10 best domestic melodramas

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05 April 2016

Continuing the theme - what to look long winter evenings, we have prepared for you a selection of 10 domestic melodramas that we believe deserve attention.Each film is permeated with deep feelings and is a reflection of a certain age, mood and, of course, of our history.Enjoy watching!

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  • Love and doves
  • Graffiti
  • Extraterrestrial
  • Bon appetit
  • Three polugratsii
  • Temptation
  • Little Faith
  • Intergirl
  • cruelty Education for women and dogs
  • you notdreamed

Love and pigeons - this film is worth seeing for all women

1984 USSR

Starring: Alexander Mikhailov, Nina Doroshina

Basil, when correcting a fault winchHe gets injured.Stay on the south - as a reward.In the south, he meets a fatal refined vegetarian Raisa Zakharovna, and the road to the resort is not in his native village, and in the apartment of his mistress.New life depressing Basil.He wants to return to his beloved wife, Nadia, to the children and the pigeons on the roof ...



film is simply magnificent!Magic!I love it.Each episode is always watching with bated breath, every sentence in the language - some aphorisms.And nature in extraordinary frames.Celebrities, actors ... today there is no such.World film netlenka.


Excellent movie.Not a single superfluous scene not any extra character.Everything is perfect, from the actors to the game every gesture and word.Of course, this romance comedy.This is a classic of the genre.This is very good, sincere story about love, about family.And these pigeons in the film - a symbol of love.As pigeon drops a stone down to connect with the dove, and for true love there is no obstacle.The ideal picture which is worth seeing at least once.

Graffiti - one of the best Russian melodramas

2006 Russian

Starring: Andrei Novikov, Alexander Ilyin

young artist, barely get a diploma, fun muralsCity subway graffiti.Street, as we know, has its own strict laws.To give their creative talents on foreign soil is very dangerous.As a result of a showdown with local bikers colorful Andrew gets a black eye, a dislocated leg and deprived of the opportunity to go to Italy with my girlfriend and a group of final year.About Venice, you can forget, and Andrew sent to the expanses of native remote province to sketch.Adventure is not bypassed by his side, but that's another dimension.Andrew destined to understand much ...



pleasant surprise of the film.Given the crisis in the national film industry, I found, finally, a picture that allows you to believe that our spiritual atmosphere can still be saved.Insanely sorry you our country where a real person drink too much and turn into beasts, and finding no way out of this terrible reality, and all sorts of vermin running the show and claim the aesthetic superiority.The director can only thank you for such a real movie.


want to cry after this film.And run, save the country from what was happening to her.I can not believe that after such pictures someone else looks the incubator vulgar notices, distorting mirrors and the house-2.There are in our country, talented directors, who are able to shoot this movie, for the sake of the Russian soul, for the sake of conscience.And, of course, pleased that there zamylenny already annoying snouts in the film.Actors unfamiliar, decent, sincere playing - believe them, do not hesitate for a second.What can I say - this is purely a Russian film.Must see.

Extraterrestrial - favorite romance women.Reviews.

2007 Ukraine

Starring: Yuri Stepanov, Larissa Shakhvorostova

small village not far from Chernobyl.Local resident Semenov discovers that his mother-in scatty little strange creature unknown to science - Yegorushka to call his mother-in-law.He demonstrates his neighbor Sasha policeman.District Sasha brings Yegorushka in and puts in the refrigerator, as evidence, despite the protests of his wife.On the basis of the statute, Sasha is obliged to report his find superiors and require expertise.From this point begins the events that Sasha can not control: the wife leaves him, ufologist comes to the village, the old woman is sent to the light under unknown circumstances, and of the precinct begin to pursue strange visions ...



a long time I did not get as much pleasure from the national cinema.Romance, sensuality, and philosophy, and detective sites.10 best domestic melodramas plot almost absurd, but true.The presence of interest in our heavenly brothers to Chernobyl mutations to the simple life ... great Russian hinterland.It is easy to imagine yourself in the place of the characters, they are quite recognizable - such a lot in life.Realistic painting, a little sad, thought-provoking.


See initially did not want to.Beginning on the advice of friends, initially skeptical.Because we remove anything decent can not.Ironically, the film simply charmed, enchanted from the first minute.And Yuri Stepanov ... I think this is his best role.It is unfortunate that we lost such a wonderful actor.On TV, like, there was this film.And for good reason.A very Russian, very kind, sensitive cinema.I advise everyone.

Bon appetit - an interesting romance for women

2005 Ukraine.

Starring: Mary Aronov, Alexander ball, Yulia Rutberg, Alexander Lykov

painting by famous French play "Family Dinner" - the domestic version of Christmas.

as exemplary, exemplary, perfect husband to celebrate the new year, if the spouse is forced to leave it on a holiday?Well, of course, to arrange an intimate dinner for himself and his mistress, invited especially for this cook from expensive agencies.But his dream did not come true - at the last moment the wife decides to stay home.Head of the family is forced to rush between his wife, mistress and cook, snowball of lies grows rapidly and rolling them all.A family friend (who is also the wife's lover) is attempting to pull each other out of a difficult, delicate situation.As a result, it only aggravates her, unwittingly adding fuel to the fire.Invited cook forced to play the role of a mistress, the mistress - the role of cook, everything in the house is turned upside down ... But murder will, as we know, can not hide ...



pleased Baluevall pleased, super film.I long so do not laugh long as positive emotions experienced.I advise everyone who needs a positive and more.Awesome movie.The director did a good job, Mary Aronov just great, Balueva stone face throughout the film - as well.10 best domestic melodramas rare in the domestic film industry meet such work.Continuous positive!


very happy.Glad to have looked.Funny, touching film, without any vulgarity.Thin professional acting.Above all praise, definitely.Himself, of course, difficult to imagine such a delicate situation, but the picture is not for a moment casts doubt on the realism of events.Of course, there's something to think about after watching, there is something to smile and laugh, it makes sense to see this movie more than once.10 best domestic melodramas

Three polugratsii - Russian cinema, which is worth seeing

2006 Russian

Starring: Alain Khmelnytsky, Tatiana Vasilieva, Daria Drozdovskaya, Yuri Stoyanov, Bohdan Stupka

Three polugratsii ... So called them careless young girls tipsy old man back in the warmth of Sochi.As time went on, the three polugratsii wondered worthy women.They are beautiful and charming, they have succeeded in life and is easily adapted to its variability, they carried their friendship through the years, retaining its unselfishness, and they are on the verge of the fortieth anniversary of ...

Sonia, director of travel agency, feels his confidence solely in the workplace.Beauty Alice - head of the department in the TV companies, impregnable, seductive, fatal.Editor of Natasha - home, sweet and romantic.But personal life her friends still can not get on ...



This film is necessary to look the whole family.Pleasant vacation watching TV.Please, think of all.Excellent melodrama with comedy moments, qualitative humor and acting - will not remain indifferent.Such pictures about the eternal, bright and kind, with a light plot and a happy ending, it is necessary to all.Heart-warming, uplifting ... A good film.I advise everyone.


plot a bit surprised.The film very much, even for a second did not yawn, do not have the desire to turn it off.Avidly watched from beginning to end.It emanates from the tale of the story ... But we all a little kids at heart, everyone wants this tale.You look at the screen, that's a good thing, and believe me - and in fact and in life this can be!10 best domestic melodramas Dream, people.Dreams Come True.10 best domestic melodramas

Temptation - this melodrama turns consciousness

2007 Russian

Starring: Sergei Makovetskii Catherine Fedulova

Dies half-brother Andrew, Alexander.Andrew, with a stone heart, coming to the funeral.The atmosphere of a foreign family is unfamiliar, unusual, and even sinister.Andrei attempts to understand the incomprehensible, confusing circumstances, the death of his brother.Painful memories of the past, and pull them from the depths of memory is incredibly difficult.But the past can tell what really happened, where is the truth, and whether Sasha died from an accident ...



-piece, coherent story based on his own novella very talented director.No ultra-hipness and phantasmagoric, it is clear, simple, rich and interesting.The basic idea - the condemnation, justification.Impressed film.I recommend.


Something inspired by something introduced into the state nestoyaniya, something I do not understand ... I know one thing for sure - to break away from the picture is unrealistic, in the same breath looks excitedly.Actors find the ideal, the director tried to glory.Holistic, finished regarding meaning, exciting movie.

Little Faith - a classic Soviet melodrama.Reviews.

1988 USSR

Starring: Natalia villain Andrei Sokolov

usually, a working family, no millions, of lives in the seaside town.The parents are quite happy traditional everyday joys, tired of the everyday problems.Faith barely graduated from high school.Her life - a disco, chatter with friends and a bottle of wine in a gate.Meeting with Sergey changes the life of faith.The student Sergey other principles and values, he grew up in a different cultural environment, he thinks a different scale.Can understand each other two young men from "parallel" worlds?



film is quite old already.But it describes the problem and relevant in our time - the lack of adequate housing, drink too much population, infantilism, apathy, poverty of the periphery and so on.The storyline of the picture - a solid and hopelessness chernushny.But look in the same breath.Great cast, great movie.It makes sense to look at and review.


How strange look in our time movies of those years ... As another reality.Also, probably, we will have to look about thirty years.How the dinosaurs.10 best domestic melodramas Then this film probably just rattled.When no one knew what he wanted, but would change everything.He teaches something today?Difficult question ... film complex.But once again I see it, definitely.10 best domestic melodramas

Intergirl.Reviews of favorite Soviet melodrama.

1989 USSR-Sweden

Starring: Elena Yakovleva, Thomas Laustiola

Currency prostitute in recent years wants only one thing - to break out of this vicious circle, to become respectable,respectable wife of a foreigner, to flee abroad and forget about everything.About this country, about this life ... Despite all the spokes in the wheel, she gets what dreamed.And he comes to the conclusion that the most important thing, without which her life was impossible to stay there at home ...



Yakovlev played brilliantly.Bright, emotional, temperamental.Picture living, thanks to the charisma of the truly professional actress.Unique, colorful cinema of the time, the dream of a prostitute, the happiness that can not be bought for any money.The ending ... I personally cried.And every time I look, roar.Film classics.


I recommend.If someone was not looking - certainly not.I do not know how much will be interesting to the youth of today ... I think if not all moral values ​​are lost, it will be interesting.Heavy film about the cruelty of the world, about the characters who are themselves painted themselves into corners, about the hopelessness ... I love this movie.Strong said.

cruelty Education for women and dogs.Reviews.

1992 Russian

Starring: Elena Yakovleva, Andris Lielais

She is beautiful, intelligent, lonely.Meets tough, strong-willed, Victor.One finding someone abandoned dogs, she brings her home and gives nickname Nura.Nura lover mistress does not like, she protests against his presence in the house, Victor distracting from the main occupation for which he is, in fact, comes.Victor leaves angry.Some time later, a woman brings a case with Boris.Good, nice guy, canine, changing the lives of Nyurkinoy hostess.It helps in the search for a missing dog, and in the fight against the cruelty of this world ...



This picture is not of the woman and her dog, not even love.This is a film that in our reality, we have to be tough to survive.Either you're tough initially, or to you, you want - do not want educated.High-quality movie with a talented actress, her alive, kind, interesting game.And the rest of the characters are also good.The film with a dog in the title role was very interesting, not commonplace, profound.Definitely worth a look.


sad picture of life.There just crying everywhere.And when the dog was stolen, and when rescued her from leaving speculators in Zaporozhets, and this fight ... The feeling was that I was standing there and wildly heroes want to help but can not do anything.Impressively played their roles, lively movie.One of my favorite.

You can not dream - an old favorite and domestic melodrama

1981 USSR

Starring: Tatiana Aksyuta Nikita Mikhailovsky

The film of the eighties of the first love,which is not understood by adults.History again returned Romeo and Juliet by the magical music Rybnikov.A gentle, bright, clean feeling arises between Katya and Roma, ninth-graders.Stubbornly refuse to understand their mother Roma separates lovers deception.But true love is no obstacle, Katya Roma, despite everything, are drawn to each other.Rejection and lack of understanding of children's feelings leads to tragedy ...



This pure love, which is close to all of us ... Even the most callous viewer make it become agitated and empathize with the heroes.The film is definitely not for children, heavy and complicated.Every second you wait that is about to happen something tragic.I recommend.Standing film.Now these are not removed.


watched it a thousand times.Recently I reviewed again.10 best domestic melodramas naive picture of love ... Does it ever happen today?Probably, it happens.And, perhaps, we love, we look well - stupid and naive.For us it is very important to know your opinion!