can be applied to any flavor of the open areas of the body - a minimum of clothes around you will create a fragrant trail and perfume will begin its work on the creation of the image.In winter, under layers of clothing, even a fair amount of perfume will leave it under the top coat or a coat, not letting out.How to make so as to create a fragrant trail in winter clothes?
    • Firstly, do not try to put on perfume or coat collar coat - tomorrow you want to change the flavor and outerwear will give your treacherous yesterday by mixing scents.
    • Secondly, winter fragrance should be applied to the skin in the area of ​​the earlobes, wrists.Several aromatic strokes on the sides can be left in the hair roots and the skin on the back of the neck.
  • Clothing resistance to prolong the winter perfume. To enhance the flavor of winter perfume and extend its "sound" to you, you can put a few drops on a scarf, neckerchief, the inside of the glove.Do not apply perfume to the inner surface of the cap and on the outer clothing - this we wrote above.Note: Keep in mind that some types of perfume can leave yellow stains on the white product, or, conversely, to lighten dark clothes!
  • Road miniature version of the perfume. If you are a long time away from home for an event and want your fragrance accompany you all the time - bring a mini-version of your flavor.So you do not overload your handbag large bottle, and be able to "patch up" the flavor at all times.It is worth noting that on sale there as special miniature versions of fragrances, as well as kits, which include a small funnel, and a vial-dispenser, as well as special bottles, atomizers for perfume, which can dial your favorite perfume directly from the conventional spray bottle.
    How to make a perfume or a perfume more resistant winter?
  • perfume Proper storage to preserve its quality and durability of flavor. Proper storage of spirits, perfume is of great importance.As is known, the most unstable - spirits, they need a special approach, so modern women in their choice not dwell on them so often.Storage and toilet eau de parfum should also be according to the rules:
    • not store perfume in the sunlight. Even indoor lighting can be particularly devastating to delicate flavors, so experts recommend to hide the perfume business perfumes in dark places, the best - in the dressing table drawer, where the sun's rays do not penetrate.
    • Perfume may suffer because of the excessive heat. Keep treasured bottles of fragrances away from heaters and batteries in a cool and dry place.
    • Once you have applied the fragrance itself, need to tightly close the bottle cap original - Do not ignore this step, to avoid oxidation of perfume in the dispenser, and as a result, changing the flavor and properties.
  • Number of perfume. Many women believe that an amount of perfume is directly proportional to its resistance.But this is not so.Not only is bathed in strong aroma lady will cause a negative attitude to himself, and some others may appear allergic to smell it.And in the summer, and in winter it is necessary to apply the same amount of perfume, and if necessary - to "correct" its way out of the board №6.
    How to make a perfume or a perfume more resistant winter?
  • When it is necessary to apply perfume so that it sounded winter long? The most common response to women - of course, before the exit!This response is the most common misconceptions about flavors.Perfumers say that every perfume should "sit" is on your skin - only then it will become a part of your personality.Do not forget also about the effect of "mixing" of flavors, which can happen if you apply perfume to clothing.Correct the application of your fragrance - before you start to dress, that is half an hour before leaving the house.

Use your favorite flavors in the winter cold, and do not forget about our boards!