How to get rid of the strong smell of fume?

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05 April 2016

ahead we expect the New Year celebrations and merry holidays, when traditionally served lavish tables, serving alcoholic beverages.But abundant feast with the use of alcohol may have a negative effect on the plans for tomorrow, when will meet with relatives, going to the movies, theater, even the way to work or a meeting with business partners.Unpleasant "unscheduled" smell when your breath can affect your reputation bring you a lot of emotions and anxiety, so be careful with that hand tools were able to eliminate the consequences of unplanned holiday feast.

content of the article:

  • Medicines to fight the smell of alcohol
  • Folk remedies to help
  • recommendations from real people how to deal with fumes

Drugstore means eliminating the smell of alcohol

mostcommon and popularly known means from the pharmacy, which helps to hide the smell of alcohol and tobacco, garlic, onions, other sharp-smelling substances, or simply mask the annoying smell in the breath - «Antipolitsay", "Antipolitsay /

breathcontrol white», «Antipolitsay/ Energy Coffee ».This candy or chewing candy that has a unique combination of exclusively natural substances to get rid completely of the smell of any origin.The same number - and the smell of alcohol.

  • The composition of the "Anti-policeman» include oil of eucalyptus, licorice root (licorice), glucose syrup, sucrose, acacia, ammonium chloride.It should be sucked slowly, one or two of candy that will destroy the smell for five minutes.If the resorption of candy received the dose of alcohol, after it must again be sucked a lollipop.
  • Those skilled people is known as a means «Antipolitsay / General Smelov» , which comes in a spray.This medication will not only eliminate the smell of fume, but also soften the breath.This drug has the properties to eliminate the unpleasant obsessive smell taste at whom it is an ongoing challenge, not only after the intake of alcohol.
  • Spray "Antipolitsay / General Smelov» has a very pleasant aroma, has a coffee flavor.Many people prefer to buy "Antipolitsay" it in a spray, because it is a much more economical and convenient to use.Spray has a unique composition, including aspartame, extracts of medicinal herbs steppe - sage, thyme (thyme), cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus extract, essential oils of citrus fruits and other plants.Spray eliminates the unpleasant smell of alcohol within three minutes after spraying a single dose of the oral cavity, it is within fifteen minutes leaves a pleasant taste.
  • «Antipolitsay / megadoses» help eliminate not only the smell of alcohol and fume, but also the effects of a hangover syndrome.This drug has the properties to eliminate a headache after abundant libations, nausea, heaviness in the stomach, dizziness, normalize the vessels of the heart."Antipolitsay / megadoses" alcohol withdrawal - or rather, its oxidation products from the human body.
  • «Antipolitsay / megadoses" comes in candy that must dissolve in a quantity of one or two pieces after drinking or when you need to remove an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • overcome odor and aftertaste in the mouth hangover help funds intended for another - for example, cough lozenges «Halls Blach Currant» (black package), spray for the throat "Ingalipt» , spray "Proposol» .
  • If, after the feast you will immediately accept activated carbon (you can buy without a prescription), at the rate of one tablet of coal for every ten kilograms of body weight, the smell will be much less fume.Admission pharmacy charcoal helps overcome alcohol intoxication.This means pre-pounded and mixed with water to the state of toothpaste, you can also brush your teeth after a meal.

Folk, "home" means eliminating the smell fume

Because after New Year feasts few will be able to find a means to eliminate the pharmacy after taste and smell of alcohol, you can also use traditional medicines.Many foods and spices that can be found on the kitchen shelves, bins in the home can help to resolve this problem is not worse certified medicines.

  • very well eliminate the smell of alcohol, some spices - nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf .To disguise the obvious fact that you recently took alcohol can put a piece into his mouth while the spices and keep him in the cheek, under the tongue or chew.The scent of bay leaf and cloves can be quite strong, so after a certain period of time it is recommended to use chewing gum - but not with the smell of mint.
  • The smell of alcohol can help fatty foods , so after drinking alcohol you can drink a few sips of cream, sucked in the mouth a tablespoon of sour cream, any vegetable, the best unrefined oils.By the way, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil or olive oil is recommended to drink shortly before the feast - so you do the prevention of odor tomorrow, oil smazhet stomach, will not smell formed.
  • Coffee beans - they are also well can help to hide the consequences of drinking, veiling smell and aftertaste in the mouth.Roasted coffee beans chew in his mouth, and then they can be swallowed or spit out.
  • well eliminate the smell of alcohol buds and needles of coniferous trees .You can use a few needles with natural festive Christmas trees, chewing them.
  • most famous and the most effective remedy for the smell and aftertaste of yesterday fume - root and parsley leaves .They need to slowly chew five - seven minutes.
  • Kernel walnut also helps to get rid of alcohol "flavor" of his mouth.Nuts recommended to chew up the condition of slurry, and then - to swallow.Incidentally, nuts help, and alcohol withdrawal and its oxidation products from the body, to overcome the hardships of a hangover.Chewing walnuts also shown constant and unpleasant odor in the "gastric" smell (due to diseases of the stomach), and after eating garlic, onions, smoked fish, and other "scented" products.
  • To eliminate hangover breath can use hypertonic solution .To do this, dissolve a tablespoon of sea or rock salt in a teacup of water (room temperature), rinse well will get a strong salt solution of the mouth and throat.After this rinse can use another method - for example, chewing spice - it will be more efficient.
  • Smell that after taking alcoholic beverages are concerned for a long time, is not an immediate smell of alcohol and its decomposition products - acetic aldehyde which exudes and the stomach and lungs.To clear manifestation of this smell, it is necessary to take glass of mineral water without gas , in which the pre-squeeze a tablespoon of juice from the usual fresh lemon or lime juice and put a tablespoon of honey.
  • consequences of receiving good spirits eliminate fresh juices of orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pomegranate .By the way, these drinks not only eliminate the smell of fume, but also help get rid of the hangover syndrome, eliminate hunger, headache, dizziness, nausea.
  • the odor is very good post-holiday fume tea with sage, calendula, lavender, bergamot .In a teapot or a plunger put two teaspoons of black leaf tea, a teaspoon of the above herbs.Pour boiling water over tea "to the coat hanger", hide under a towel and let it brew for fifteen minutes.Then the tea slow sips.In a glass of the beverage can be dissolved honey (a teaspoon).
  • When you need to get rid of the smell and aftertaste of alcohol immediately, you can eat a few slices of dark chocolate , chewing slowly in the mouth.You will be in it and a glass of hot chocolate, brewed on the fatty cream.
  • Delicious dessert - cream or popsicles , cream - will help to eliminate the consequences of yesterday's party, eliminating the smell of fume.This dessert is also a good means of getting rid of the rest of the effects of a hangover - headache, dizziness, palpitations, trembling.
  • Ginger well and can quickly eliminate the aftertaste and smell of alcohol, it also has beneficial effects on the body after a heavy alcoholic libations.Ginger tastes quite bitter, pungent, and it may have only pickled or candied form.In an emergency, when you must get rid of the effects of a hangover, as well as to eliminate fume mouth, you can drink ginger tea.The plunger or a tea pot to pour a tablespoon of green tea, a tablespoon of dried chamomile inflorescences, a slice of lemon, a teaspoon of powdered ginger or a tablespoon of shabby grated fresh ginger root.Pour boiling water over the top, wrap a towel, let stand under it for fifteen minutes.Take a couple of cups of tea, diluting the tea leaves with boiling water to taste, adding a tablespoon in a glass of honey.Drink in small sips.

How to deal with the smell of fume?Reviews.


Do not try to mask the smell of mint chewing gum fume or tea with mint!Mint just emphasizes good spirits, and from you will smell is much stronger than before.It is useless at this point as mints and candy.


Always keep in your pocket a little coffee beans.Coffee is good absorbs "flavors" of alcohol, if the teeth to chew it slowly.By the way, coffee invigorates, so New Year's Eve this recipe seems to me the most important.


«Antipolitsay" it seems to me quite useless thing, for this purpose, I also chew cough lozenges.And his name wrong - with the police better not to meet, if you drink a little.


«Antipolitsay" designed not for removal of alcohol and acetaldehyde from the human body, and to eliminate odor, it claims to it as a means of emergency, should not be.As for me, it acts as "excellent".These candies have a strong odor, and their action is not calculated the total eradication of the smell, and the almost complete absorption of his disguise.


«Antipolitsay" or sprays need to buy now - during the holidays with this can be a problem.You must take care of it, or to take advantage of people's resources.There are many, personally I almost always use is that there is at every festive table - nuts, lemon (with peel) parsley.


can try to mask the smell of other nasty peregarny, stronger.For example, the smell of garlic or onions.


Oleg, well, this method is known to all, only from this "flavor" as the people around hardly will be delighted.


I can only say the experience of her husband that "Antipolitsay" helps to eliminate the smell of fume.My husband always has the candy house, in case of any surprises.But these pills have a secret - their effect is weakened if, after their dispersal to smoke, to drink even a sip of beverage alcohol, drink tea.If resolved "Antipolitsay" kindly nothing else to drink, not to eat.Ate or drank - accept another lollipop, otherwise the smell would again pursue.


As a doctor, I can say - it is possible to carry out preventive hangover aftertaste in the mouth after a party.Before a festive meal, drink a little heavy cream, spoon a tablespoon of any oil or a glass of whole milk, hot chocolate.Feast fat soup is good to start.During the evening, it is not necessary to mix everything alcoholic beverages.So, if you drink wine - do not go for vodka or cognac.After the feast need to drink activated charcoal to 20 tablets, brush your teeth.Smell will not be!


My husband always wears a dry orange peel and cinnamon sticks.They help not only to eliminate the nasty smell of fume post-holiday, but generally unpleasant constant smell, freshen breath.Alcohol spices can not afford "to kill" and make breathing enjoyable - please.


The smell of strong fume me well to oil mouthwash.Typing in the mouth with a spoon a tablespoon of any crude oil (vegetable, of course), go with him for about 5 minutes, rolled him on the mouth and then spit out.


gum do not use this - it is useless.They only increase the smell of alcohol, do not hide anything."Antipolitsay" good, use it more frequently.If candy is not at hand, actively and widely used traditional remedies.Just nothing to count on the effect of the application of one of the above - would be better if, for example, first rinse your mouth with a saline solution, then drink ginger tea and then chew on laurel leaf and clove.Finish the procedure can and chewing gum - from the smell is still there shall be no, even the slightest, the track.

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