10 melodramas that will transform your life

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04 April 2016

This collection is characterized by the fact that these films are not just timeless and beautiful, they also prompt reflection and even rethinking their lives.After watching these movies you will want to change for the better, and do good.THEREFORE sit back and enjoy your viewing!

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  • Meet Joe Black
  • Titanic
  • Something's Gotta Give
  • Anger Management
  • Offer
  • The Holiday
  • City of Angels
  • Notebook
  • Take the Lead
  • Kate & Leopold

Meet Joe Black

1998 US

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt

Habitually current life of newspaper tycoon wealthy, the influential William Parish suddenly turned upside down.His country had an unexpected guest - Death itself.Tired of his work, Death takes the shape of a charming young man who calls himself Joe Black offers William agreement: Death vacationing in the world of the living, William becomes her guide and assistant, and after she takes a vacation with Parish.In magnate no choice and mysterious Black Jae begins his acqu

aintance with the world of the living.What will happen to death when exploring the people she encounters with love?Especially in the dead man, whose appearance to accept death, love with the daughter of William ...




delightful movie.For the first time looked about three years ago, then just download to your computer.10 melodramas that will transform your life Every time I look with great pleasure, in a new way.Pitt went really well, to portray Death, a kind of cocktail childish naivete, power and great knowledge.Very well it conveys a sense that he learned to feel - pain, love the taste of peanut butter ... Indescribably.About Hopkins generally keep quiet - this master of cinema.


Brad Pitt's love, admire this actor.Wherever shot - perfect acting.All the qualities necessary to the actor, gathered in one great man.About the film ... More than once I jumped up from the couch and cried to her husband - this can not be!10 melodramas that will transform your life Well, can not feel the death!He can not love!Of course, the storyline - a fairy tale, mystical tale about love ... imagine even scared to death that someone fell in love!This 10 melodramas that will transform your life someone obviously not luck.10 melodramas that will transform your life Do not see this movie can not.Wonderful picture, staring, not looking up.It captures full.In some moments even I shed a few tears, but I do not tend to.10 melodramas that will transform your life


1997 US

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

Jack and Rose find each other on the unsinkable Titanic.Lovers do not realize that their journey - this is the first and the last sail together.How could they know that the chic jet expensive die in the icy waters of the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg.Passionate love of young people turns into a fight to the death ...




real movie, sinks into the soul.There are no words to describe their emotions.Becomes part of the film, experiencing together with the heroes.I would like to applaud Cameron standing for this picture, immortalized in the film of the tragedy for the choice of actors, music and so forth. This is a true masterpiece.In general, words can not convey.Only tears that every time lesh end of the film and a storm of emotions.I did not see anyone who would have remained indifferent.


When my life lacks sincerity of feeling and sentimentality, I'm looking for them in the Titanic.Thanks for the great movie director, for his wonderful emotions from view, for sadness, for romance, for everything.Each view of the Titanic - the three magical hours about love, the dream of all.In another way, probably, not to say.

Something's Gotta Give

2003 US

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves

Harry Langer - an elderly figure of the music industry.Fond of young seductive Marin lead him to the house of her mother, Erica.Where it happens with the heart beat of passion.Eric and Harry fall in love.Love Triangle expands, thanks to the young doctor was summoned to help Harry ...




Film pleasantly surprised.I watched avidly.Emotion after viewing ... mixed.Nerves story tickles, of course, the subject, the sex between lovers from completely different generations ... I can not call this movie a light romance movie with serious overtones, but terribly exciting and sensual.I recommend, of course.


Sincerity, romance, positive, humor, sex, unacceptable at first sight ... amazing movie.Pleasant impression, warm feelings after viewing.With great pleasure I will watch again and again.Especially when such actors ... The basic idea, I think - regardless of age love.Everyone wants because of warmth and tenderness, regardless of the nature, lifestyle, age ... Good, the director and screenwriter done - created a different picture.

Anger Management

2003 US

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson

Poor clerk - desperately unlucky people.And he is very modest, try to avoid all obstacles and do not run into problems.By misunderstanding Man accused of assaulting a flight attendant.Verdict - compulsory psychiatric treatment, or a prison.No wonder they say that most of the psychiatrists themselves should be treated.But there is no choice.




romantic, reckless film about love that "when all alone."Slightly spoiled movie with hackneyed very moment a declaration of love to the stadium, but in general, the film is excellent.The most pleasant impression left by Nicholson.Enough even just his presence in the film, his eyes, a devilish smile - and the picture will be doomed to success and Oscar.Who 10 melodramas that will transform your life bad mood, who can not fend for themselves who the loser of life - must see this film.10 melodramas that will transform your life


not going to look, caught only the name of Nicholson.Given his charisma, any movie becomes an ideal.10 melodramas that will transform your life just laughed to tears.Nicholson has outdone itself, Sandler played worse, but basically normal.The plot is not incubator, very pleased.The idea is very original, the movie itself instructive.I would be so calm and pofigizm as Buddy.10 melodramas that will transform your life Of course, we are all crazy in my heart, the only difference is in how we produce steam ... Movie - super.I advise everyone.


2009, US

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds

strict liability boss faces deportation to his native Canada.Return to the land of lakes in its no plans, and to stay in a favorite armchair manager, his assistant Margaret offers a marriage.Bitchiness Madame subjugates all afraid to disobey it, and when it appears through computers Office flies the message "It came."Assistant Andrew faithful slave Margaret - is no exception.He dreamed about this job for the sake of increasing agree to the marriage.But there is - a serious test of the senses from the Migration Service and the relatives of the groom ...




unrealistic romantic soulful film!Even the dog is there to place.Pro Dance with Grandma Margaret and Andrew can not speak.And I laugh, and looked like tears.Humor a nice, easy, the plot very much, feelings of the characters look sincere and realistic.I am delighted.Certainly, anything can happen in life ... And the modest quiet subordinate can be manly macho, and headmistress bitchiness can be gentle fairy.Love - it's so ...


light, good picture.It carries only positive emotions with a light veil of sentimentality.Smile never left her lips, laughed almost nonstop.I will watch another - well, very beautiful love story.PsSo grab one by the hand of man, and he - your destiny ... 10 melodramas that will transform your life

The Holiday

2006 US

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet

Iris lives in the province of England.She - the author of a wedding column in a newspaper.He lives his lonely days in the cottage, and an unrequited love with her boss.Amanda - the owner of an advertising agency in California.He does not know how to cry, no matter how hard.Not just a betrayal of a loved one, he throws him out.

Women, absolutely not similar to each other, share the ten thousand kilometers.Caught in almost identical situations, they are broken injustice of the world, find each other on the Internet.Site sharing housing becomes the starting point on the way to happiness ...




Ocharovana movies from the first seconds of viewing.Heartwarming film about love with a beautiful selection of actors, music and magic neizbity plot.The main idea is probably that love is blind, and the heart must be given the opportunity to rest and sort out feelings.One of the best melodramas that I watched.Very bright feelings remain after it.Perfect ending, filled with spiritual and emotional picture.


coolest movie of the genre!Romance, humor, and just awesome touching movie!Nothing more, no strumming, bending, life, realistic, wonderful movie.After watching you feel some hope that there is certainly life miracles that everything will be just necessarily a good thing!Supericheskoe cinema.I advise everyone to see.

City of Angels

1998 US

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan

Who said that angels exist only in heaven?They are always with us, unseen comfort and cheer in moments of despair, listen to our thoughts.They are unknown to human feelings - they do not know what love is, what is the taste of black coffee, hurt you, when the blade of the knife accidentally slips on a finger.Sometimes unbearably attracted to people.And then an angel loses its wings, falls down and turns into a mere mortal man.Thus began with him when the love of earth woman became stronger the love that she knew ...




Respect Cage, heperfectly played.Skill actor, charisma, good looks - superb.Role of amazing, and played it Nicholas like nobody could.One of my favorite pictures of me.Very sincere and touching.These fallen angels, it turns out, a very nice man.10 melodramas that will transform your life I advise everyone to see.


Unrealistic relationship between man and angel ... feeling just overwhelmed, unearthly some surprisingly soulful film.Not for the snobs who arched a skeptical eyebrow, looking at the crowd of winged creatures, but for those who are able to love, to feel, to rejoice, to cry and to appreciate every moment on earth.


2004 US

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams

this touching love story of an elderly man read from a nursing home.The history of the notebook.About the love of two people from very different social worlds.At first, parents, and after the Second World War stood in the way of Noah and Allie.The war is over.Allie stayed with talented businessman and Noah with memories in an old renovated house.Random article in the newspaper decides the fate Ellie ...




So genuine, natural acting, there are no words.No presnyatiny, sweetness and vapidity.Romantic, poignant film about love.They were able to save their love, to see, to fight for it ... The film teaches us take the main place of love in life, do not forget about it, without giving offense.A delightful film.


good fairy tale of love, which still lives in the hearts of men.Which passes them through life, in spite of everything.No pink snot in the film, only life as it is.Touching, sensitive and warm somewhere warm in the heart.

Take the Lead

2006 US

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Rob Brown

Professional dancer gets a job at the New York School.He takes in the dance group's most incorrigible lost society of disciples.Addictions Trust and understanding of the dance teacher - are totally different, and the relationship did not add up.Will the teacher to earn their trust?




Picture charges energetic dance, positive, emotions.The plot is dull, with a sense of deep stress.At the highest level - the actors, dance, music, everything.Perhaps the best movie of the dancing I've ever seen.


very good impression of the film.Not to say that I am impressed by the story, but here, I think, nothing more, and it is not necessary.The idea to mix hip-hop and classical music - excellent.Excellent picture.I recommend.

Kate and Leo

2001 US

Starring: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman

Duke of Albany, Leo accidentally falls through time to modern-day New York.In the crazy rhythm of modern life charming gentleman Leo meets Kate, a business woman, successful business fascinating heights.One catch: he is from the nineteenth century, and between them an abyss.But unless it can be an obstacle for love?Of course not.Until such time as Leo did not have to go back in his era ...




romantic tale, colorful and comical, one of the bestgenre of melodrama.Many times you can watch.That there is only dinner Kate!10 melodramas that will transform your life Definitely worth seeing this movie.Jackman just handsome, refined, gentle knight.10 melodramas that will transform your life Meg Ryan do love.I downloaded his movie film library, which is what I advise everyone.


film, I think, family.A good sense of humor, a great plot, emotional kinoskazki.Hugh Dzhekmanu role of Duke is very approached.Slim, good movie, very pity that it ended.I want to watch and watch it on.10 melodramas that will transform your life

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