7 brands of thermal water for the face, reviews - what a thermal water is better?

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12 April 2016

thermal water - an irreplaceable thing in the beautician every woman.After all, this tool is designed to moisturize the skin, maintain and refresh makeup, nourishes the skin with vitamins and trace elements.One question remains: what is the thermal water is better?

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7 brands of thermal water for the face, reviews - what a thermal water is better?

accepted that the use of thermal water better summer , when the skin is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of sunlight.Experts say that in the cold season to abandon such a useful "humidifier" is not worth it - winter and demi the air outdoors and indoors is very dry.Which means forget about thermal water is not necessary at any time of the year.

manufacturers tout their products, presenting them in the best possible way.But I believe in this case it is necessary not for advertising recommendations, and reviews the fair sex , has already experienced the wonderful properties of thermal water of different brands.

To help understand which tool is right for you, we have c

ompiled rated thermal water .

Avene Thermal water is suitable even sensitive skin

Avene Thermal water is used, usually to care for sensitive skin.Means the brand is not just softens and moisturizes the skin , but has anti-inflammatory effect .Accordingly, eczema and erythema contraindication for use are not.

The secret lies in the fact that the thermal water Aven stimulates the regeneration of skin doctors even recommend use this facility after operations .A definite plus - the possibility to use the water in care of the smallest your family.
Avene thermal water
manufacturer took care of the convenience of buyers of thermal water: you can buy bottles 50, 150 and 300 ml .

buy thermal water avene, the price of which depends on the amount of spray and 280, 380 and 550 rubles respectively can in pharmacies and specialized stores.

thermal water La roche posay selenium useful for any skin

thermal water La roche posay also promotes rapid healing the skin, making it soft and healthier-looking .The manufacturer relies on selenium - a trace mineral that in certain quantities stimulates regenerative and immune functions of the skin .To be afraid of free radicals are no longer necessary!

Thermal Water La Roche pose for people with sensitive, prone to allergic reactions skin, as well as the ladies who do not want to grow old.This means offering an enriched composition, slows the aging process of the skin.
Thermal Water La roche posay
buy thermal water La Roche of 50, 150 and 300 ml, it is possible for a reasonable price: 230, 280 and 430 rubles, depending on the volume.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water with healing effect on the skin

Source Vichy, located in France, gave the Vichy thermal water is not only a sonorous name, but also its beneficial properties.Vichy Thermal Spa Water, and has healing effects: after using the skin becomes smooth, radiant, soft .

course!Because of the thermal water comes 13 trace elements and minerals more than 15 !No wonder the Vichy thermal water, which flooded the reviews on the Internet, are used as the basis for all funds of the brand.
Vichy Thermal Spa Water
Among the advantages of this tool - all-season use and ability to equalize the complexion .The thermal water Vichy soothes - acne and inflammation becomes smaller and smaller pores actually seen.

thermal water I most - 2 in 1: means for wetting and removing makeup

thermal water I most - a great helper in the fight against external damage, stress and environmental hazards.Means great softens and moisturizes tired skin , saturating it freshness and helping to feel real comfort.
Thermal water I most
thermal water I am the most, reviews of which can be found on the Internet, like many buyers.A nice bonus to use the spray can and to remove excess makeup from the skin .

thermal water Uriage protects the skin from premature aging

Isotonic thermal water Uriage - it is a natural product that is produced in the Alps, at a temperature which is exactly 27 degrees.

rich in minerals and trace elements, water evens the complexion and protects the skin from early aging .
The thermal water Uriage
It is important that the thermal water Uriage suitable for oily and sensitive skin any type .Girls use this product notice that the water is perfectly vpityvaetsya- can forget about napkins and wasted time.

unique thermal water Cora Brittany - health and beauty skin

isotonic sea thermal water Bark "Brittany" is produced in a special way - it is taken by experts from the natural vessel located at depths greater than 20 meters shore in BrittanyFrance.

Successfully selected composition contribute to strengthening the natural mechanisms strengthen and moisturize the skin .
Unique thermal water Cora Brittany
applying water this brand, you can forget about the loss of moisture and become the owner of a radiant, velvety skin.The thermal water, the price of which is about 200 rubles for 125 ml, available in pharmacies.

thermal water Dermophil Bagnoles de Lorne to eliminate the inflammation in the skin

thermal water for a person capable of Dermophil soothe inflamed skin even .The feelings of irritation and discomfort disappear almost instantly.Soon mineralogical balance is restored leather .
Thermal water Dermophil Bagnoles de Lorne
If you prone to allergies, sensitive, problem skin or just abused the sun - is a tool to help!

So, what is the thermal water is better?

find out is possible only by turning to the girls who have experienced the effect of funds for themselves.The case for small!

Dear readers, we are waiting for your feedback on the thermal water for the face!