How to mark the anniversary of the wedding?

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19 April 2016

Year together - it's a great time to sum up the results of a new, already established family.And of course an excellent opportunity to arrange a holiday.But the format of the festival have to choose you.From feast for the whole world to a secluded romantic moonlight strolls.There is a lot of celebration options.The main thing to understand which format is more suitable for you, and arrange them according to your family celebration.

Option 1. Oh time, yes again!

Certainly for the year related to the wedding, you have changed.Perhaps looking photos from weddings of friends and acquaintances you have understood what they wanted for themselves another dress or another format, or another place to celebrate your wedding and have been and nothing it does not change, it would seem ... But time is approaching anniversary, theYou can repeat everything again.Buy yourself a new wedding dress, gather your friends, go to a country house wedding decorations.Why no!

Well, if you are satisfied with the format of you

r wedding, then we can repeat exactly the same as it was a year ago.

Option 2. Lovestory lifelong

What do you think about lovestory photo shoot?Who does not love beautiful pictures, especially those which show yourself.And wedding anniversary great excuse to arrange a photo session of his beloved family.The more variations on the theme, there are many.It all depends on the imagination and professionalism of the photographer, and of course, your own wishes and preferences.

Option 3: The Dinner Party.

If you want to share a holiday with friends and family, why not make a little party?You can decorate your apartment thematically beautiful wedding tinsel, candles and flashlights.Choose your favorite music, dancing till you drop to arrange.And of course to capture it all on the photo.You can still make an album with pictures of years of living together, and ask your friends to leave him in the reviews about your family.

Option 4. first date.

And what was your first real date?And why should it not be repeated.Dine at your favorite cafe, where your current husband asked you the first time.Take a walk in the park, remembering how your relationship started.

Option 5. Family - is extreme.

Sure, getting married, you went to a certain risk, because who knows how it all goes after you become one family.But here you have a year together and the flight goes well.So why not take a chance and do not celebrate this date extreme.Having made the first parachute jump together, going to canoe camping.There is no limit to imagination.

Option 6. Picnic

If celebrate the date does not work properly and you keep things, the work backlog care of the house, it's a good excuse to arrange at least a small celebration, to leave the city and have a holiday dinner.The time it takes is not so much, but you will have a rest, breathe fresh air and come back with renewed vigor to the business.

Option 7. Dreams Come True

Surely you have a joint dream that you have not yet executed.So why not do it on the anniversary of the wedding?It will be quite an extraordinary way to celebrate and give you the opportunity to make room for the new joint dream.

Option 8. A year has passed.It is time to change the situation.

It certainly does not mean that we should celebrate the wedding anniversary repairs in an apartment or move, even if you live in a rented apartment, then why not change the situation, it is updated.But if in a year you could not get out on a journey, why not coincide with the anniversary of such a trip.You can even just go for the weekend in a nearby town, to get acquainted with its attractions, stroll, eat ice cream in the park.

Option 9. We have a tradition ...

Or maybe you just need a good rest?And go to the spa for relaxing treatments together.And if you prefer a bath or sauna, then how to warm up together, as in the famous film make this a tradition for the wedding anniversary together in a bath to go.

Option 10. Married oath

Here you have a year like in a marriage, of course, during this time you can get to know each other better.And, of course, you have any suggestions on how to change their own family would like, something you have not yet done.So why not write to each other vows and promise each other that would very much like to do is give, what would want to please each other, even a little silly, relationships, and consist of little things, too.They seem subtle, but very strong influence on the general background of your relationship.

Option 11. With a breeze!

And how would you feel to go with the car through the city?And it is possible to rent a car, depending on personal preference.Maybe you like vintage cars or if you would like a long time to ride in a limousine, and you may want to take a ride on the gig, why not do it on your own anniversary?

Option 12. Horseback riding

great option to arrange for an anniversary a little horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings.You can combine it, and then a picnic or a festive candlelight dinner on the shore of a lake or river.

Option 13. The lucky ticket

If you are completely at a loss, and both do not know how to celebrate this holiday, why do not you go to the station and do not take two tickets for the next train.So you unexpectedly find yourself in an unfamiliar place and are likely to find adventure in this trip.

Option 14.Zagadochnoe date.

Here the initiative to take one of you, and as men usually difficulty remembering dates, you can organize all and fair sex.Choose a location where you would like to arrange a romantic date and come up with a couple of puzzles to solve which your lover will know this place.Riddles guessing within a few days remained to intrigue and interest.

Option 15. At a distance

It so happens that in this day do not teach to be together and want to celebrate.No problem.You can write in this day with each other sms with congratulations even toast with tea or coffee.It will make your working day festivity.

And you have interesting ideas how to mark a year since the wedding?Share with us!